10 Blog Writing Tips For Beginners

blog writing tips for beginners

Here are some concrete blog writing tips for beginners to take note of. I wish I had known some of these things when I started out. blog writing tips for beginners

Luckily, you are not alone in the blogging world and the front leaders are paving the way to make your job easier. You can spot the trends of the top bloggers and by reading and analyzing their blogs you can determine what works and what doesn’t.

Practical Blog Writing Tips For Beginners

Here are 10 blog writing tips for beginners, and if you can get this part right, your blog is off to a good start:

One – Provide Well Written Content For Your Readers

Successful blogs all have well written content and great articles full of top quality information. The next time you write your blog post, take some time to think to yourself about the following:

  • Are there spelling errors or grammatical mistakes?
  • Am I staying on topic or filling my article with fluff?
  • Am I getting my message across to the reader?
  • Am I inviting comments throughout the post or at the end to enable interaction?
  • Is my post set in a readable format using extra features such images, bullets and numbered lists to aid?

Two – How Easy Is It To Connect With You?

RSS feeds, opt in forms and social media interaction are the best ways to create repeat visitors for your blog.

If you provide well written content and also make it as easy as possible for your readers to share and subscribe to your feeds and mailing list, then you can steadily build your subscriber base. This is something you must implement from the beginning and it is something most marketers regret not doing from the start, even if you feel you are not getting a lot of traffic yet.

Try placing your email subscription boxes near the top of your blog. To entice your readers to part with their email addresses, you can add incentives to join your blog list with giveaway items, such as books and software.

Three – Connect With Your Audience

Connecting with your audience is vital to the success of your blog. The whole point of your blog is to spread your word and interact with other like-minded people. Invite people to comment on your blog.

You provide the information, so back it up by thanking people when they do comment and add in some extra information when answering them in the comment sections.

Always have your readers in mind when commenting and interacting. They made the effort to comment, return the favor!

Keep up social relationships with your readers in the form of Facebook Friends and Twitter contacts.

Try offering further advice and links to other posts and products which may help your readers. Going the extra mile will benefit you a lot and build up your credibility.

Four- Organize Your Sidebars Better

Think about what have you got in your sidebar? Are your sidebar promotions, graphics and widgets going to chase your visitors away? Are you promoting programs which have no relevance to your website? In short are you actually benefiting from the space in your sidebar?

Try following a few simple rules:

  1. Avoid promoting programs immediately at the top of your sidebar. Rather, put an about me or opt in there.
  2. Avoid big in your face ads, you are providing information first and foremost.
  3. Don’t over do it with advertising, overloading your sidebar with ads looks cheap.
  4. Remember, less is more. Rather, concentrate on getting people onto your mailing lists.

Five – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you have completed your post, take some time to analyze your post and add the following. Header tags to your titles and subheadings. Use H1 for titles and H2 for subheadings.

You can also add keywords to your SEO section of your blog, which will help you gain ground within the search engine rankings.

If you don’t have a theme with integrated SEO, then try a plugin called ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’ this will help. You can also relate your post tags to your SEO keywords. Using this technique will also gain you a larger reach.

Six – Get Social

You can do this by Simply adding a social media plugin to your blog.

There are a ton of them to choose from within your WordPress admin panel under the plugin section. By using social networking plugins you give yourself the advantages of Re-Tweet, Facebook likes, and so on. The potential traffic advantages and shares which will generate more traffic.

blog writing tips for beginnersSeven – Keep It Simple

Make sure your blog is easy to navigate and doesn’t look like a maze. You want your reader to find exactly what they want in a few seconds and they should not require a map to navigate your website.

Don’t overdo it with navigation links and pages. Direct the reader to your posts; after all they are there to read your info are they not?

Also, make sure your blog loads up quickly otherwise you will lose your visitor before he has even arrived. Hosting your Website with Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to ensure that your site loads up fast.

When writing your posts add some relevant links to other pages on your blog. This adds to the amount of time your visitor will spend on your blog and Google also likes internal linking.

Eight – Individuality Succeeds

Individuals who have their own style, ideas and ways of blogging are more likely to succeed. However, this can be very, very hard to do in a world where there is allegedly a blog created every second! What people tend to miss is the fact we are all individuals! Just be yourself and provide great innovative content. There is nothing wrong with rewriting content with your own spin on it to make it original.

Try to give your readers something they can’t get anywhere else. Write in conversational tones and don’t bore your readers with too much fluff.

Nine – Design Your Blog A Little Differently

Why is it that your own sites look more attractive to you than they do others? Take an outside the box approach to your blog. Is it really as good as you think or are you blinded by your own creation.

If you have a high bounce rate on your blog take a closer look at it.

If you have a popular free template, could it be that visitors will be put off by seeing the same template over again?

Could it be that some people will see a familiar skin and back out before reading your content? This is highly possible.

Create a blog that looks individual and branded to you and you only. This way you become instantly recognizable. The key thing is to brand yourself and your blog.

Ten – Get With The Media

Blogs are about content. Good, original, well written content. However, we do need to mix it up from time to time so why not add a few images, audio and video to your blog. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words! If this is true then how many words is a video worth?

Use YouTube to add video to your blog. You can shoot with a smart phone without any problems; you don’t need to be an expert. You can also embed other peoples videos on your blog if it helps to explain your article better.

Show off your skills and connect with your readers on a personal level. People will relate to you more in a video than with text on a page.

As you move along on your epic blog journey, try to implement some of these strategies above. See how they work for you, see how they change the way you blog as you grow to become your own individual author.

Remember the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Taking Action

I have provided some useful blog writing tips for beginners today and I’m sure you will take action. Maybe you only need to focus on a couple of the areas that I have mentioned, or maybe you need to focus on them all. Whatever you decide to do, take it one step at a time, but most important of all, take action. I can’t stress this enough.

Also, as a blogger you need to keep at it. Don’t expect to write a few posts and have visitors flocking. You need to be consistent and keep writing as often as you can. The most successful blogs have thousands of posts, so a couple isn’t going to cut it.

Be patient with yourself as it takes time to build a business like this, but with consistency you will be looking back in two years time and wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions on these blog writing tips for beginners.



Michel Maling


  1. Great information Michel,

    Getting started blogging can seem overwhelming at times. Following your tips, I can put together a plan for writing blog articles that will attract readers, give them valuable information, and hopefully keep them coming back. 

    Of course, consistency is the next issue. You mention that you need to post new articles regularly. How do you come up with article ideas? I sometimes get writers block and can’t seem to think of anything else to write about. 



    • Hi Rex, I try to add articles or new information to my blogs at least once a week, but I think if you have time to do it more often you will do even better over time.

      If you are stuck for ideas, try Google Trends. Type in your keyword and they will give you many popular suggestions that people are searching for online. This has helped me when I don’t know what to write about.

  2. These are great tips for anybody that wants to start a blog. I often find that creating quality takes me the longest. I seem to spend a lot of time editing my content, so do you have tips and how to do that more efficiently? How often should I be publishing new blog posts?

    Another area where I need to improve, is connecting with my audience. I do thank and reply to comments on my blog posts, but I am not that active on social media. Is there a quick or easy way that you can recommend to share content on social media? Thank you.

    • I think the more often you can publish blog posts the better for your blog, especially in the beginning. Sometimes I publish content without it being perfect, and then go back to it a while later and update it with some more fresh content and publish it again changing the date. This really helps as you always have new things to add to old blog posts and they then rank quite quickly.

      I suggest adding a social media plugin onto your blog, and this makes your content quick and easy to share by both you and your readers.

  3. I have always struggled with writing content regularly because of lack of ideas. The ideas you suggested in this post are so helpful to me. I am going to try them out in my next post.

    You have fully suggested 10 ways for beginners to help them write blog posts and that is going to help a lot of the beginners. Thanks for the insights.

  4. This is a highly informative post about blog writing and the current craze in internet marketing.

    A bog is a gateway to making money in the simplest sense.

    The key is how do you personalize your blog so that can touch people’s lives in a unique way they will remember you, and come back again and again to visit you. They trust you and your brand in the end.

    The simplicity of relaying information always helps. Using a tone of writing, that appeals to your audience is a plus. The blog should contain knowledge that can be actionable. 

    The SEO scores high if the blog is linked to a credible, high authority site and interconnected with your other blogs in the domain.

    Your passion and authenticity in writing attract readers. The search engines and your loyal audience like you staying consistent in delivering your blog. It is hard in the beginning. However, the more you write, you get better at it.

    The post offers excellent tips on writing a blog. 

    • Thank you so much for this most helpful comment, Anusuya. I also think the more you do it the better you get at writing. It can be quite an eye opener if you go back to your earlier content and see how far you have come.

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