How To Get Rich Quickly

how to get rich quick

how to get rich quicklyHow To Get Rich Quickly!

I am sure most people would love to find out the secret of how to get rich quickly, but did you know that it is not a secret?

Firstly let us answer the question – what is a get rich quick scheme.

A Get rich quick scheme is a plan by a marketer to get high rates of return in exchange for a small investment. Most of the schemes online that promote their how to get rich quickly business models promise a high rate of return with very little risk and not much skill, effort or time involved.

Sound familiar?

Well as you have probably heard, if it sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is, but it all depends on your take on the word rich. When you think rich, do you think of money or do you think of how you live and your state of happiness?

In the spirit of every rule needing an exception…..I offer you this how to get rich quickly plan as some things in life are just too good NOT to be true..…like what you are about to learn right now.

For every person, being rich can mean many things, but I would like to ask you -:

   “What does it mean to be rich?

   “How does one immediately begin to live a richer life?”

How To Get Rich Quickly

If you are looking at making a million dollars by tomorrow, I am afraid the only way to achieve that is to either win the Lottery or inherit a fortune. For the majority of us, we need to work for what we have, and getting rich is best done steadily over time.

My father always told me to save 10 percent of what I earn every month, and at the end of the year to celebrate with 10 percent of the interest. This method works very well if you are disciplined, and if you have heard of the term compound interest, then you will know that eventually your money will be working for you and not the other way around. This does unfortunately take years before you really start reaping the benefits, but you will, and that is a definite way to get rich and secure your future.

Most people unfortunately think that being rich will make them happy, when this is hardly ever the case. So instead of focusing on how much money you have, rather focus on things that make you happy and fulfill you.

Obviously you need money to meet your daily needs, but remember you don’t need to do something that you hate in order to earn it.

So what is the true meaning of the word rich?

I think one can only live a rich life when you reach out and expand every dimension of your life by pursuing your passions and learning how to reach your goals. Here are some great ways to achieve a richer life by simply reaching out and grabbing it for yourself.

Tip Number 1:

You will become richer in yourself if you try to reach beyond your normal intellectual abilities and dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. Try reading motivational books, engage in quality conversations with others and listen to as many positive messages and feedback as you can. Learn something new each day and you will enjoy living a rich and far more fulfilling life.

Tip Number 2:

Next, you need to challenge and expand your physical limits, energy, and ability to perform. You need to constantly prove to yourself that no goal is too difficult to attain.

Get your body fitter and stronger each day, because a healthy body is the best way to a rich and healthy lifestyle.

Try starting your own online business around something you love. If you love cats for instance, you could start a website for cat lovers, and if you work hard at it, in a year you could be thinking about leaving that job that you hate.

Tip Number 3:

To get a richer and more satisfying life you need to work on all those personal relationships, whether it be your spouse, children, parents or siblings. People who need people are rich, as we all need each other to strengthen, support, encourage and cheer, and when you have a healthy family and social life you will automatically elevate and enrich your life.

Tip Number 4:

Make sure you are making the most out of your career, and you are increasing your level of skill and mastery on an ongoing basis.

If you love what you do, and you become the best at what you do, you are enriching your life dramatically.

Tip Number 5:

Financial net worth is worth nothing in the end if you don’t have faith and have something to believe in to make your life worth living.

The absence of faith causes spiritual bankruptcy. Practice things like forgiveness, obedience, gratitude, and kindness to others and you will be rewarded with peace of mind and a richer spiritual life that is far better than having all the diamonds and pearls in the world.

So Now you know how to get rich quickly.

It is so simple.  All you need to do is challenge yourself each day to reach out in all of the areas discussed above and you will be amazed at how quickly you can make your life richer for yourself and others around you.Well, it’s actually very simple…challenge yourself each day to reach out in all five areas…and you’ll be astonished as to how quickly your life becomes richer and far more fulfilling.



Michel Maling


  1. How to get rich quickly for sure but sometimes just for the very short term by me are three ways.

    The first win a million bucks, second rob the bank and marry the wealthy widow.

    Which one best fits for me? None. So, it is the fourth method – hard work and one such job is online marketing. A really hard but exciting daily job which could be executed at any time and almost any place you want.

    • Online marketing I think is going to be the way forward for a lot of people in the future. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Thank you for your insightful article. Most people would love to find out the secret of how to get rich quickly because most people dream of becoming successful in life and most of the time, riches are seen as a symbol of success.

    There’s only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give it everything.

    It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. The most important is how many times you get up and try one more time and move forward.

    I believe that to be able to do that, you need to face all the challenges along your way so you will know what it really takes. Determination is the key to all human achievements. Commitment, sacrifice, and perseverance are required to become rich. The secret to all triumphs is hard work.

    Great article indeed!

  3. Well you attracted my attention with the name of your page and I wondered where you were going to go with this, but I’m glad to find out where indeed you went. Couldn’t agree more, getting rich quick monetarily is almost impossible to start with (despite the many schemes out there, all trying to make you part with your hard-earned money), and even if it happened, would you have any joy or peace at all? I would suggest not. Now, if you eventually became monetarily rich through hard work and effort, and therefore achieved some success through learning the ups and downs of a particular business because you lived it, you would come closer to that goal. But you still need God in your life in the end or there will ultimately be no real, lasting joy!

    • Well said Randy, and that also goes to show that it isn’t always about the money.

  4. Thank you for this article. This is such a great way of thinking of and changing our perceptions of what it means to be rich. There are so many more ways to define that concept than just the money sense and you do a great job of pointing that out throughout your article. This is not only informative but a great way to help people shift their paradigm for a happier life and outlook. These types of articles are uplifting in every sense and you do a great job of accomplishing just that.

  5. I’d say almost everyone wants a get rich quick fix. Human beings, with me on top of the list, don’t want to get tired. But the thing is, there are no sleep through commissions jobs that are genuine.

    The one that comes to close that is online marketing. Through my years of looking for an easy well paying job, with lots of freedom, it’s either you are marketer or run your own company.

    Affiliate marketing sure is the best fit for everyone.

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