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how to make people buy

Wow wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic set of words that would make people buy your products each and every time.

Well I don’t think there is a magic formula, but these words that make people buy could help a whole lot.  Online or off!how to make people buy


This word works because everyone is in such a hurry nowadays to get things done.  Everything is done at a pace so the word fast therefore has a lot of power.



This is a word that means valuable, rare or exclusive, and this is why it attracts buyers.



This word assures people that they are not risking giving away their hard earned cash.



This imply’s that the product is easy to use, easy to order, easy to pay for.



People love to see believable proof before they buy something, so make sure you get reputable testimonials.



Free incentives often encourage people to buy.



People are far more likely to buy if they believe they are getting a bargain.



Talk to the person you are selling to and make them feel important.



People don’t want to miss out on something important and this word makes people stop and take notice.



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