30 Minute Workday Review – Scam Or Not?

30 minute workday review

The reason that I decided to write this 30 Minute Workday review is that I thought it was a scam as let’s face it, how can one only work thirty minutes a day and make a full-time income? So I joined up and this is what I found…..

Update:  The 30 Minute Workday has been revamped and the links below will take you straight to their new funnel builder called The Freedom LaunchPad.

Name of Product: 30 Minute Workday

Website: https://30minuteworkday.com

Price: Free

Owner: Nick Bramble

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

So let’s look at what I found with my 30 Minute Workday review.

30 Minute Workday Review

What Is 30 Minute Workday Actually?

30 minute workday review

30 Minute Workday is a plugin and profit system, which is great for beginners, as you don’t need a website to profit. It is basically a way to build your list using funnels and an autoresponder.

It is free to join and there are two options:

30 minute pay day

  1. If you choose yes, I want a 7 Figure Funnel, you will get directed step by step via video to setting your already done for you sales funnel. This requires you to get a Get Response account and an HBA Funnel Builders account. Both of these will cost you about $40 per month in total, but because this is an affiliate marketing program, you will get more than your money back with only two referrals. Luckily Get Response is free for the first month.
  2. If you choose no, I just want to learn for free right now, you get to download the EBook which is filled with surprisingly good information on how you can go about making money online without the need to have your own website. The book alone is well worth signing up to 30 Minute Workday for, as it has many gold nuggets of the information therein. You can also navigate freely through the website to find out everything you need to about how the system works.

The first option is ideal for beginners, as all your funnels and sales letters will be set up for you automatically when you follow the directions provided, and all you need to do after this is send traffic to your link.

When people join they get added to your list, and the system will carry on converting them into sales over time for you.

The second option is great if you have some experience at building sales funnels already, as the HBA Funnel Builder is a super simple way to do this for yourself. The price of $25 a month is at a fraction of the cost of other funnel builders out there, and in comparison, this funnel builder does just about everything the others do.

Either way, you will learn a lot about list building and building funnels no matter what route you take, so to me, the program was well worth joining from this viewpoint alone.

I decided to go with the first option as I have been looking at getting a good Autoresponder set up and Get Response meets all my criteria. Am also wanting to learn how to build funnels, so what better way to start learning.

The funnels are all beautifully set up and the 30 Minute Workday website is easy to navigate through as it is a step by step approach with video’s explaining each section, which is great for beginners. All you need to know how to do is copy and paste.

30 minute workday scam

How Do We Get Traffic?

Thankfully 30 Minute Workday has this covered too. Within their membership area, you can order highly converting traffic on an ongoing basis. The only problem is that the traffic costs anywhere from 50c to $1 per click so you will need a marketing budget in order to do this. Both the traffic sources also have excellent affiliate programs which you also get to benefit from if any of your referrals take advantage.

I haven’t yet tried any of the recommended traffic sources as I have been getting sign-ups using Referal Frenzy, but will definitely look at trying out these traffic sources and let you know soon. I am sure they will probably be a faster way of producing high-quality sign-ups.

You could also learn to generate your own traffic right here.

Is 30 Minute Workday A Scam?

No, definitely not.

30 Minute Workday Day Pros

  • Free to join and free training.
  • Easy to set up and no learning curve if using their pre-made funnels.
  • Bonus funnels also provided.
  • Pages convert well, meaning you can build your list faster.
  • Community chat, Facebook group, and great support.
  • Extra bonuses and more training given on pages you don’t initially see when you set the system up.
  • The two paid products you need to use their system are both excellent value for money.
  • A great way for beginners to start getting into affiliate marketing.
  • This system proves that you don’t need a website to make money online doing affiliate marketing.

30 Minute Workday Cons

  • Each member gets the same funnel and pages, which could become oversaturated after a while. However, you could learn how to make your own unique funnels to sell just about anything online using the tools provided.
  • If you follow the system training, it does amazingly only take you 30 minutes a day, but you need an advertising budget for this. Most beginners will not have this, so will need to learn to generate their own traffic, which will take a lot longer than 30 minutes a day.
  • If you don’t get referrals in the first month, the system will cost you. But keep in mind that this is not a get-rich scheme either and it takes time to convert your list into sales. People often don’t buy on the first viewing of the program, but over time they will get sold by the system in many cases.
  • There are two upsells in the HBA site, which you don’t need to take in order to be successful. I normally hate upsells but in this case, they will probably help you long term. However, I wouldn’t sign up for these until you can recoup your initial costs.
  • I find some of the figures in the training a little over-inflated.

My Verdict

The 30 Minute Workday marketing system was created by Nick Bramble to help online entrepreneurs to have a simple systematic approach to marketing online.

In it, he provides his 2 decades’ worth of education about how to understand the psychology behind how online marketing works, as well as the tactical knowledge and steps required to succeed with an online business.

The 30 Minute Workday System provides free lifetime access to the 30 Minute Workday membership site, as well as free access to Nick’s 183-page ebook that explains “How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day, With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps.”

All in all, I have found this a valuable extra source of income to add to my already growing income streams.  The products are something every marketer needs and they are priced well within most people’s budgets.

So even after writing this 30 Minute Workday System review, I still believe every affiliate marketer needs a great website in order to brand themselves online and get organic traffic on an ongoing basis, as this system will take work to get the traffic flowing into it, or one would need to pay for the traffic, but this is a great little system to get going quickly.



Michel Maling


  1. Thanks for this interesting review on 30 Minute Workday, which I had never heard of. Honestly, I am not so sure if I can make some real money working only 30 minutes a day. Does it not sound to good to be true? As to the 7 Figure Funnel, I am not sure what I pay the 80$ a month for. The most significant part surely is the traffic you need to drive to your site. This looks a little bit like an MLM style of operating. To be successful in MLM, you either need a big existing network or you need to be a professional in this business. Can you agree with me on this?

    • Luckily this is not an MLM. The Funnel builder is $25 per month and Get Response is $15 so that adds up to $40. These are both affiliate programs as well, with no downlines in place, so this is definitely not an MLM.

      It is simply a system to help you to build your list using your Autoresponder and Funnel builder and ultimately make sales on those or anything else you want to promote to your list.

      I agree though if you are not paying for your traffic, it is going to be a lot more than thirty minutes a day of work.

    • Hello Jerry, I have experience of the 30 Minute Workday Program, and as far as I am concerned, it is `Slick MLM` what I mean is that you are lured into the program under the guise that it is Free to join which it is, but if you want to proceed they tell you that it only costs $40 ($15 for Response Autoresponder and $25 for HBA Funnel Builder). There is NO product, in essence what this program is about is getting others to sign up for Get Response, and HBA Funnel Builder and that is how you earn any money. BUT in order to do so you need a HUGE budget for traffic since the recommended traffic sources (for which you receive commissions; once any one of your recruits buys one of their traffic packages) are very expensive Solo Ads. They advise that you need to be sending traffic EVERY day, which is true, If you do not purchase traffic every day you cannot get recruits into the system. There are 3 phases in the system and the only way you can receive any commissions is if your recruits complete their phase 1 i.e. sign up for Get Response, HBA and buy traffic from the recommended traffic providers. In my opinion, while in theory, you could do really well if you have the means to buy good quality traffic to build up your list., or as you indicated Jerry, that you already have a large list, or an MLM professional. Newbies will sign up because of the so called FREE startup business and training, but once you proceed into the funnel and find out that it is not just $40 to start, but by then you would have signed up for the HBA funnel, Get Response has a free 30 day trial. But by then it’s too late because the final step to start the business is to buy traffic and if you do not have the funds to do so, then what? You Get Nothing!. 30 Minute Workday need to be more transparent about the true costs of this business right from the outset, especially for beginners. The true costs are NOT $40 to start this business.

      • Too true Tee, but every marketer does in fact need an autoresponder and funnel builder, and that is the reason I like this program. Most affiliate marketers love promoting products that have recurring commissions. I use the autoresponder and funnel builder for other programs other than the 30 Minute Workday to promote other things, and the training in 30-minute workday tells you just how to get this right.

        I would not recommend a beginner spend any money other than what they are comfortable with paid traffic, but most internet marketers who don’t have websites pay for their traffic one way or another.
        I think it is best to learn how to generate one’s own traffic first before paying somebody else to do it for you, by building your own online business, as this is more sustainable in the long run.

  2. Hello Michel, getting full details about 30 minutes workday makes me really excited as I have seen a couple of reviews online that I really am not contented with but getting this review of yours makes me really happy as I now have all the information I need. This is the perfect place and means for me to get some extra income coming in. Cheers

  3. It’s very rare to see a legitimate and potentially rewarding product like this online, so thank you so much for sharing it here. 

    I really fancy the fact that you can use the products that you are promoting, so you have first-hand experience with the products. The products are useful for anyone who is doing any form of internet marketing and the recurring commissions are also a bonus as you only need to promote them once.

    Though I can’t see many doing this in 30 minutes a day, maybe once experienced and if all your traffic is paid for, it will be possible.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Helen.

      These products are ideal for affiliate marketers, as we can use them as well as promote them, which is what attracted me to this program.

  4. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am very sure this information here will be of great help to anyone who is looking for information on The 30 Minute Workday. This almost seems too good to be true, but I wanna try it out and look at the training. I need a good funnel builder and this might be the answer.

    Thanks for sharing this and I am trying it right away since signing up for the program is free.

  5. I like that you include the cons of using this platform. It makes your site more credible because instead of merely promoting the platform, you also give reasons why someone may not want to join. 

    Do you feel that the title 30-minute workday is misleading if you have to do additional work to get traffic to your site? The videos maybe 30 minutes per day, but if you also have additional tasks to do that go along with the video wouldn’t that mean your workday is actually longer than 30 minutes?

    • I think if you purchase your traffic, you can do this in 30 minutes a day, but if you still have to spend time looking for traffic it will take longer.

      Obviously while you are learning the sytem there is some training to go through, but it will only take a few hours to do this.

  6. I would like to give this a try as I think that 40 USD is not much for a month considering the returns that it can bring. Like any business, it will take time to build, but considering that there are already 30 000 people using this platform it must have something to offer. I watched a video online about 30 Minute Workday and couldn’t believe it had grown so much in such a short space of time.

    Thanks for your help with this useful information.

  7. I read that it’s 50 cents to dollar per click for traffic. But how much traffic can you buy? 100,200,300,400 or even 500 dollars at one time. Can you buy 50 dollars at one time? Some people are saying that they can’t afford the traffic. Everyone has a budget. But I can’t be spending 500 a week. What is the minimum buy in for traffic? No one seems to be saying that anywhere online.

    • Hi David,

      I agree with you that the paid traffic is really expensive, and I did try to buy traffic through MLM Leads as they sell 40 clicks at a time which is great to do a test run with, but they won’t accept me as I am in Africa. So far I have been generating leads for free through my website and also traffic exchanges via Referral Frenzy, and this has been getting me a nice list going but I think it is a slower method.
      Obviously, once I start making a profit I will then start to invest those in paid leads to save time, as many people seem to be having a lot of success with these leads, but it is just to get started which is a little on the expensive side.

      If you want a good source of traffic that isn’t too expensive I recommend using Bing to start off with.

      As soon as I have purchased my first set of leads I will do a post to let everyone know what the conversion rate is like.

    • Hi Emogene,

      There is no cost to the actual 30 Minute Workday membership site, and the eBook is free. However if you would like to build your list using their resources there is a cost of $15 a month for the Get Response Autoresponder and $25 a month for the site builder. These however are sites that every marketer needs so most marketers are already paying for this service in one way or another. If you take advantage of the paid traffic, that costs more, but I mostly use free traffic methods, which may take a little longer, but I am seeing results.

  8. Would you tell me what size investment would be necessary to make net $1000.00/mo. Assuming , I would work and follow directions.

    • Hi Raymond,
      That is a difficult question as each person varies, depending on how they attract their downline. Building an online business is not an overnight thing, but if you put some serious work in, it is not difficult to make that within six months to a year. The only way it would be a large investment is if you speed the process up with paid advertising, but I wouldn’t recommend that until you know what you are doing as you can lose a lot of money that way.

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