What Is Internet Traffic And How Do I Get It?

what is internet traffic

If you are new to internet marketing, you are probably unaware of what people are talking about when they are speaking about internet traffic and how to get it. Let’s look at the question ‘what is internet traffic’ and why it is so important to you if you are marketing anything online?

What Is Internet Traffic?

There are about 7.83 billion people in the world of which about 4.66 billion of them are active Internet users. These users are labeled as traffic, so when people visit your website, that is traffic that you are getting to your website.

As an internet marketer, you will want to position yourself to get the highest amount of traffic that you can, as the more traffic you can get to view your offers, the more money you are going to make in the end.

what is internet trafficLet’s look at what is internet traffic in a different way.

In order to get internet traffic, you need to learn how to position yourself first.

Think about early humans and how they migrated and settled. As water is a basic human need, most people would try and make sure that they settled close to a water supply.

If they did not live close to water, then they had to get vessels to store the water in and spend a great deal of their time and resources trying to obtain and store the water.

On the other hand, people who settled near a river had it a lot easier.

So like water money is the same. On the internet, one has to position oneself where the money flows, and if you get this right, you will get a lot more of it with less effort than if you position yourself in some remote location far away from the ‘money stream.’

Similar to how the forces of nature and history determined where rivers flow across the earth’s surface, the history and the forces of the Internet have shaped how Internet traffic flows across the wires and ether.

People use browsers to navigate their way around the internet, using features like Home Page, Favorites, History and Bookmarks.

The Home Page is the first page you see when you open your browser, and this is the page you see over and over on a daily basis. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide their subscribers software that sets the ISP’s page as the subscribers’ home page and even sets some of their favorites.

Even though many subscribers may eventually change their home page, ISPs, by their very nature, have a natural tap into much of the Internet’s traffic.

ISPs that provide an expansive and encyclopedic digital environment along with their access, such as Yahoo and Google, really have a tap into the traffic. Operating systems can control consumers’ choices of an ISP by having software built into the operating system.

The History feature of a browser makes it more likely that you will return to a page once you have been there before. This in addition to the other features, makes it more likely that pages with traffic will gain even more traffic.

Other types of software-based online marketing include software that resides on your screen independent of a Web browser and displays ads while you surf or send instant messages.

Consumer Choice

Once the user gets past these built-in features that vy for his or her attention, it becomes more a matter of choice. The user can type in a URL and go directly to the Web pages that have come to the user’s attention through word of mouth or some other form of media. From there, the user is likely to follow links to other similar pages.

A user on the web is looking for things that are of interest to him or her. Search engines fulfill that function and have been the most popular sites on the Web. Yahoo was the original Web search engine and thus by mere force of history, has been one of the most popular sites on the Web, until Google took over.

The search engines have to be good at dispersing internet traffic to what they are looking for.

Understanding People

The most successful internet marketers will be the ones that put themselves in the position of the people they are trying to reach.what is internet traffic

So in order to be successful at this, one has to think from your potential customer’s perspective, and not your own. People on the web are looking for content or information applicable to themselves.

To be a successful Internet marketer, you must take time to think about how people use the internet.

So first things first, you as the marketer will need to have a website.

You will need to plan a website that has value and creates flow, and you need to direct traffic (people) to your site. The four most important things to keep in mind if you want to get traffic are:

  • Making sure you have the right domain name.
  • Getting good publicity.
  • Getting an effective search engine presence.
  • Utilizing and maintaining the flow of traffic within your website with the placement of your internet ads.

If you need some help getting this all set up, you can see where I got all my valuable training in this regard by clicking here.

So in order to be an effective internet marketer, you need to be able to analyze and understand Internet traffic and you also need to understand that your traffic consists of human beings with feelings, interests, and desires. You want them to find what they are looking for, not what you think they are looking for.

In order to get this right, you need to have helpful and valuable content on your website. You then need to properly position your site within the flow of internet traffic. This basically comes down to doing SEO and keyword research.

Once you get this right, you are well on the way to becoming a very successful online marketer and entrepreneur.



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