Words That Make People Want To Buy From You

words that make people want to buy

Wow, wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic set of words that make people want to buy your products from you each and every time?

Well, personally I don’t think there is a magic formula, but these are proven words that make people want to buy and this could help you a whole lot, whether you are online or off!

words that make people want to buy

Words That Make People Want To Buy From You

You may be pleasantly surprised as these are all simple words, but they can be incredibly effective to use within your sales copy.

Let’s look at them one by one:


This word works because everyone is in such a hurry nowadays to get things done.  Everything is done at a pace so the word fast therefore has a lot of power.

I see lots of sales advertised with this word. ‘Better get there fast, before everything is sold out!’


This is a word that means valuable, rare or exclusive, and this is why it attracts buyers.

Limited also gives the impression that there is not a lot of this product left, which will entice your customers to buy from you a little faster.


This word assures people that they are not risking giving away their hard earned cash. Most people nowadays will not give away their hard earned cash unless there is a guarantee that they will get a refund if they are not happy.


People like to stand out from the crowd. They like to feel different and unique.


This imply’s that the product is easy to use, easy to order, easy to pay for. Easy is what people nowadays are looking for.


People love to see believable proof before they buy something, so make sure you get reputable testimonials.

Testimonials with photo’s work the best as then it looks more credible.


Free incentives often encourage people to buy. Everyone loves free gifts and if you can offer free bonuses and gifts you will be even more successful.

DISCOUNTwords that make people want to buy

People are far more likely to buy if they believe they are getting a bargain. Start at a higher price and work down so by the end of the sales copy the product seems really cheap.


Talk to the person you are selling to and make them feel important. Make it feel like it is all about them, the customer.


People don’t want to miss out on something important and this word makes people stop and take notice. Don’t be afraid to use it.


This word makes people trust you, and before they hand over their hard earned cash, they do need to trust you.


If you make your customers believe that they are going to learn or discover something new that will help them, they will be far more eager to buy.


Everyone wants something powerful to help them with their problems. If something is powerful, then it is something people will want to have.


People like to be amongst the first to try something new. That is why new phone models sell like hot cakes.


Everyone wants to learn the secret to solving a particular issue. This is one of the most powerful selling words.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any other great words that make people want to buy that you can add to my list. I would like to help affiliate marketers to get there message across in a more effective manner.

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  1. Great key words; just what I needed for my MBA paper this week. This can help me make a business structured strategy to bring in customers fr my upcoming book or organization. 

    Everything we do in life has a procedure, doesn’t it? Thankfully I have most of these within my venture plan. 

    • Great Linda, because these are the most important ones. There are others, but not quite so strong.

  2. And that isn’t even an exhaustive list. Isn’t it amazing how certain words trigger us and our behaviour.

    The scary thing for me is that in our business we are very aware of the reactions that these words trigger, we use their power on a daily basis, and yet…………..we are just as (if not sometimes more) gullible as the rest.

    • To true Adrian. I only select the most popular words, and there is a lot more, but not quite as effective.

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