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My name is Michel Maling, and I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. I am in my fifties now and let me tell you, you are never too old to learn new tricks, even when it comes to technology.

I grew up in Johannesburg, but I am thrilled to be out of the rat race and living in such a laid-back and friendly city. I have lived with my partner for more years than I care to count, and we have a lovely little girl who was born in 2006.

I am a dancing teacher, and I teach Ballet, Modern, Ballroom/Latin, Acro, and Hip Hop.  I am passionate about dance and promoting it within South Africa. I really love my profession and it is wonderful to see the children growing within your studio over the years.  I hope to be able to continue with my teaching well into my old age. I am also lucky enough to work with two wonderful friends, which makes the work even more fun.

My hobbies in my spare time are hiking, reading, scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, sewing, dancing and watching a good epic movie.

I started studying internet marketing in June 2009, and find it very addictive. A new hobby for me at the time has turned into a small business on the side.  I am building my own affiliate marketing business, that will be sustainable and serve me well into my old age. It is a great feeling to be able to help others, which is why I started this website.

Over the years, I have discovered that the only way to make money long term online is to build your own online business. It takes time and patience but is also very rewarding.

I am a strong believer in taking action. Put all that you learn into action, as it is very easy to stay the learner and not the doer.

My motto in life is to live with integrity, be honest, positive and to be kind and helpful to others.

Internet Marketing and Making a Profit Online From Home

I know loads of people who would like to do this internet marketing thing as a full-time living, but it is not as easy as they make it out to be. It takes loads of time and persistence to get on the road to success.

The hardest thing for most people is to change their mindsets and their way of thinking.  There are no shortcuts, no matter how many promises you see online.  If the site you visit says they can make you successful overnight, stay away, they are lying to you.

This is my entry into the world of building websites and affiliate marketing, so here goes……..

My Blogs include the following:

Dancers Forum

Forever Youthful

The Disney Domain

Cockatiels as Pets

Knitting for Profit

My Favourite Recipes

As you can see, you can make money doing affiliate marketing in just about any niche you can think of. I have chosen my niches according to what I enjoy and based on my hobbies, which makes working on them most enjoyable.

If you want to get started in Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can start as a free member if you like for as long as you like and upgrade as your business starts to earn. Read about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate right here.

Most of my blogs are built on this platform.    You can connect with me at our hangout here if you are interested.  It just makes my life easier and saves me oodles of time.

This site was really built with the entrepreneur in you in mind and I hope you will find useful nuggets of information to take away with you.

Your comments or questions are of course welcome.



  1. Hi Michel!

    Thanks for inviting me to your Blog…it’s so nice meeting you. 🙂

    I found your ‘SEO Article Writing Tips’ on my Twitterfeed timeline, which led me to ArticleLark.com & now here. KUDOs on your work!!

    I also shared it on Facebook as well.

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

  2. Hi, Was fun reading

    Started a blog and still wondering how to Monetize

    Your pointers will be appreciated

    Thank you
    eport-cybermarket.com at blogerspot

    • Sorry only saw this comment now. Wait until your site is indexed in the search engines and until you are getting traffic before monetizing. Google adsense is a good choice, but using Clickbank or Skadoodle is more lucrative.

  3. I just want to tell you that I am new to blogs and seriously enjoyed you’re blog site. Probably I’m want to bookmark your website . You absolutely have excellent posts. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your website.

  4. Hello Michel
    Wow what an amazing site so much information and detail
    and you certainly know your stuff so good to read and I have
    really enjoyed my visit

    thanks you


  5. Michal your website is awesome! Looking at the way you have set up your site shows me that you are passionate about your niche. Your images and the color scheme blend in nicely with your theme.You have done a lot of research and you were able to write articles that grab and kept me interested! A five star website!

  6. Hi,  I am still in my early thirties, so that is an interesting thing that you said “life begins at 40”

    I have heard many people say that though. 

    I have never been to South Africa, is it a pretty tourist-friendly place?

    I have found that there is an abundance of keywords for every niche imaginable. You will not have enough time to write about every keyword. Even if you lived to be 1000 years old.

    The keywords are always increasing, because there are always new products, and thee are atleast 4 billion people in the world who will be having access to the internet in the near future, meaning that there is an abundance of people for you to write articles for.

    I agree that WA is an excellent business tool, and a very smart business decision, providing you are willing to work hard.

    Great job with this. Thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by Jake and if you ever get a chance, you have to visit South Africa, as there is so much to do and see here and the culture is something you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

  7. Thanks for sharing your personal journey of marketing, I also believe that online business can be the best option to invest your time in if you need to support yourself through life. 

    I have really enjoyed reading your article, I will have to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles, hope to come across more of your articles.

    Thank you.

  8. Hello Michel.

    It’s nice meeting you 😊

    I see you are a lady with passion for what you do, you enjoy doing them and you do them with all of your heart. You know what it takes to build a sustainable online business.

    I believe as you do that with time, if we are persistent, we will surely do well with our online business.

    I wish you the best

    • Thanks for the comment, and you are right, it is all about time. Keep working and in time it will pay off.

  9. Hello Michael!

    Right, we can see there are no real and fine shortcuts to success. We have to be realistic, ambitions and willing to leave our comfort zone or at least extend it for doing something new, in order to make our way to success.

    You have already had a story with Affiliate Marketing since 2009, but as for me, it was not until this very autumn that I started to think more seriously about earning my own money via the Internet, besides my full-time job. And after coming across several sites (some of which turned out to be deceiving scams), last month I also found Wealthy Affiliate, which by now sounds to me like a quite promising place for promoting to other people products from the niche I like (that is Computers or PC Hardware) and – I hope this is going to start in the very coming future – also earning from doing this.

    We have to be persistent and to do things step-by-step, patiently.

    All the best to you and to your family!


  10. Hello Michel, there is great satisfaction in living the life you want and living in South Africa is a really nice place to grow up because I once spent two weeks there. 

    Your hobbies are really simple and nice, and like me, I love reading and going to play golf. 

    Starting an online business is quite cool and it’s been my retirement plan when I retire eventually.

    Hopefully, I would go through some training before I start. Best regards.

  11. Wow, reading about what you did, it is amazing you had written so many blogs and articles. How long does it take you before writing a different blog? Do you suggest I must have traffic before adding an affiliate link? How long does it take you to get rank on google for a new website? Thanks for our article and encouragement.

    • I suggest you concentrate on one blog at a time, as I took longer to start earning as I was spreading myself too thin. You can put affiliate links on at any time, then at least you don’t need to go back and add at a later date again. As long as you have good content, the search engines will send you traffic in time.

  12. Hi Michel

    It is always a pleasure to get to know people via their About Me pages. It seems you are an honest and truthful person, with a lot of hobbies. I am surprised that you have enough time to write a blog. I think your endeavours in marketing is so worthwhile and you speak from the heart, which is very important. I really appreciate all your efforts and wish you all success for the future.



  13. Wow! How is SA Michel?

    I am interested in creating my own online business by myself so I am avoiding any dfy systems. I almost got discouraged when I was told that I will have to work for a very long time and be consistent before I can start earning. Well, I know some persons that are doing well so I encouraged myself. I will start my online business fully by latest February next year.

    You’re very strong! How do you manage to handle those websites? They’re many… I guess maybe because these niches are your hobbies, right?

    • The trick is to choose niches that are your hobbies and you will enjoy updating the website often. As you can see I am not that active on all of them anymore, I tend to concentrate on my three best earners.

      Keep going, as it does take time in the beginning, but once the site is getting traffic, it gets easier. Do yourself a favor though, start one site and get that successful before starting another, otherwise, it takes even longer.

  14. Indeed life starts at 40 and for me its been a really nice but stressful life starting my own blog after I retired some time ago from my old job which wasn’t paying as much as i wanted. 

    My niche is inline with health which has been a passion for me to help people with health issues. I love your hobbies and where you live is a place I would love to visit one day. Wish you success.

  15. Hi Michel, I have just stumbled upon a website that you are the author of, the url is: https://cockatielaspets.com/how-to-own-a-cockatiel-if-you-have-other-pets
    On this page is a picture of a bulldog laying down with a white backgorund.
    Is it possible you could tell everything you know about this image such as where you found it?, who’s dog is it? and is there a way i can find the dog now?
    This is all because me and my girlfriend found this image a while ago and has been an inside joke to us for a while now and we decided we want to find ot everything about this dog that we can.
    Thanks, Nathan

    • Hi Nathan,

      I remember the picture you are talking about, but I can’t find the page for the life of me. I usually get my images off of Canva or Pixar though, so I hope this helps.

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