What Is The Best Way To Build a Website?

what is the best way to build a website

If you are wondering what is the best way to build a website, that is free, or doesn’t cost too much, and also has the potential to grow into a full-time income, then you have landed on just the right spot to find out.

You can compare building a website to building a shop, or writing a book.  It goes up one brick at a time or one page at a time.

what is the best way to build a website

When you build a website, there are some great shortcuts to take initially, but once you start adding content, your website will be constantly evolving over time and getting bigger and more dynamic.  All you need to do is keep building and there are no shortcuts here.

What Is The Best Way To Build A Website?

If you are aiming to have your own long term online business, then you need a great hosting platform for your website.

I have been with a few, and there is quite a learning curve involved with most of them, as you need to learn to use a C Panel, which isn’t as easy as they make it look.

Believe me, I have hosted websites with various different hosts over the past few years, and I still haven’t mastered that C Panel.

Most marketers and business owners nowadays will probably be tempted to outsource the building of their websites, as they simply don’t have the time to sit down and learn how to do it.

Luckily I stumbled upon a much easier way.

It is called Site Rubix and it enables you to build a WordPress Website that is ready for you to add your content to in less than five minutes.

Site Rubix is the hosting available on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and you can read more about Wealthy Affiliate and what the platform is all about here.

If you want to go right on ahead and create your free website, simply click here.

With Site Rubix, you can host your website on WordPress and all the complicated and time-consuming setup is done for you, leaving you free to publish content and work on other aspects of building out your website.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to work with the WordPress dashboard, as the training is set out in an easy to follow set of videos.

So now you can still host your own WordPress websites, with which you can do anything you like, including advertising, (which a lot of the free hosts don’t allow).

You can host up to two websites without having to upgrade.

You can rest assured that Site Rubix will protect you from malware and viruses, will monitor your databases and file system for errors and will even give you feedback on the health of your website.

Hackers will be a thing of the past.

Your sites will be automatically backed up, which is another thing you don’t have to worry about.

To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate and how to open your free account   read this.

build a website

And Best of All…

This hosting platform will set up your website for you with the most important plugins installed in under five minutes.

You still have the freedom to choose your own themes and extra plugins, but the initial setup is virtually hands-free.  This is definitely the easiest way that I have come across online so far to build a website hassle-free.

While you are there, you can also grab some phenomenal training on how to build a successful website.

How many other hosts offer that?

You don’t have to even keep a record of your passwords, as your hosting account stores these for you for easy access to all your websites on one page.

So I challenge you to find a better deal.

I trust I have answered your question: what is the best way to build a website? If you have any questions or anything else to add, please comment below.

best way to build a website

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