Passive Income Breakthrough Review

passive income breakthrough review

So I have decided to try Passive Income Breakthrough and do a review. Have any of you heard of Passive Income Breakthrough?

I have been busy creating my own digital course and was looking for a good course that would get into the meat and bones of how to create your own products that can make you passive income over time.

My Passive Income Breakthrough Review

So what is Passive income?

Having or creating a passive income means you set it up once and rake in money forever. This is a wonderful concept because it means that you only need to do the work once and then you get paid over and over again for the original piece of work.

An example of this is writing a book. You do it once and earn every time somebody buys a copy of that book you earn again.

So that brings me to Rob Wiser and his Passive Income Breakthrough. I want to look at this product and see for myself what all the hype is about.

First I needed to find out more about Rob Wiser.

Rob Wiser is a super affiliate and internet marketer, as well as a platinum vendor on Clickbank. He is the creator of many online courses including Passive Income Breakthrough. He has also branded himself as ‘The Day Job Destroyer.’ as he teaches people to make money through online marketing.

passive income breakthrough review

Rob Wiser seems like a pretty cool guy with some unconventional marketing methods, as you can see from this video below.

I think this video is aimed more at his male following for some reason.

He is well-known in certain internet marketing circles, but not well-known to the general public.

He has made millions by creating online courses. Now he has created a course that teaches exactly how he did it via his product Passive Income Breakthrough.

Why Create Your Own Digital Products?

passive income breakthrough reviewGet Paid Automatically And Instantly

Rob Wiser will show you how to set up your products on your website, so each time you make a sale of your digital product, your profits will go straight into your bank account.

Every time your affiliate sends you a customer, your affiliate gets paid their commission automatically too.

This is an area I am lacking in as I am technologically challenged so this part of the course is going to help me no end.

Your Overheads Are Zero

The best part about creating your own digital products is that you don’t need to pay for inventory and you never run out of stock.

Your customers simply download your product from your website and they get their product straight away.

You Can Make Sales 24 Hours A Day 365 Days A Year

Because there are no ‘business hours’ on the internet, your product can make your sales around the clock, and even on holidays without you doing anything extra.

It is a great feeling to log into your account each day and see sales that were done while you were sleeping.

So Why Do I Need Passive Income Breakthrough?

Passive Income Breakthrough is a high-end step by step digital course that teaches you step by step how to make consistent money with digital products and online marketing.

The course is designed to guide people on everything they need to know to launch their own digital products into cyberspace.

It will guide you in creating products in any niche and also tell you how to get them online and available for purchase with no prior technical knowledge needed.

Rob Wiser will take you behind the scenes in his own seven-figure collection of online businesses and guide you through creating your own course.

Passive Income Breakthrough provides you with a series of hours of high-quality Video Training Modules which explain Rob’s entire product creation and money-making process, step by step.

And the course seems to have many rave reviews which is what prompted me to try it out.

So if you want to design your own digital product in any niche this may be just the course you have been looking for.

Whether it is how to speak a foreign language, or sew a dress or even train a dog, the world is your oyster.

Passive Income Breakthrough has been online since 2017 and is still selling like hotcakes because it is an evergreen product.

Rob Wiser Trains you how to make your own digital product in 3 steps:

  • Find Your Niche Filled With Hordes Of Hungry Buyers
  • Create Your Product with his ‘lazy guy’s formula’
  • Create An Affiliate Feeding Frenzy of people who will sell your product for you

Rob lays out the exact step-by-step road map that he personally uses, and you can do this in your spare time to earn as much extra spending money as you need.

Or, kiss your day job goodbye and focus on creating more digital products and multiple passive income streams.

Are There Any Bonuses?

This is a high-end course, but it offers great bonuses to support the course.

“Rapid-Fire Product Creation ($497 value):

Swipe all of Rob’s secret shortcuts for getting your product made extra-fast and cheap…even if you don’t want to write a book, and even if you aren’t an expert on your topic.

Product Persuasion ($397 value):

Once your digital product is ready to sell, discover how to create a simple (but insanely effective) “sales page” where you tell people about your digital product, and what it can do for them.

Outsourcing Secrets ($297 value):

You also get Rob’s closely-guarded strategies for finding and hiring overseas workers to handle ANY (or all) of the tasks you need to get done, to set up your digital your product and run your business.

Clickbank Insider ($347 value): Clickbank is the world’s #1 digital product marketplace, where hundreds of millions of customers from around the world purchase billions of dollars worth of digital products.

As an elite-level “Platinum member” of Clickbank, he knows hidden tricks and features that 98% of digital product creators do NOT know about.

There are free lifetime updates to all the courses once you have purchased them.

Who Should Invest In This Course?

This course could change your life provided:

  • You are willing to put the work in required to develop and write a digital product.
  • You are wanting to learn how to sell your products, but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to create your own product, but you are not sure that it will sell.
  • You have a few hours a week to devote to the development of your digital course.
  • You are not sure where to start with the design process and need to learn how to go about doing it.
  • You need to find the key to unlimited money and freedom.

If you want to find out more about this course and if it will benefit you, book yourself into the webinar by clicking the link below.

Let’s face it: you’ll never get rich trading your time for a fixed number of dollars. This is the main reason so many people worldwide have turned to the internet to make a passive income.

On the other hand, this online training shows you how to set up an “auto income stream” one time…

“I’ve studied practically every possible way to generate cash on the internet, and I have to say, Rob and Bobby’s method is by the far the best I have seen so far, and the easiest to get started with.”

All you need to do is watch this special online training, and see their step-by-step process for taking one of your hobbies or interests and quickly (and cheaply) turning it into a money stream that makes you cash 24 hours a day.

This course if in the right hands could a game-changer…

Pros and Conspassive income breakthrough review


Money-Back Guarantee:

Because this is a Clickbank product you can always get a refund within 60 days if you feel that you are not happy with the product or the training.

Training Is Really Good:

I have been an internet marketer for a couple of years now and I can tell legit trainers from cowboys.

The steps that Rob recommends in the training are exactly what is required to succeed as an internet marketer. It is obviously up you to follow through on all the steps though.


The fact that this course comes with a one time fee is a big plus. I believe it’s worth every dollar you pay for it, and there are a lot of bonuses thrown in.

Rob Wiser Is A Real Person:

Rob Wiser is a pretty much hands-on guy. There numerous products out there where the owners are hiding behind fictitious names but not Rob as he is proud of what he has achieved.


Unrealistic Income Claims:

I don’t doubt that Rob Weiser makes the kind of money he shows in the snapshots, but he has been at it for years.

My question is if you created a digital product today, do you really think you will be making that kind of money with your first product? So for the sake of this Passive Income Breakthrough Review, I have to add that I doubt I am going to get it perfect on my first try.

It also takes a bit of experience to get great courses out there, but practice does make perfect.

Lack Of Support:

There isn’t much support if you get stuck. Who do you come to with questions? Although the course is set out clearly, there are bound to be some things that you need help with.

He Claims You Don’t Need Your Own Website:

Ok, here I disagree because everyone needs their own website for long term success. Of course with digital products, Clickbank does provide you with a platform, but in order to brand yourself long term, it is essential to have your own website.

This is my top recommendation for starting your own online business as a newbie, and you can read my review here.

However overall for anyone wanting to get started with Digital Marketing, this is a great course to get you on the road to success. Please comment below if you have anything else to add to this Passive Income Breakthrough Review.

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