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leadsleap reviewI have been a member of LeadsLeap for a couple of years now and this is my personal LeadsLeap review of the company.

What Is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is an advertising platform and leads generation site. LeadsLeap has recently had a huge upgrade and is now called LeadsLeap 2.0. The focus has now shifted a lot more to training and value creation.

If you visit the site there are many positive reviews from marketers who have had success using this platform over the years. A lot of the upgraded members have stayed upgraded for years.

So with LeadsLeap you can:

  • Make money by sharing revenue, for free and upgraded members.
  • Promote your ads free to members as well as a network of more than 4 000 websites.
  • Training on how to advertise correctly and you can put what you learn into practice.
  • Access to useful marketing tools to gain a competitive edge.
  • Refer others and build 10 levels of free leads that keep growing exponentially for a lifetime of free leads.

LeadsLeap Review

What is the Reputation of LeadsLeap Like?

If you visit the site there are many positive LeadsLeap review blocks from marketers who have had success using this platform over the years. A lot of the upgraded members have stayed upgraded for years.

I have yet to find any bad reviews after searching the net. I, however, came up with many excellent testimonials from both free and upgraded members.

Here are some of them:

Joined LeadsLeap a week ago, 287 visitors to my website and already referred 7 people, initial response is this is going to be perfect.


I joined LeadsLeap because one of my team members in another business said he had a sale come in thru one little ad at LeadsLeap worth a commission of over $1,800. That was all I needed to hear! Since then I’ve had lots of signups for many of my offers, AND I’ve found it very easy to get many signups for LeadsLeap who also upgrade quickly here!

Within 2 weeks, I received 2 upgraded signups for a business I only promote thru one of my Pro ads in LeadsLeap. The Pro membership is truly an effortless advertising system that really works!

Katheen VanBeekom , TopBizToday.com

The Real Tracker is awesome and super easy to use, the other day I buy a solo ads and use the real tracker, when the solo ad start, the tracker manage to record that only 11 real people was visiting my website, the other leads was bad quality and spend less than 5 second in my site. I manage to talk with the solo ads seller and he return my money, so use the real tracker, to start receiving real visitor to you website.

Rafael Ferreras Castillo , rafael-home-biz.com

I’ve been a member of LeadsLeap since the beginning! LeadsLeap works… it has brought me new member commissions constantly as well as affiliate commissions from my ads. So I’m Super Stoked about LeadsLeap 2.0! I could talk all day about all the tools we have available here too. People have NO IDEA how far you have come for us and I think it’s only appropriate to Thank You once again Kenneth! I’m excited and honored to be a part of LeadsLeap 2.0!

Chad Flick , trackr.leadsleap.com/vp2wg2y2/ll2testimonial

On IM Report Card which is a site that reports on scam sites, they give it a 7.5 out of 10, and there are no bad LeadsLeap review posts there either.


How Much Does It Cost To Join LeadsLeap?

You can join as a free member, but for more autopilot advertising, you will need to upgrade.

A lot of marketers have said the upgrade price of $27 per month is well worth it as it is cheaper than PPC advertising and works just as well.

The Difference Between Free and Pro Membership

Other than one is free, and the other is not, let’s break down which is which.

One of the best benefits of being a pro member is that you do not need credits to advertise your business.

Free members, on the other hand, have to click on other people’s ads to collect credits to advertise with.

If you are a pro-member and you have extra credits that you don’t need, you can sell them back to LeadsLeap. Although this doesn’t make you rich, it is an extra bonus for being a pro member. Free members can also sell their credits, but for a lesser price.

Pro members also get revenue shares each day based on the amount of credits you earned. Pro members earn double the amount that free members do. Pro members also get double weekly rev shares. This is where each member gets paid a share according to how many clicks they received on their LeadsLeap widget. So the more place you place the widget, the more weekly rev shares you get.

There is the added bonus of getting random referrals as well.

Pros and Cons of Using LeadsLeap

There are many pros to using LeadsLeap, but if you want to generate a decent income through LeadsLeap, then you need to get lots of referrals. I have recently been paid $91 from LeadsLeap for a pro member, so this was a great bonus.

If you are wanting a platform to advertise on, then LeadsLeap is great, but I recommend advertising free to join offers for best results. You can also advertise your website, and you will see an increase in visitors, so Google should rank it better in the search engines.

The only con I have is it is not an easy site to work and understand at first, and you will need to spend a little time learning how to get the best use of all of its tools.

To grab a free EBook about how to use LeadsLeap, Click Here

Hope that you enjoyed reading my LeadsLeap review. Please comment on your experience with LeadsLeap below.

If you would like to join, click here.

I use LeadsLeap to promote my top online business choice. Click here to read more.







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  1. I have been wanting to advertise online for a while, but PPC is a bit daunting and I have heard that you can end up spending quite a lot of money and not get much of a return back on it. I like that there is a free option with LeadsLeap, so that at least you can get familiar with how it all works before you decide to invest money in it. Thanks so much for providing an ebook too – I’ve downloaded it so I can read through it at my leisure!

  2. Sounds interesting! I think I haven’t heard about Leadsleap before but some similar websites like Fort Ad Pays for example. I think I will take a closer look to Leadsleap if it would be a good way to generate traffic to my website. Have you used also other similar websites for buying ads?

    • I have yes, but they haven’t been at all what I expected, and the traffic was minimal and poor quality.

  3. This sounds pretty interesting. How many members do they have though? I don’t really understand how they can help you increase your traffic and leads. To do so, they have to have a lot of exposure like the big social media platforms. Or, do you increase your traffic by sharing your site within the network of people at Leadsleap and they will share it with their own social networks?

    • Not really social networks, but more on other members blogs. I use it to increase traffic to my blog, and a lot of those people stay on my blog to read other posts. Some members do post their FaceBook pages on there though.

      I am not sure of how many members they have, but I imagine a lot if you look at the views I am getting, and they have been in operation a long time. I have been a member for four years already.

  4. I have only just recently been finding out some information about leads leap and your article gave me the full answers I was initially looking to get. I knew about the free option but was not aware of the monthly costs and whether or not this system worked or not.

    From what you have written and the link to check out how the system works I’ll look into the free option and get familiarized with the system before looking at the paid option.

  5. Hi Michel

    Leadsleap sounds so interesting. I am thinking really hard on joining the company. I think it is great to have a company to boost visitors to your website. I think the fact that you mention it is better than PPC campaigns people should check it out for themselves. Great job offering an e-book to help out newbies.

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