How To Make My Dreams Come True

how to make my dreams come true

How To Make My Dreams Come True

“All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”  – Brian Tracy

how to make my dreams come trueDo you have a dream? Then you must be wondering how to make my dreams come true?

In order to make a dream come true, you need to have a dream first. A dream is like a roadmap, and without dreams, you won’t know where you are going in life.

Ask yourself what is it that you dream about? Running your own business? Climbing Everest? Traveling the world? Buying a house?

What do you spend your days fantasizing about,  and wishing was your reality?

No matter what your dream is, you can accomplish it. You don’t have to watch as another year goes by with you being no closer to your goal than you were the last year. You can move from where you are now to where you want to go in the future.

‘How to make my dreams come true’ is not going to work though if you just dream about it. You will need to take some action in order to make it happen for you.

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Do You Have Your Dream Job?

This is an important question because life is much too short to spend working at a job that you hate.

It is quite scary to see how many people do actually plod along at jobs they hate, month after month, and year after year. Most people will spend more time at work in their lives than doing anything else, so why not at least do something that they enjoy.

You need to find yourself something that makes you want to get up in the morning and excited to go to work.  Luckily today there are many jobs one can do, both working for someone else and working from home.  

Thanks to the internet, jobs exist today that didn’t exist 20 years ago.  Nowadays you should be able to find something to do that you love just by using the power of the internet.

If you are not sure where to start, Google things that you love, and you will be amazed just how much there is to do out there.

Jobs like being a virtual assistant, a net researcher, blogging about something you know a lot about, or doing graphic art for e-Books exist today because of innovative thinkers who found their passion.

Now it is time to find yours.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can start off small and work your way upwards.

Before you know it you will be able to fire your boss and get out of that job you hate. The secret is just finding that thing that you are passionate about, and you will see that work will never be a drag again.

Don’t let fear stand in your way. There is always fear involved when moving into the unknown, and everyone makes mistakes. The main thing is not to let fear stand in the way of what you really want in life.

Don’t stop until you find that work you love and once it starts paying the bills for you – bonus.

Other Ways To Work On Those Dreams

Here are some ways to get going on how to make your dreams come true:

  1. Pick a dream.
  2. Commit to your dream by taking action each day to ensure that dream will come true no matter what.
  3. Create an action plan on how to get there. Start with a weekly plan and then a monthly action plan. Then break it down into daily tasks.
  4. Work backward from having your dream life until where you are today and that is a great way to see what action steps. you need to plan.
  5. Follow your dream by working on your plan.
  6. Celebrate once your dream comes true – you deserve it. Always treat yourself when you hit milestones along the way too to keep you motivated.

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Although it is not as easy as it sounds, it is not that difficult either. When you pick your dream make sure that it is specific. Don’t just say lose weight. Be specific and say how much weight you need to lose and then make a specific plan or diet to follow to ensure that this happens.

No more procrastinating.

No more wasting time.

Get onto those dreams now as life is short….and remember……

Don’t sacrifice those dreams, no matter what as you only live once.

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