SEO Explained Simply

SEO Explained Simply

SEO needn’t be difficult, so I am going to do a post here on SEO explained simply. Hope it will help you to rank your site better.

Any webmaster or blogger should be aiming to get their site or the site that they are working on listed on the first page of Google or any of the other search engines. Without knowing anything about SEO, you will be throwing time and money away, as nobody will ever find your posts to read unless you spend money advertising them.

Using SEO is the cheapest form of getting traffic to your site, and over time lots of it.see explained simply

Any webmaster should be regularly monitoring their sites ranking on the search engines. I use Jaaxy to do this, and you to can get Jaaxy for free if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy keeps track of my page rankings for me, and then if I see the ranking going down over time, I can do something about updating the post.

Using Keywords – Most Important Part Of SEO Explained Simply

Keywords are the most important element when doing SEO. Without well-chosen keywords, your site will become lost somewhere in cyberspace, never to be seen again. Once again I never write anything on my site without checking with Jaaxy first to see if the keywords I have chosen for my article will have a good chance of ranking or not.

Choosing the most appropriate keywords for your site will eventually make or break the success of the site’s ranking. Make sure that you do keyword research for each and every post that you write. Keywords are the basis of SEO explained simply, because without them your site is doomed.

It helps to have your keywords in the heading of your post, the first paragraph and also as an H1 heading somewhere in the post. Using a plugin like Yoast really helps you to see whether or not your post is SEO optimized or not.

Also using keywords that are deemed popular but have no connection to the material featured in the site will also pose problems as the visitors will eventually catch on to the ploy and perhaps blacklist the site.

This kind of bad “publicity” is definitely not needed.

Targeting the wrong keywords also brings the wrong sort of traffic to your site, and not genuinely interested people who are looking for help or something to buy.

Staying competitive through the use of proper keywords that are relative to the material should be the target of the keyword choosing exercise.

Never make assumptions about what keywords to use, as nothing brings the same results as doing proper keyword research. It takes time to find those keywords that have lots of searches, but hardly any competition, but there are lots of them out there.

As I mentioned above, I use Jaaxy, as it is simple to use, shows me competition and monthly searches with the click of a button and Jaaxy also tells me which keywords will be the best to target.

Long tail keywords always work best when trying to get traffic to your site. A long tail keyword is one which is a few words in a sentence like ‘how to do keyword research,’ for example. A short tail keyword is more difficult to rank for, as it is usually one or two words and competition on these is normally high.

Using Internal Links – Another Very Important Part Of SEO Explained Simply

When writing your posts, it is a good idea to link certain phrases to other parts of your websites. You can do this by highlighting a relevant phrase and linking it using the chain button at the top of the page to another page on your site.

Not only is this great for SEO, but it allows visitors to find more relevant information without leaving your site.

Here is an example.

For more SEO Tips for WordPress, you will do well to stick around.

Most seasoned internet marketers know only too well the benefits of using internal links which links one page to another within their site. This facilitates efficient and quick access to information at the site without too many complicated searches.

Below are some points to consider which may assist in understanding the use of internal links:

Internal links are considered anchor text that should ideally be created using important keywords. These keywords are what are going to identify as the links between the homepage and the topic page thus the keywords chosen should have a high connective element or value to the site.

If the words in the internal links correspond with those of the home page then the Google search will place a higher ranking rate which will then enhance the search result exercise for the prospects.

Avoid using the term “click here”. Although it effectively informs the viewer of where to go for further information, it would be more enticing to use actual keywords that are related to the material about to be viewed. The viewer will be tempted to click if the words chosen are attention-grabbing.

Most homepages have the highest ranking status of the site, thus using the links from this area should be done is a wise and careful fashion in order not to overuse or underuse this positive element.

These high ranking pages should ideally be linked to other money generating pages such as subscription sign up pages, email newsletter sign up and others.

External Links

These are links coming into your site and are a little harder to obtain.

Any site will do well if they have quality external links linking to them. You can get these by commenting on blogs, or simply writing and asking the webmaster for a link from his site to your site. You could even do a link swap.

Never resort to paying someone for a bunch of links, as these could harm your site more than benefit it. If the links are not coming from good websites, then it’s best not to have the link at all.

Anyone who is adding quality content to their sites on a regular basis will find that they will get linked to over time. You may just like to speed things up by using the advice above.

SEO Explained Simply Using Sitemaps

Sitemaps are gaining popularity as a method of convenient navigation through a website. The sitemap basically facilitates the list of links to HTML files in the web platform.

Each time the create sitemap feature is used, a totally new sitemap file is created, thus you will need to save the copy of the particular file to another location where it can be retrieved later if you want to keep it.

Making sitemaps is easy and automatic by simply installing a sitemap plugin or using Yoast or All In One SEO plugins.

Make Search Friendly URLsseo explained simply

Creating search friendly URLs are important to ensuring the right visitors are directed to a particular site for the information they are seeking.

Facilitating this in the simplest way without too many complicated processes is important.

Therefore ensuring the URLs are designed to be user-friendly is important.

Friendly URLs can be the best and quickest way to improve the usability of search-friendly sites.  Ideally, the URLs should contain the relevant post information in a concise manner while still being able to deliver the gist of what the eventual content is going to be about.

It is always a good idea to have your keywords for that post within the URL. This is very simple to create on Yoast, as you simply put in the slug you would like your page to be called.

This is an example of a search-friendly URL to one of the pages on this site used as an internal link. https://profitonlinefromhome.com/seo-tips-for-wordpress

More SEO Explained Simply

Using Image Descriptions will definitely contribute positively to the traffic movement towards a particular site. Therefore it would be prudent to have some knowledge of how this works and its positive contributing factors that facilitate ideal traffic flow.

Adding Descriptions To Images

Adding descriptions to any image uploaded would provide the platform for the SEO optimization as it will ensure the site is ranked higher in the search results because of the higher interest in the site’s content.

Otherwise known as alt tags the purpose of the image descriptions is to help the search engine understand the contents of the images and its related matter which is designed to contribute in a complimenting capacity to the write-up material.

Through the alt tag, the Search Engines are also able to direct traffic to a site when the search for images is keyed in. The relevant images will then be directed to the ongoing search effectively and immediately the viewer will be privy to such visuals.

Make Sure You Have Fresh Content

Good and relevant content that is ever changing to adapt to the current needs of the viewing public is very important to the site staying competitive.

When the material posted is left undisturbed for long periods of time the significant drop in interest will be reflected in the loss of traffic to the site thus eventually rendering the site almost redundant.

When this happens it will probably be an uphill battle to get back to the original position of favorable SEO ranking status. Thus being careful to avoid such a possibility the individual would need to stay relevant and current with the material posted at the site.

The following are some recommendations to help avoid being stagnant in relation to the site status:

• Get into the habit of regularly performing site reviews for all the content on the site.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • is the material relevant to the current market needs?
  • are there any industry changes that would cause the current material to be redundant?
  • what is needed by those visiting the site and any others that may require the reassessment of the content material currently featured?

If it is blogging material that is being assessed then this should be done without any reservations as blog material when left unchanged will then be categorized as boring and uneventful thus discouraging further interest in new postings.

Use Social Media And Technologyseo explained simply

Any tool that is going to gain the attention of the SEO to ensure optimum ranking recognitions will always be welcomed. The use of social media and technology is no exception and the need to explore these further is evident for the benefits it can bring.

Every time you write a post, promote it to at least two or three social media sites. This works wonders in the long term favorable ranking of your site.

Using the social media and technology available to attract the attention and get the site to a point where it becomes a hot topic which everyone is excited to be part of will facilitate phenomenal traffic flow to the site.

This kind of exposure will greatly benefit the searchers where the products or services are directly linked to the site thus effectively creating the interest which could turn into real revenue earning possibilities.

Social Media is one way of building the trust element while making the effort to learn more about the customers’ needs and interests and try to provide for it accordingly.

Know What To Avoid When Doing SEO

Stay away from the following if you want your site to rank well in the search engines:

  • The use of wrong keywords. This includes keywords that are not relevant to the nature of the site, or even keywords that don’t make any sense. High valued keywords will generate the high level of click-throughs which in turn will contribute to high traffic to the site.
  • Forgetting to include “alt” tags for the images can have detrimental results. Search Engines are unable to detect what a picture is of, so make sure to put your keyword in the alt tag when inserting images. Images should always be used on sites, but in a way that the search engines can understand them.
  • Duplicating content is another thing to be carefully avoided at all cost. It doesn’t benefit the site in any way and emphasizes the low commitment level to the site by the website owner. Copying content may also result in some sort of penalization by the search engines.
  • The use of poor anchor tags does not entice the viewer to venture further into the site. It also doesn’t provide the Search Engines with the relevant information about the material content of the links. Without this connection made there is little chance of enhancing the rankings positively.
  • Overuse of the keywords is also something to be avoided as this would not only render the material boring and monotonously repetitive when reading it, but it would also cause the search engines to penalize the site.

Final Words On SEO Explained Simply

The SEO ranking will definitely be adversely affected if the material posted is not updated or changed altogether periodically.

Additionally, the fresh content will play a major role in the keeping the repeat visits more frequent as interested subscribers want access to the latest posting on the site.

Learn everything you can and stay on top of your site for success over the long term.

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