How To Get More Organic Traffic For Your Website

how to get more organic traffic for your website

In this article, I am going to show you the best way as to how to get more organic traffic for your website. I am going to be looking at free ways to do this that only involves you, some time, and effort.

How To Get More Organic Traffic For Your Website

how to get more organic traffic to your website

To me, the best way to get more organic traffic to your website is to do content marketing on a massive scale. There are other ways of course to get organic traffic, including making YouTube Videos and doing social media, which are also part of content marketing, but you actually need to focus on one of these in order to make yourself an expert at driving traffic, and if you try and do it in two many ways, you will only be diluting your efforts, and never really becoming an expert in anything.

So whichever content marketing source you choose, you need to focus on giving people value. People will only visit your site if they feel they can learn something from you, and if you don’t provide value, they either won’t read your article, leave your site, or not visit at all.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a constant stream of visitors visiting your website every minute of the day, and this is totally possible, as there are millions of people on the planet, and many of them are looking for answers to their questions on the internet?

How To Get Free Traffic Using Content Marketing

I focus on getting my traffic from Google, as this is the biggest and best search engine on the planet. Normally if my content is ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo will also rank it so I find that if I focus on Google and the rest falls into place.

organic traffic

To do content marketing it is best to have a website. You could also use article submission sites, but this method doesn’t work as well as it did a few years back, as Google has deindexed many of these sites.

A niche website will work best. In other words, your site should be about something specific like ‘how to pick the best soccer coach,’, or ‘how to become an expert in Social Media.’

If your niche is too broad, you won’t get ranked as easily as a website that is more focused on a specific topic would.

For example, a website about losing weight is too broad. Rather narrow it down to losing weight with the Keto diet.

If you have an idea of what you want your website to be about, you can create a free website here in under five minutes.

Do Your Keyword Research

If you are not sure what keyword research is or how to go about doing it, I suggest you read this article.

Before you write any content for your website, you should have a list of keywords relevant to your niche that people are searching for on the internet.

Let’s look at the Keto Diet for instance.

I typed in ‘how to follow a keto diet’ into my Jaaxy Keyword Tool and look at the great results I got.

how to get organic traffic for your website

If I had to write helpful articles using all these topics, I have an excellent chance of getting tons of traffic to my site over time. ‘How to start a keto diet’ for instance has 3005 monthly searches and only 141 competing websites using this keyword, so if I write a great article that is aimed at helping people, I should get onto the front page of Google once the website has grown a bit.

Once you have found a keyword phrase that you want to use on Jaaxy, go to Google so that you can get a deeper understanding of your competition. You can also get ideas on what to write in your article, although make sure you never copy somebody else’s work, merely get ideas.

Sometimes it can be misleading because Jaaxy says there is low competition for a certain keyword, and when you look in Google, you discover that all the competing sites have 5 000 or more word articles, so then you know you need to work even harder to get your article ranked.

So make sure to check each keyword in this way before you decide to use it as you will then be able to better gauge how much effort to put into your writing efforts.

Remember when your site is young, it will be difficult competing with larger sites, but as your site grows it will become easier, especially if you focus on always putting great content out there.

Sometimes on Google, you will see sites like social media pages and forums ranking for the keyword you want to do an article on, then you know it will be a lot easier for you to rank.

Also take note of Google because they always display a questions-asked section, so you can then gauge what type of questions people are asking on the search engines and add this into your content for better rankings.

If you can create content that can help your readers better than anybody else, then you are going to get even more traffic.

Map Out Your Content

It is important to map out how your content is going to appear on your website before you start to write.

You should have the main article on your website with sub-articles linking back to your main article if you want your main article to rank well. Inner linking on your website is also important, but make sure all your links are relevant.

When you write your articles craft a good headline first and then add in some subheadings of topics you need to cover within your article. Once you have the topics you need to address, you just need to type in the body of the article. The sub-topics could be for example all those questions you saw people asking on Google. Always craft your content to answer your question or address your topic in a helpful and engaging manner.

This is super important. You never want to just go onto the page and start writing, you want to craft your content to answer the topic in a relevant, helpful and engaging manner. In this way, your article will make more sense and be more organized.

Having an outline of exactly what you are going to write about helps you to write more focused articles, otherwise, you just end up writing randomly, perhaps forgetting to address the issues you said you would.

How To Become A Great Copy Writer

how to get more organic traffic for your website

In order to become an expert at anything, you need to focus on that one thing until you become brilliant at it.

So if you are creating content, become an expert at that. Aim to write the best content you can, and better than other competing websites. Doing too many different things doesn’t give you enough time to become an expert at anything, so focus on that one thing you know you will enjoy becoming great at.

Content is KING, so regardless of the type of content you create, you need to give value to get great results. Don’t think about making money when creating your content, rather think about helping others. If you focus on giving your readers value, the rest will fall into place.

Your visitors don’t care about your goals, they care about what they can gain from reading your content. If it is not good, they will leave, simple as that.

When you put the effort into your research, find good topics, and get the right keywords you will get traffic, and the more traffic you get the more sales you will have in the end.

Google is always looking for great content, and if yours is the best for the keyword you are targeting, then Google will send you traffic. If the users get a good experience, they return to Google and this makes Google more money, so make Google happy and they will make you happy by sending you more customers.

If you create great content you will get backlinks from others automatically. So you don’t need to work hard at getting links and wasting time on other SEO methods, rather just focus on creating great content. Knowing some SEO always helps obviously, but don’t dilute too much of your time elsewhere if you want to be great at writing.

There are three types of content that you should be creating for your website:

Helpful Content

This type of content aims to help readers or show readers how to do something. Make these articles as detailed as you can in order to help your readers to understand the topic. These can also be evergreen content. This means that the content will be relevant for a long time.

Pillar Content

Pillar content is content that is long and detailed and stands out on your website. It shows your audience that you are an expert in your subject choice and you know what you are talking about.

Response Posts

Response posts are answers to common questions that your readers may have. You can see the types of questions people are asking in your niche on Yahoo Answers or Quora. Take a topic and answer as best you can. You can even answer on the platform with a link back to your website where you answer their question in more detail.

Reviews and Comparisons

Reviews are one of the best sources of traffic, as many people are looking for information on a product before they buy it. Make sure your reviews are honest and unbiased and you will gain trust from your readers. Unfortunately, these types of articles are not always evergreen, as when the hype dies down people stop looking for information on certain products.

No matter what type of content you are creating, your main focus should be to create quality and helpful content. You do not need to be an English Professor or an author, you simply need to help people using simple and conversational language.

In the beginning, it will take you a long time to create good content and this is normal. Don’t give up, because with practice you get better and you you will be able to create content a lot faster and with more efficiency.

Its all boils down to consistency. You need to have persistence and write every day, and you will see results months down the line. With writing, you are going to have to do at least 5 to 10 posts on your website a week if you want to see good results within a year.

More Tactics To Explode Your Traffic

Spy On Your Competition

You can use tools like Jaaxy, ahrefs, or SEMrush to figure out what other sites in your niche are writing about. This is a great way to get more ideas for content.

You can also aim to be better than your competition and add more value to your own articles. If one site has a 3000-word article about the same topic you want to write about, make sure yours is 3500 words in length.

Get Ahead Of The Curve

Create a separate email account and get on lots of relevant email lists from programs in your niche. You can create a review on a program that has just come out and when it is popular your post will already be ranked and waiting for visitors. See what is trending by seeing what other marketers are promoting.

And Finally…….

Go The Extra Mile To Help People

Once again this is about making your content better than the other content ranking for your keywords. It takes effort but it is not impossible.

Imagine the wonderful feeling when people start to thank you for your efforts in the comments.

The Bootcamp Training within Wealthy Affiliate is also really helpful if you want to learn how to get more organic traffic for your website and sustain your website so that it will earn you money for years to come.

To Conclude

Don’t expect to get tons of traffic immediately, as it will take time. You will also find that if you write consistently you will get better at it as I mentioned above.

You will be amazed a year or two down the line when you go back to update your old posts on how much you have improved. Oh and I forgot to mention – updating your old posts is a surefire tactic on how to get more organic traffic for your website.

If you want your website to grow enough to make you a decent income, you need to put in a solid effort and create between 5 and 10 quality articles for your website a week. With practice, you should be able to write a good article in two hours, so this is totally doable, even if you are doing it part-time.

Ideally, 250 to 500 articles a year on your website is a great way to get your website up there as quickly as you can.

Please comment below if you have anything to add on how to get more organic traffic for your website.

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