Does 30 Minute Workday Work?

About two months ago I did a review on 30 Minute Workday, which you can read here. I had just joined up a month prior to that and I wanted to test them out as the training was great.

Two months further down the line, I thought I would do a quick update.

What Is 30 Minute Workday?

30 Minute Workday is a platform that was designed for marketers to be able to easily build their lists and make sales at the same time.

The two main products that you would be promoting here are Get Response and Home Business Academy.

Both these tools are useful to marketers as everybody needs an autoresponder and a funnel builder. 30 Minute Workday simply takes the pain out of creating your own functional funnel as you can use theirs.

Does 30 Minute Workday Work?

30 minute workdayOk, I will be honest, I followed all the training except the part where they give you resources to pay for your traffic. I think if you take that route, then your marketing would only take thirty minutes or less, but who has an unlimited advertising budget right?

I did initially try a few of the paid options offered, but they wouldn’t accept my card payment being from South Africa, and some of the others were hellishly expensive, so I decided to promote the platform using free methods first.

This obviously takes more than 30 minutes a day, but I maybe spent an hour or two promoting a week, as this is not my primary business. I prefer to spend my time building out my websites as you probably know if you have been following this blog.

Well, I am happy to report that during these last two months I have built up my subscribers on my list to 33 and have had two different sales from Home Business academy.

These stats tell me that the system obviously works, as I only promoted the platform using sites from Referal Frenzy and by placing ads on Leads Leap.

The best thing is that the system works for you in the background leaving you more time to get on with other things.

Looking at my stats, I think I am going to promote this platform a little more actively and see where it leads me, as both these are recurring income type affiliate programs, which means that I will get paid each and every month for as long as my subscribers stay members.

What Don’t I Like About 30 Minute Workday?

The platform itself is easy to navigate through and very professional looking.

The funnels are easy to set up as you simply follow the video’s provided.

Home Business Academy is also great and very well priced for a funnel builder. So what’s the problem?

Besides the paid traffic being expensive, I would prefer it if we could choose our own autoresponder, however logistically I know it is not possible. So I simply import all my new subscribers to my favorite Autoresponder which is FloDesk.

I am also seeing 30 Minute Workday being advertised a lot more now than when I started, so obviously more and more people are joining, so I am worried it is going to get more difficult to promote the same funnel as the market gets saturated. I need to perhaps design my own ad going forward.

Please comment on your experiences with 30 Minute Workday as it would be interesting to see how other people are doing with this platform.

If you want to read a more detailed review please click here.

If you would like to look around at the actual platform, please feel free to join under my link. It is free to join and the training is a great read for both seasoned marketers and newbies.

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