What is A.I. or Artificial intelligence?

what is AI

Everywhere you look nowadays people are promoting AI (Artificial Intelligence) products and if you are not familiar with AI it is basically products that business owners or anyone who does content creation can benefit from, provided they use it in the right way.

what is ai

What Is A.I. or Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that studies and develops intelligent computer systems that can think and act like humans. AI is used to improve computer systems as well as create intelligent machines that can learn from their mistakes, reason, and self-correct themselves.

Some examples of AI in the world at the moment include things like virtual assistants, facial recognition, natural language processing, and robotics.

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the 1950s surprisingly enough, but AI technology has only become more sophisticated in recent years.

AI has been used in various forms for decades, from simple machine learning algorithms in the 1950s to the more complex deeper learning algorithms today.

So I decided to give AI a go……

I started out by opening an account on OpenAI. This is free to do, and it is well worth checking it out to see if it is something you could use to help you in your business.

How To Sign Up For An OpenAI Playground

Before you can use AI or the Playground, you’ll need to open an OpenAI account. You can do this on a computer or phone.

Start by going to OpenAI’s API page and clicking Sign Up in the top-right corner of the page. You can log in with your Microsoft or Google account, or, if you prefer, sign up with a separate email address. If you use a separate email, you’ll need to enter the code they will send to you.

Next, enter your name and (if you want) organization, then verify your phone number.

When you’re asked ‘How will you primarily use OpenAI,’ choose the option that says ‘I’m exploring personal use.’

You’ll be brought to your OpenAI account’s landing page.

Click the AI Playground Tab at the top of the screen, unless you want to go through all the tutorials.

When you open your OpenAI account, you’re given a credit of $18 to start with. This allows the AI site to produce around 650,000 words for you.

After around four months, the free credits will expire. Once you hit that time limit (or if you use them all up before then), you’ll have to buy more.

You will ask AI a question, and AI will gather data from various places to answer your question quickly and efficiently.

There are many databases that AI can draw answers from, but it is amazingly fast and efficient at doing this. AI also learns from itself over time. So like humans who learn that they will trip and fall if they don’t tie their laces, AI learns by trial and error too, which means that over time it is going to get better and better.

what is ai

What Can AI Do To Help You Improve Your Business?

Ideas And Brainstorming

This function is awesome, because now instead of researching on Google or coming up with ideas from the top of your head, you can ask AI to help you to come up with ideas for things like new articles, and projects and even give you an article outline. This can be really powerful as you get ideas now that you would not even have thought about adding to your arsenal.

You can even come up with ideas for starting a new business or a brand.

In fact you can ask AI anything you like. Try it as it can be quite funny to see some of the answers it comes up with.

Writing Articles

Writing content is one area that you need to be careful with, as Google will be able to tell whether or not your article was written by AI and they will reward human-written content before they reward AI-generated content.

AI is great to get the structure of your article going, but be very careful about writing your entire article in AI.

What Are The Advantages Of Using AI?

Increased Efficiency: 

AI can automate mundane tasks, eliminating the need for human input and increasing efficiency.

Increased Accuracy: 

AI can quickly and accurately process and analyze large amounts of data, reducing the chances of errors.

Cost Savings: 

Automating processes with AI can save businesses money on labor costs and other overheads. Consider AI your new virtual assistant.

Improved Productivity:

AI can help businesses manage their resources and workload more efficiently, leading to improved productivity.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using AI?

Job Loss: 

Automation through AI can lead to job losses in the future as AI can replace human labor.

Privacy Issues: 

AI systems can access and store large amounts of sensitive data, raising privacy concerns.


AI systems can act unexpectedly, leading to unwanted results and outcomes.

Ethical Concerns: 

AI can lead to ethical dilemmas, as decisions are made without human input.


The content generated is very robot like, and you can often tell it wasn’t written by a human.

Unfortunately, AI content is very easily detectable by both humans and search engines. You could call it the new form of plagiarism. So never copy and paste articles directly from AI to your blog posts, or you could risk losing your search engine rankings. Because AI is relatively new, it may work for now, but long term you will be penalized.

It is not ideal if you need current data. The data is currently about two to three years old.

It is not good at determining if something is fact or fiction. So some content could not be factual. Hopefully, this will improve in the future as AI learns more from its own mistakes.

So go ahead and try it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose, and who knows, you could find an interesting way in which to use AI to benefit your life and your business.

I hope that this article has helped you to understand what is AI and how you can use it.

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Michel Maling


  1. As someone who has heard a lot about AI but doesn’t have a deep understanding of it, I found this article to be a great introduction to the topic. The explanation of what AI is and how it works was clear and concise, and I appreciated the examples provided of how AI is being used in various industries. I also found it interesting that you discussed the potential impact of AI on the job market and society as a whole, as this is a concern that many people have.

    One question that I had after reading this article is how AI can be used in smaller-scale applications, such as in personal or small business settings. Are there any AI tools or software that are accessible to individuals without a background in tech, and if so, what are some examples of how they can be used?

    Overall, I found this article to be a great starting point for anyone looking to learn more about AI. The information provided was informative and thought-provoking, and the writing style was approachable and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic and helping demystify the world of AI!

    • Hi Ronnie,

      The best way to see how AI would work for you in your unique circumstances is to open a free account at OpenAI and experiment on the playground.  You can ask it to do anything from writing an outline to an article to finding a recipe for certain ingredients and even drawing a picture for you. Have fun!

  2. Personally I can see certain situations where AI can really be helpful. For example in science or medical research which can be hugely beneficial. But in other cases like content creation, as you mentioned, people are only using AI just because it is the easy way to make new content. Thankfully Google has advanced to a point that can understand the difference.

  3. Reading about real-world examples of AI in action, such as voice assistants and self-driving cars was really exciting to me. However, I did have a question regarding the potential risks and ethical considerations surrounding AI. As AI becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, what measures are being taken to ensure that it is used in a safe and ethical manner?

    Thank you for sharing the great read, Michel.

    • I know it is still safe and ethical, but that is something I think that will require further investigation as AI gets more advanced.

  4. I found this article very interesting and informative!

    Artificial intelligence is making its way quickly in many areas and its possibilities are immense and scary. For content creators like me, it is a powerful tool that can help to produce high-quality content more efficiently. However, there are some challenges to positively incorporating AI as a tool for content creation. For example, it’s important not to rely completely on automated processes and not to use AI-generated content as a substitute for human creativity.

    • You are right Pablo. It is important to have that human touch to your content, otherwise, it all looks so robotic.

  5. Thanks for sharing this intro to AI. I’m fascinated with the ChatGPT AI and have just started exploring its uses. I decided to test out a few queries with a subject matter that I’m very well versed in. The first query I submitted gave a perfectly acceptable and accurate answer, so I was impressed. The following 2 queries I tried were far less impressive – one query returned information about the wrong place, and the other query omitted the major feature of the place I had asked it about. 

    It appears that there are still a few kinks to work out, but it’s definitely an interesting tool to keep an eye on!

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