What Is The Best Paying Affiliate Program?

best paying affiliate program

In this article, I am going to tell you what I believe the best paying affiliate program out there at the moment is.

There are higher paying affiliate programs out there but most of them are one-time earnings or recurring commissions that don’t have an offer strong enough to keep their members long term. So, this is not necessarily always going to be the highest paying affiliate program in the beginning, but it will become one for you over time, as it is a membership platform, and most members that join are there for the long haul.

The Best Paying Affiliate Program

Yes, you have guessed it, it’s Wealthy Affiliate.

I am not only saying this because I have been a member of this platform for close to six years. I am saying this because not only are the commissions extremely generous, but it is a platform that anybody can promote with confidence, as it is something you can sell to your grandmother without feeling guilty.

So, What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, this best paying affiliate platform is a platform designed for affiliate marketers, and it has everything that you need to succeed online in whatever niche you choose within the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you from the ground up how to build a long-term sustainable online business.

You can choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate by building a business around affiliate marketing, or you can do as I have done and build a business around one of your interests. I am a dancing teacher by profession, so this is just one of the businesses that I have built online thanks to all the training I have received at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read all about the features and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate here. or you can sign up here to start your free trial to see if this platform is for you.

Some of the features you will find at this best paying affiliate platform include:

  • State-of-the-art website hosting.
  • Ongoing training that is current and relevant to today’s ever-changing technological world.
  • Owners that are available to help.
  • A helpful community of bloggers who are also there to help you 24/7.
  • Tools for keyword research, building your website with ease, writing content, purchasing domains, and searching for great affiliate programs.
  • Many small ways to earn within the platform.
  • Incentives, like trips to Vegas for top affiliates.

Why Do I Love Promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Commissions are at 50% and they always pay you on time.
  • It is a recurring commission, which means you sell it once, and for as long as that member remains a member, you will get a commission every month/year. If you do any sort of affiliate marketing, you know that recurring commissions are the holy grail of affiliate marketing.
  • You can promote it even if you are a free member.
  • You can feel confident about recommending this platform, as it over-delivers.
  • People you refer normally stay, or join again at a later stage.
  • They have a try before you buy model, which means your prospects can see exactly what they are getting before they need to whip out their credit cards.

How Much Can You Earn Promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

best paying affiliate program

There are many members of Wealthy Affiliate who are doing this full time from home. There are different ways that you can earn commissions on this platform.

If you refer a Premium Member you can earn:

  • $8 for the first month (there is a $19 special offer for the first month) and then $23.50 for every month thereafter.
  • $235 per year for a yearly referral.

If your Premium Member upgrades to Premium Plus+ you can earn:

  • $23.50 for the first month (there is a $49 special offer for the first month) and then $46.40 every month thereafter.
  • $465 for referring a member who pays yearly.

Other ways to earn within the platform:

  • $1 for every free member who completes their profile.
  • Earn cash credits for creating training for the members at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Earn cash credits each time one of your referrals purchases a domain name. (2 x cash credits = $1).
  • Earn from leaving comments on other member’s websites through the site comments platform.
  • If one of your referrals upgrades their Jaaxy account, you earn. For more information on Jaaxy, click here.
  • If you make 300 sales throughout the year, or 100 sales between September and December, you will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Vegas for the Annual Wealthy Affiliate conference.

So as you can see, there is really no excuse why you shouldn’t be promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You can even promote it as a free member, even though the commissions are not as high, it is a good way to start if you are unsure in the beginning.



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