What Is A Long Tail Keyword?

what is a long tail keyword



Michel Maling


  1. Glad I came across this site. I have a website and have been following along with wealthy affiliate tutorials, but as far as I can remember Kyle doesn’t mention anything about long tail keywords, so I have not been using them but have noticed other people have.
    I wanted to read all about it. So thanks for the information. Will remember that that long tail keywords need to be three to four-word phrases or longer

    • Yes Jenny, and long tail Keywords are far easier to rank for in the long run, as they are far less competitive. All the best and hope you are enjoying your training with Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. It’s nice to see good quality post about long tail keywords. This is the life line to more visitors and profitability. Your post goes into great detail helping people like me that are new to website building at WA.

    Are your affiliate products doing well? I like how you incorporate the products into your posts.

    How long did it take to be profitable using WA?

    Just a quick note–like the red color backround that make your visitors eyes focus on posts.

    Keep up the good work and help you reach your goals.

    Cheers, Tim

    • Thanks Tim. Love using WA, and I won’t say I am profitable yet, but the sales are coming in now at least.

  3. Excellent information. I didn’t know that most search keywords involve long tail keywords. I just picked whichever keyword was popular without paying attention to the length of the keyword not understanding that I could position myself better with longer phrases as a target. Now that I know that I’ll begin to implement that when I create content. Thanks for the info.

    • This strategy works quite well, and I hope you have lots of success using long tail keywords.

  4. Using long keywords can be the perfect way to go about using keywords. It helps a lot in keeping the topic unique and more central and it opens better opportunities because it gives a lot of information and also helps in getting better searches and people who are looking for precisely that information. Surely good information you have given here and I appreciate all you said here. Thanks

    • Thanks for stopping by to comment, and yes you definitely get more targeted visitors by using long tail keywords.

  5. I think my definition would be that long tail keywords are the Spicier ones that our blog posts need for the search engines to certify us great chefs and that in turn gets us loads of customers who want to eat our meal. They make our content unique and draw more people in. It’s very important and I do my research and put them to good use whenever I can.

  6. Thanks for the informative article. Although I endeavour to undertake solid key word research before writing it is always good to learn new tricks and tips. I really like what you said about the more that a buyer knows the closer they are to buying; that makes a lot of sense. I will definitely be paying a lot closer attention to finding really strong long tail keywords in future.

    • It definitely helps to choose long tail keywords that buyers will use when they are looking to purchase something.

  7. When it comes to ranking my article in search engines, I normally prefer to use long-tail keywords instead of short phrases keywords.

    Due to the fact that long-tail keywords are easier to rank for, it is always ideal to use them for search engine purposes instead of shorter keyword phrases.

    Jaaxy keyword tool is one simple tool that we can use to look for ideal long-tail keywords to rank for.

     Not only it is easy to use, one can easily come up with a list of keywords simply using the application.

    I would encourage anyone to give Jaaxy keyword tool a try especially when it comes to finding long-tail keywords.

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