How To Start Writing A Blog

how to start writing a blog

If you want to know how to start writing a blog, this is what I would do if I had to start over, knowing what I know now.

how to start writing a blog

As you all probably know by now, I am a part-time blogger and affiliate marketer, and I have been doing this since 2014. Most of the things that have helped me make money from my blogs have come from the training that I receive from Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to try getting into this field and know how to start writing a blog, and also how to become an expert at writing your blog, here are some tips that I found helpful.

How To Start Writing A Blog

Practise Makes Perfect

Blogging is not just something that you decide to do and then make money straight away. Blogging is basically about the art of writing and helping others by providing relevant information. Like anything, the more that you practice writing, the better you become at it.

So my advice to you would be to open up a free blog on WordPress to practice on. You can also get a free blog on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here if you want to go the easier ‘set it up in 5 minutes’ route.

Once you have your free blog, you can go to work writing on just about any topic that you enjoy. Aim to write a post a day. Do this until you have a hundred posts and then go back and read the first post that you have made. You will be amazed at how much you have improved.

You will also see that now you have some traffic to your blog, and this is when you know you can start your blog for real.

Either delete this blog or carry on using it as a practice one.

So why waste all this time?

Well, you will see that it is not time wasted at all, as this process will teach you some valuable lessons like:

  • you need to do something over and over again to get good at it and become an expert.
  • you need to have the discipline to make blogging a daily habit, and by the time you have written 100 to 150 posts on a daily basis, you will be in the habit of doing it each day, just like brushing your teeth.
  • this process lets you see if you have the commitment to do this regularly because if you want to make money from your blog, you really have to write a lot!! Otherwise blogging is just going to be a fun thing for you and not something you are likely to make an income doing (which is also fine).
  • in order to be a success at something, you need to have dedication and unwavering perseverance, even when it seems like nothing is happening.

how to start writing a blog

Once You Feel Like A Confident Blogger…..

Now by this time, you should have an idea of what you want your blog to be about and in which direction you want to go with it. Will you be an expert blogger? Probably not, but you will be on the right path to take it further and make a success of it.

I don’t know of any bloggers who were overnight successes, all the good ones have been at it for a long long time.

Now it’s time to purchase yourself a Domain Name that you will own forever. Remember this piece of advice – never start an online business with a free blog or you will never fully own your business.

In order to have a successful blog, you don’t need to be an expert writer, you just need to be you and you will develop your own style over time that will resonate with similar-minded people, who will start to read your work and follow you.

Also, in order to get the search engines to find and list your blog, your blog has to be full of helpful information that will help other people. The more useful articles you have on your blog, the better you will do and the more visitors you will get.

That is how to start writing a blog. Of course, there are many other factors that you learn across the way, but the main thing is just get writing and learn to love writing, just like I did.



Michel Maling


  1. Yes, blogging takes time and practice. I had a free blog a while back where I wrote about random stuff, but I never promoted it. It was just a hobby. However, I now do it with a monetary purpose. I have two blogs: one about travel and another about French. It hasn’t been easy to manage both blogs, but I like it. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I can’t wait to see the results.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for sharing Enrique. I also have a few blogs going, and it can be hectic getting to all of them. I think I should have stuck to one and it probably would have grown faster, but I enjoy writing about different topics.

  2. I love this. A lot of folks see blogging as a quick-rich scheme, they don’t know it is a craft, a career, and a means of helping others. I call it a craft and career because you need to learn and develop skills. Developing skills takes time and effort. And if you must succeed as a blogger, you must commit time to the business of blogging.

    • You are right. Blogging is not a path to instant riches, but rather a climb that is slow and steady over time.

  3. It has been about 45 days since I started blogging. I take basic training classes at WA and publish a blog every day.
    It’s impressive to say that you don’t know a blogger who has achieved success overnight. Recognizing dedication and unshakable perseverance, I prepare and publish a blog that reminds me of Smallwin every day, although it is not easy. After reading this article, I realized that I was not alone for some reason. I’m strong!

    • I think most bloggers only start experiencing small successes after they have hit over 100 quality posts, so in the beginning, it does feel like you are working for nothing, but over time as the website grows you start reaping the rewards from all those old blog posts. The key is to keep going.

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