Blogging Basics Beginners Can Relate To

blogging basics beginners

Why Blog?

With the advent of internet marketing, Web publishing is continually gaining ground and popularity. Everyone can now have a blog, so I am going to look a blogging basics beginners can relate to.

Nowadays, technologically savvy corporate businessmen, or even business employees, use blogs to build and manage relationships with their consumers. They share their company’s expertise, culture and other information, which can help develop their customers interest in their products and services.

On the other hand, not only do businessmen venture in the world of blogging but regular computer users just like you and me.

blogging basics beginnersNot only can everyone now voice their opinions and thoughts to others but also earn money in more ways than one, including selling ad space to offering expert services and advice to earning affiliate commissions by promoting products.

Having a blog builds up one’s reputation as a professional in a certain niche, which is why I believe that everyone should have a blog.

Blogging Basics Beginners Can Use

If you are thinking of entering the blog sphere, you must be aware of the problems you might encounter in several areas of blogging, such as choosing, installing and configuring your blogging software tools.

Although the collection and assortment of configurations vary widely, a newbie blogger can still get confused.

The tools are not the only obstacles you must overcome but also the terminology used in blogging.

Like anything, there will be a learning curve, but take it bit by bit and soon you will be blogging like a pro.

Tools for Blogging

blogging basicsBasically, the software tools for your blog greatly depend on your provider. For instance, the RSS functionality can be absent from one provider but present in another.

Additionally, some blog software tool providers can cost as low as $4 each month depending on the extent of service you choose, while others can be used for free but with limited services. If you want to grow your blog into an income generating site, then it’s best to go with a better plan that will keep you going for the long hall. In this way, you won’t run out of bandwidth or space and you don’t have to worry that the servers will go down.

The free ones include Blogger and Weebly, but there will be limitations as to what can go on your blog, and the blog will never be 100 percent your own.

It is way better to get a hosting account and host your own blog. In this way, you will have more freedom to do as you please on the blog.

Choosing the right software tool depends on you. If you have enough cash to spare for a blog or if you want to really get serious with a blog and hope to earn cash in the future, which is always a possibility, you have the option of choosing priced blog software tools. However, if you are a newbie blogger, it might be advisable to start with free blog software tool providers.

Fortunately, some providers that charge for their services also offer free trial periods, which range from 10 to 30 days. This is an excellent opportunity to try to test out the services they offer without paying any fee. Luckily, if you find a provider that you are comfortable with and offer the services you need, you can always use their free trial periods to the full extent before subscribing.

I use Wealthy Affiliate to handle all my blogging basics needs. They have the tools, hosting and training needed to get you going, and the best part is you can join free for as long as you like. Try it out by starting your blog below.

Blogging Terminology

Blogging is like a secret society and like most secret societies; it has its own language that you must learn. Although technologically savvy individuals an easily familiarize themselves with these terms, it might be hard for those who have limited or no background with Web publishing whatsoever.

Here is some blogging basics beginners terminology to start with.

Firstly, the most important term in blogging is the Post.

A post happens every time you place a new article or publish an update to your blog. These bits of information are called posts and the latest post will always show first on your blog.blogging basics beginners

Secondly, since blogs are a means of communication, comments are also possible. If your audience leaves a message regarding your published content, this message is referred to as a comment. Normally, the comments are labeled and time-stamped to allow you and other readers to see who posted the comment and when it was posted.

Comment spam┬áis also a term that happens when a single reader continuously repeats the same comment over and over again. This can be a headache for the blogger as the spammer could be using the blog to promote other blogs or products. Comments that don’t add any value to your blog are best deleted.

The theme is another one you will hear of often. A theme is the look and feel that your website has. There are many themes to choose from, and usually, there is something for everyone. There are free and paid themes available for the blogger to pick from.

WordPress is the most common blogging platform that most blogger use to publish their blogs. It will be well worth your while to learn how to work this amazing platform, as your blog has the best chance at doing well long term if you run it on this amazing platform.

These are just some of the few terms that you can encounter in blogging. Only exploration and experience can help you understand the other terminologies involved in blogging.

So there you have some blogging basics beginners! For the best training on the planet, click on the banner below. This training runs through blogging basics beginners can use right through the all the advanced techniques.



Michel Maling


  1. One thing I like about blogs is that they can be informal, conversational in style. Conversations are not several people speaking in paragraphs. Often just short sentences or, even, phrases and incomplete sentences. Therefore, blogs can be comprised of short sentences, one sentence paragraphs, or whatever the blogger wants it to be. 

    People like to read about subjects that interest them. And bloggers like to write about things that interest them. So, hopefully, the blogger will write about something people want to read. 

    • That is key Glen. To find out what people want to read about. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. This is precise information for any newbie blogger.  What an amazing expository skill!  Little is much is my philosophy. From tools for blogging to blogging terminology. You have set the pace for any new blogger that is seriously wanting to dive into blogging world! I will like to see a continuation of this topic where you can tell us more about WordPress. Thanks for sharing this! Can you state any other good blogging platforms? I will like to know more on this.

    • I know there are a few out there like Joomla amongst others, but I have always used WordPress and find it to be the most versatile. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this article. I am really appreciate this post. This article will really be of help for new bloggers to really learn fast on the world of blogging. 

    The steps you have listed are very easy to understand and apply when writing a blog. 

    Thanks for posting relevant and informative articles on your blog. 

  4. Hi , 

    The people who are new in the blogging sites . They aren’t aware of the problem or obstacles which might hit them in the newbie stage . For the safety of their blogs, some basics are needed to be known to continue their journey effectively. Only after knowing the blogging basics they can do the blogging safely and accurately . 

    Thanks for the useful tips on blogging basics for beginners.

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