Chore List For Kids

kids and chores

A lot of people underestimate just how important a chore list for kids is.  A chore chart for kids is also a great idea to implement a chore list for kids, and I have a great one to show you below. Kids should, from an early age, all have their responsibilities around the house. This […]

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5 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

tips for busy moms

Tips For Busy Moms Moms are constantly pulled in a million different directions, finding themselves far too busy to get done what they need to get done, let alone worrying about self-care. That’s why this Mothers Day I have decided to dedicate this article on tips for busy Moms to all the busy Moms out […]

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How To Raise A Confident Child

raise a confident child

If you are aiming to raise a confident child, then there are certain things you will need to do to build your child’s confidence. How To Raise A Confident Child As a parent, it is natural to want to protect and cushion your child, and sometimes be just plain over protective. Did you know that […]

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How To Balance Motherhood and Work –

how to balance motherhood and work

Like every entrepreneurial mom, I find it difficult to balance both life and work, and life is often motherhood.  To balance motherhood and work you do need to get your priorities right. I have always been a driven person.  Most of my adult life I have worked for myself running a busy dance studio.  I […]

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