What Is The Best Web Hosting Company?

what is the best web hosting company

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  1. This is great.

    I have heard a lot about WA over the years being good, but I personally always thought that they were a affiliate marketing company. I did not know that they hosted and provide so much support. I will have to look into this a bit more when. I have time.

    How do you say they compare to Hostgator?

    • Well I actually joined them because of the hosting, and they were far easier to use than Hostgator. You can get cheaper packages at Hostgator, but all my sites were running out of space there as they were growing, so the prices went up quite a bit.

  2. This is a really great business concept. I, too, was unaware of WA’s venture into the web hosting industry, but they have created an interesting WordPress Hosting platform in their specific niche. Thanks for shedding some light on this topic of what is the best web hosting company.

    • I to was unaware when I first joined up, and when I saw how easy the platform was to use, I instantly went premium so I could host all my sites there with ease.

  3. A great review – I didn’t know the four types of website hosting services myself so I am glad you have brought it to my attention.
    I use WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate, and agree that it is a fantastic service and would recommend it to anyone who wants to create a successful website.

    Would you recommend WA premium to get a maximum of 50 domains? Also, do you think it is more constructive to work on a single website, or create multiple at a time (so at least one of them has a chance of success)?
    Thanks for the post,

    • I think one should concentrate on one until it is successful. But it all depends how much time you have on your hands.

  4. As a small business owner myself, I like you have identified a need to get up and running with an active website quickly and easily. I never fully understood what the different formats of hosting were, so your explanation of the four types was very useful. The Wealthy Affiliate site hosting sounds like a great option for starting out and I really like the idea of keeping everything in the one place – including domain names. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.

  5. Hi, thanks for that indepth analysis on web hosting and what is the best web hosting company. Some of them look great; like that of wealthy affiliates. It’s always important to host your website on a trusted and secured hosting platform that can help with security issues due to hackers and unscrupulous people. As recommended by you, the wealthy affiliate is indeed the best platform to host a site.

    • I agree with you Nyaaba. I only use Wealthy Affiliate now, for all my website hosting as well as my domains.

  6. Hi Mergie

    You have explained different type of hosting services really well. I personally would not go with the free or low cost since it comes with lots of limitations. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate since they offer great services for a reasonalble price. I hope people will end up going with WA after reading this on your post. Thanks for sharing!

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