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traffic zipper review

Why Traffic Zipper Works So Well or Not

If you are busy, want to get extra advertising, and want it done for you on autopilot, then Traffic Zipper might be just the package that you are looking for.

I’ve been using the autopilot feature at Traffic Zipper for years and it has saved me oodles of time, and as they say, time is money. I have just had it on autopilot, sending out emails to refer others to Traffic Zipper, and these are my results for the first month that I tried them out way back in 2016.

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Ildecio 2016-11-26
ladnar 2016-11-19
LawrenceF 2016-11-14

Although it doesn’t seem like much, I pretty much did nothing and earned a commission. I simply set up an email, and it automatically went out on all my upgraded safe lists, so I didn’t even need to click for credits.

Michael Purvis is the owner of Traffic Zipper. He is also the successful owner of various long-standing List Builders that have many members and good open rates. His nickname is ‘The Easy Traffic Guy.” I don’t promote this system as much as I used to but still get regular commissions as a result of staying a member over the years.

What Does Traffic Zipper Do?

Not only can you send out your emails on autopilot, but the system also tracks the performance of your emails for you, so you have time to do other more important things, like building up your own online business and writing valuable content.

Since its launch a couple of years ago there’s been a series of improvements to really make it stand out as a great traffic generation tool for anyone working online.

Traffic Zipper is integrated with the top List Builders (based on actual performance AND user experience).  As you know, there are hundreds of List Builders on the market and deciding which ones to use can be a long, tedious (and very expensive) process.

Well now, the hard work has already been done for you! The team behind Traffic Zipper test 100’s of different sites, so you don’t have to. You’ll only see the top List Builders – and honestly, that’s all you need.  The CTR data of each List Builder is also displayed in the member’s area, and…  Traffic Zipper now gives you the opportunity to provide your own personal rating (which affects the site ranking).

With the opinions of over 18k members helping you to really dial in the top 4 or 5… now that’s power!  Knowing where to spend your advertising budget has never been easier!  Traffic Zipper takes just a few minutes to setup, and once the autopilot feature is enabled you can literally walk away and make sales in your sleep.

Now if you really want to cash in on a system like this, you need to advertise what other members on these types of platforms are looking for, and that is …… more advertising, or ways in which to save time advertising. Traffic Zipper fits both these bills.

I wouldn’t recommend you advertise your primary business on these types of sites because you won’t get a good response. You need to have a good eye-catching landing page where you can collect your visitor’s email address in order for this type of program to work for you.

Pros For Using Traffic Zipper

There is a free version and a paid version. With the Free Version, you can only have two safe lists on autopilot and with the elite version, you can use them all. At the moment the 25 top ones are listed on the site with more being added all the time.

The top performing list builders at Traffic Zipper at the moment are:

Adchiever, Adtactics, Banner Blitz Mailer, Bweeble, Build My Downlines, DownlineBuilderDirect, Downline Maxx, Email Hog, Guaranteed Mails, Infinity List Boost, List Bonus, List Building Maximizer, Leased Ad Space, List Adventure, List Bonus, List Joe, List Jumper, List Nerds, List Outbreak, List Surfing, Mailsy, Max Mailer Pro, Mr Safelist, My List Frog, Pro Active Mailer, Puffin Mailer, Reactive Adz, Results Mailer, Safari Mailer, Social Viral Mailer, State of The Art Mailer, Stay At Home Mailer, TL2I Cash Mailer, The Crypto Mailer, The List Auction, Traffic Leads2Income, Viral Ads Store, Viral Ads Unleashed, Viral Hosts, Viral Inbox, Viral Nugget, Viral URL, and Viral PRL.  

Traffic Zipper has both a site rotator and a banner rotator.If you belong to any of the above you would do well to open an account at Traffic Zipper and add your mailers in so that you can set your advertising to go off on autopilot. That way you never miss a mailing.

There is also a remote down line builder which saves you oodles of time when adding your referral links into all the down line builders on all the mailers, as you can do it all on one page.

There is a referral program, and your referrals could also join up under you on the list builders, which saves you advertising the list builders separately.

Tracking is included, so you can see how many of your emails were actually opened. If you put in the special conversion code from traffic zipper you will also see how many opt-ins and sales you got.

Promo codes and bonuses are added regularly to the site so that you can get free credits in the mailers.

Saves you lots of time, as you don’t have to log into each list builder to send emails, or to check if you can send emails.

Tags are automatically reformatted for you so that your emails make sense.

Cons For Using Traffic Zipper

The Elite version is quite expensive unless you accept the one time offer when you first join.

With this type of advertising, you need to send out a lot of mail to get returns. If you are not upgraded on any of the List Builders, you will need to spend time clicking on ads to build up your credits. I strongly suggest you upgrade where you can so you can save time.

The free membership only allows you to use two sites. If you are upgraded at two sites, this may be a huge timesaver for you.

The conversion rates are normally quite low for this sort of advertising, and you need to tweak and test your ads so that you can get the best opt-in rate for your buck.

Overall I would rate Traffic Zipper a 7 out of 10, as they are easy to use and it saves me oodles of time. As far as safe list type advertising goes, you can save a lot of time, but don’t expect to get more than a couple of opt-ins a week, depending on your ad and the number of emails that you manage to get out.

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