How To Reset Your Mind For Creative Thinking

how to reset your mind

If you need some ideas on how to reset your mind for creative thinking, here are some tips that may help you.

Do you ever feel like your brain has stopped working?

If you do, you may just need to take some time out. Here are some other ways on how to reset your mind for more productive thoughts in which you can clear your mind and make way for all those brilliant ideas.

Some Tips On How To Reset Your Mind For Success

how to reset your brain for creative thinking

  1. Brain fog, a lot of the time, is caused by eating sugar, especially on an empty stomach. Try this for an experiment. Eat a sugary doughnut on an empty stomach and then try to do a maths problem twenty minutes later. You should now understand what it means to have brain fog. Moral of the story is you must stay off of the sugar and simple carbohydrates if you need to think clearly.
  2. Stay organised, because as an organised space means clearer thinking. It is rare that people can work better in clutter. If your workspace is clear, you will have a better time concentrating, as you won’t be searching for things or getting distracted.
  3. Take a walk in the fresh air. This is a great way to improve the quality of your thinking, and it is also an excellent way to clear your thoughts while getting some exercise at the same time. Even going outside and taking some deep breaths through your nose will get you a good dose of oxygen to your brain.
  4. Give meditation a try. If you feel you have no time to do this, simply close your eyes and relax. Concentrate on your breathing for a minute of so. If your mind wonders, simply get it back to your breathing. If you manage this for five minutes, you will feel a definite boost in your brain power. I have an app on my watch that reminds me to breathe each day because otherwise I simply forget if I get too busy.
  5. Make sure you get a good nights sleep. Remember that quality sleep is more important for normal brain function than the quantity of sleep you get. Most times five hours of quality sleep is better than eight hours of restless sleep.
  6. Don’t drink too much alcohol. This is conducive to creative thinking and it also disrupts your quality of sleep. Besides this, it is also bad for the long term health of your brain.
  7. Watch that your busy brain doesn’t let irritations bother you under your consciousness. Let go of stressors. You can do this by making lists, for making that call that you need to, or pay that account by a certain date so that your mind can let it go. Resolving your problems as they come up or allocating days to sort them out can take a lot of stress off of your brain.
  8. Try to make decisions quickly. There is nothing more draining than having a bunch of unresolved decisions floating around in your head. If you can’t make a decision now, then at least commit yourself to a time frame in which that decision will be made.
  9. Take time to observe the world around you. Concentrate and pay close attention. By improving your observation skills, you’ll tap into your creative energy and discover lots of details you hadn’t noticed before. This will open your mind to new possibilities and help you build a repertoire of experiences that can ignite your creative thinking.
  10. And finally, make sure that you don’t have any physical needs, for example thirsty, hungry, too hot or too cold. This can also be very distracting, and keep you from moving forward with your thought processes.
  11. Pick your favorite creative pursuits and make sure to do them regularly, ideally daily. The more you flex your creative muscle, the more your mind will want to create. Research has shown that doing something creative reduces stress and improves problem-solving skills.

You can try these tips on how to reset your mind for thinking more clearly starting today.

There are certainly a lot more to it, but you really only need to make a few of them a habit to have a more powerful brain.

Why not try one or two right now?



Michel Maling


  1. I take too much time thinking what to do next and in case I plan out a schedule, I never follow it. How do you suggest to be timely and follow a particular schedule? It really seems very difficult for me. SO, I apparently mess up the schedule and do everything in a disorganized fashion.

    • Hi Shrey,

      This is what I do. I make a list with the most important three things at the top the night before for the next day. Then if I get through the first three, I feel I have accomplished something. I try to start with the list first thing in the morning before things get out of hand. It doesn’t always work, but eight times out of ten I manage to get something done and fell as though I have accomplished something. On exceptional days I manage to get my whole list done, and this is a great feeling of accomplishment.

  2. Some of these are pretty obvious to me (like alcohol for example) but a lot of these I actually really didn’t’ know. Like sugar for example. I actually did eat doughnuts this morning and then tried to work on my blog and found myself just in a strange blank. Honestly, I just thought it was another blank. Who knew?

    I’m going to keep this list on standby, just in case I find myself doing any of these again loll.

    • Thanks for stopping by to comment Jaylin and quit with the doughnuts before you start blogging.

  3. Hi Mergie. You certainly do have some pretty good points on keeping your mind focussed. Am one of those people who have a meandering brain and over the years it has led me to waste a lot of time. I think I will give meditation a go. Hopefully, I will be able to tame the dragon.

  4. Thank you! This article really helps a lot and I know I will be implementing a few of these strategies now that you mentioned them I often go for hikes when I hit a writers block and when I come back I am just flowing with ideas. Meditation is really amazing too so I do that quite often. I clear my mind and all these amazing ideas start to flow!

    • You are so right Hailey because when we sit in front of our computer all day we do get rather stale

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