How To Profit With A Blog

how to profit with a blog

Even though one can have a non-profit blog, most bloggers blog with the long term purpose of making money, so let us look at ways on how to profit with a blog.

Fortunately, there are several methods of profiting from a blog and applying these methods can help you earn more money.

How To Profit With A Blog

how to profit with a blog

Placing Advertisements On Your Blog

Selling space for advertisers is one of the most common ways on how to profit with a blog. Blogs that have a considerable amount of traffic each day can make an income with ad sales, providing there is a target audience for the advertiser.

The reason why bloggers choose to sell advertising is that it is a passive form of income, as once the ads are on the site, there is virtually no other work to be done. It will, however, take some work to look for advertisers initially, but those who have successful traffic pulling blogs will earn good money from these ads.

If you are looking at ways of how to profit with a blog, selling advertisement space can be one of the most consistent revenue streams. If you are able to fill your ad slots, each month you will have great consistent passive income on the side.

On the negative side, selling ads requires you to have some kind of established traffic. Traffic is important because it draws interest from potential advertisers.

You will find it hard to sell an ad space without enough traffic and it will most likely not produce much revenue. Additionally, the blog must have a target audience in order to achieve the maximum amount of cash for advertisement space.

Remember that advertisers are more likely to pay if your target audience is a match for their advertisement.

Bloggers can also try putting ads from Google or other similar companies on their sites in the meantime as you earn revenue when interested people visit the sites that the ads are promoting.

Affiliate Sales

how to profit with a blog

Because purchasing goods online is becoming more and more popular, Affiliate programs are also a major resource of profits for many, if not most bloggers. Affiliate programs are excellent in the sense that they enable you to have the opportunity to make money even if your blog has a small audience.

However, one bad side to affiliate programs is that there can be instances where you cannot make any money at all.

Newly created blogs feature affiliate ads most of the time compared to selling space directly to advertisers. Since selling ads is hard to do without much traffic, affiliate programs are perfect for new blogs.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you simply refer people to the places that they can purchase the goods. You never have to keep stock or do any of the tiresome shipping. If one of the people you refer purchases a product, you get paid a commission.

Over time many bloggers are building up a lucrative business doing just this. You can learn how to build your own affiliate marketing business by training with Wealthy Affiliate university.

Promoting Yourself With Premium Content

Bloggers who are service providers at the same time have an excellent opportunity to look for clients and increase their business both online and off. Maintaining a blog that focuses on your area of expertise can help you to become a recognized authority in your field.

Additionally, it can help potential clients to find you. You can also benefit from the increase in demand for your services and improved reputation that you build, which will enable you to charge more for your services.

If you write great content on your blog that helps other people out with their problems, you will also gradually get more visitors, make more sales overall and set yourself up as an authority on your niche.

So the secret to a successful blog is to publish as often as you can and make sure that the content is useful and can help others to find answers to their questions.

Membership Sites

Aside from promoting your services, selling premium content is also an excellent way on how to profit with a blog.

Blogs can be a massive source of information and remember that not everything has to be free. There are bloggers and business that attained success by selling some of their work. There are blogs that sell memberships to their readers to get premium content each month.how to profit with a blog

Although selling premium content is possible in any field, you must have the capability to give something to the reader that is worth paying for.

Other Areas

The sky is the limit if you have a blog. Here are some other ways in which you can use your blog to profit:

  • Build a List of Buyers
  • Offer to place peoples guest posts for a fee
  • Do reviews on products. Many companies reward you for doing this.
  • Promote your offline business
  • Build your credibility in a specific niche
  • Join a PPV (Pay per view) or PPC (Pay per click) company and place their ads on your blog for additional income.

Please comment below if you have come up with any other ways on how to profit with a blog.

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  1. A blog is as important as anything, especially if you’re someone with an innate touch of spontaneity and flair, over the years I found that I had always written one journal or the other or one write up or the other, but till I got a blog, I never really realised that there’s more than meets the eye

  2. Thanks a lot for this post.

    I own a blog and I use click bank and google ads and so far its been great. 

    I believe one can make a whole lot with a blog it’s just determination. 

    I have a question aside from google ads which other PPC or PPV do you suggest?

    • Hi Nsikakabasi.

      Google Ads are great, but if you want to try other networks here are a few to consider. They all offer different types of ads, so it would depend on what your blog was about as to which one you choose.

      Bidvertiser.Propeller Ads.RevenueHits.InfoLinks Ads.Clicksor Ads.SuperLinks.Media.net Ads.Affinity Ads.

  3. Hello 🙂 I just read through your website and I really like how you branched out and not only touch on the subject of motherhood, and running a busy dance studio, and trying to juggle all that with having a family.

    You not only talk about affiliate marketing, blogging etc, and ways to profit and make a job online but you also write about raising kids, and although I’m not a parent I think that is one thing that people can really relate to and something every parent is aware of the struggle of working, making ends meet, and I would think most people pay their bills and think “if only I just had a little more money at the end of the month” either for themselves so they can take a “me” day and relax without the kids so they can have the energy tomorrow to be with their kids or whatever the case.

    We’re always hoping to win the lottery and there’s that constant “if I had a nicer car, a bigger house, a bigger backyard, life would just be a lot better,” and all that takes money. And it can be done, it just takes a bit of hard work, and dedication. 

    All of these are topics that are relatable to any person. Family, parenting, money, finances, mindfulness, maybe the person reading it is a college student struggling to pay off loans, someone is saving for retirement, or is semi-retired and wants a little bit more income to live more comfortably, there’s something for everyone. I really enjoyed reading your content. 

    I wish you great success with everything that you’re doing. 


    • Thank you, Cal, great feedback and glad you enjoyed the content. I try to relate most of it to what I do in my daily life and what I want to do.

  4. Dear Michel,

    I just started my blog with ultimate goal of making profit from it. You introduce so many ways to make money on the blog and I am confident that I could succeed in making money from my blog.

    You mentioned that traffic is the most important factor to be a successful blogger. How much traffic is needed before I start to add ads in my site?

    I am interested in Clickbank as an affiliate tool. Could you give me some advice on how to effectively make money through Clickbank?

    Thanks for sharing.


    • The more traffic you get the more money you will make. I only started making money once my traffic got to over 100 visits a day.

      Clickbank is great because the commissions are good, but you must find a decent product to promote. I usually buy a product I think will be good and then do a review on it, and in that way, you can refer people to the product and hopefully sell a few.

  5. When I started with my first blog, it was about a topic related to science and education.

    My first intention was to communicate information, and I had not glimpsed the possibility of making money. However, over time and as I was gaining visitors to my site, at some point I raised the option to find ways to monetize it, and as you mention in your post, there are many of them.

    I started with Google Adsense, but then other ideas emerged, such as the promotion of Amazon books related to my blog and several others.

    My income does not make me rich yet, but it does provide me with enough money to buy some goods or pay bills.

    • That’s great Tommy, just keep working diligently on that site and your profits will get more and more over time.

  6. This post is much appreciated. 

    One of the things that makes blogging profitable is having enough traffic and placing ads and lots of content which was mentioned in the post. 

    Market affiliates have made it easier for bloggers to earn more by generating traffic for them. I think patience is needed when going into blogging as well but in the end, it’s will yield income.  This post explained it all. 

    Thank You.

    • Hope that the information helped you Olalkan, and yes with patience and persistence, your hard work on your blog will eventually pay off.

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