What Is The Rich Dad Summit About?

what is the rich dad summit

I am sure most of you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki. In case you didn’t know, he was the author of the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad book which was and still remains a best-seller. He has just created another course called The Rich Dad Summit. So What is The Rich Dad Summit about? Let’s find out here.

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If you haven’t read the book yet, you need to do it and you can pick up a copy online by clicking on the book here. It will be a wonderful addition to your mindset library.

What Is The Rich Dad Summit About?

The Rich Dad Summit is a two-day summit featuring Robert Kiyosaki and some other top entrepreneurs of our day.

what is the rich dad summit

Topics of discussion will include:

  • how to develop a business leveraging the global economy.
  • the best time to acquire assets and run from liabilities.
  • the fastest way to start a business.
  • how to invest in stocks, real estate, bitcoin, and more.
  • the secrets to building long term wealth.
  • the power of soft assets.
  • the difference between creating a job and being an entrepreneur.
  • the power of contribution.
  • how to build a supportive team that shares your vision.

So, in a nutshell, this summit reveals the secrets of reaching financial freedom and earning a passive income for yourself.

Best of all, these two days of training are offered for only $1, which is unheard-of.

So if you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, it is time to make a smart ($1) investment into your future.

The entire event is only one weekend. And in that short time, you’ll get the skills you need to create additional income and one day (if you want to) quit your job. If you can’t make it all day or miss any part of Summit, all the recordings and replays will still be sent to you!

The summit actually happened already on the 9th and 10th of December 2017, but all the best bits of knowledge which are priceless and timeless have been put into a special 16-hour webinar for us to watch at an unbeatable price of $1.

Who Is This Webinar Aimed At?

The Rich Dad Summit is aimed at those who:

  • are beginners but are serious about building their own online businesses.
  • tried to work online but got overwhelmed and gave up.
  • are tired of working for a boss.
  • hate their current employment situation.
  • want to build real long term wealth.
  • are tired of living paycheck to paycheck.
  • want to learn how to create systems that bring them more passive income.

Here is a break down of what the course consists of:

Day 1:

The first day of the webinar is focused on introducing you to different ways of building a passive income online.

Topics include:

  • Online and Email Marketing
  • Stocks
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cashflow quadrants
  • Being successful in business quickly
  • How to increase your wealth over time
  • Recommended online and offline business opportunities
  • Assets vs Liabilities
  • Creating a dream team for ultimate success

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Day 2:

Day two of the summit is focused on how to get your money to make you more money.

Topics include:

  • How to profit from real estate
  • How to save on taxes as an entrepreneur
  • How to protect your assets
  • Bitcoin and its enormous money-making potential (personally I thought this module a little outdated)
  • Using the global economy for building a highly profitable business
  • Soft assets and how to leverage them to the fullest
  • The power of contribution

So for a dollar, you seriously can’t go wrong getting all this valuable information delivered to your desktop for you to watch and learn at your leisure.

Even though the webinar is almost three years old, the information is mostly evergreen and will work well in today’s economy.

If you have chosen to follow the Affiliate Marketing Model for your online business, then I invite you to take a look at the top online training course that thousands are using to earn full-time incomes online from home.

what is the rich dad summit

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