How To Build A Website The Easy Way In Less Than Five Minutes

how to build a website the easy way

Learn how to build a Website the easy way

If you are wondering how to build a website the easy way, then look no further. I am going to tell you about the easiest platform available online today that enables you to have a website set up and ready to go in less than five minutes. Best of all, the platform that is used is WordPress, which I am sure you know is the most popular platform for both webmasters and bloggers worldwide.

how to build a website the easy way

Well, what if I told you that there is a site you can join free of charge and host a WordPress Blog for free? We all know that WordPress is the best blogging tool platform out there with well over 10 000 different plugins and themes that can make your site look very professional.

Not only can you host your blogs here, but also build them the hassle-free way in under seven minutes.  Complete training is supplied video style, and even seasoned marketers can learn something here. All your sites will be built using Site Rubix, and this is what makes the process truly hassle free.

There are some great training video’s that teach you all about WordPress and how to use it. They are easy to follow, and beginners will be able to follow them and make a WordPress website with ease. We all know that watching video’s is the easiest way to learn.  It is like looking over somebody’s shoulder and copying everything they do.

Can you Make Money From Blogging?

You have all heard of those people that sit around all day and blog about what they love.  They literally spend about an hour or two per day just talking about stuff that they enjoy and then they receive checks in the mail each month…..

Well, it can become a reality for you too, you just have to have some great training and the know how.  Many people worldwide are doing this full time from home, and some of them are making a full-time income for themselves and their families.

When you blog and promote other people’s products or advertise for other people, it is called affiliate marketing.  All you need to do is create a website about a topic you are passionate about and write about it on a regular basis, providing your readers with interesting and useful advice. People will start to recognize you as an expert in your niche, and voila, with a few strategically placed products and ads on your site, you are A 4 away.

What about getting some traffic to your website you may ask.  Well if you have a good website and you follow a few simple rules, your website will become well ranked within Google and other search engines for many different keywords as you build out your content, and in this way the visitors will come flooding in.

Can I make Money Right Now?

Well sometimes we get lucky, but we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If you are prepared to put some effort into building out your website/business for a few weeks, you will be surprised at how the work that you do now can escalate and make you money in four months time. Anyone who tells you that you can make thousands overnight online is lying unless of course, they have over the years built up a successful blog or website that is working for them on autopilot.

Learn about everything from Building a WordPress Website, Keyword Research (essential for success), attracting the right traffic, buying a domain, placing ads on your site and making a profit online from home with your site right here. You will also learn how you too can build a website the easy way and at the same time learn about everything from building a WordPress Website, Keyword Research (essential for success), attracting the right traffic, buying a domain, placing ads on your site and making a profit online from home, click here to find out more about how to build a website the easy way.

Join up free for as long as you like.  The website that you build is yours to keep forever.



Michel Maling


  1. Clearly, I like the topic! I think affiliate marketing is a brilliant source of additional income.

    It does take time to build a site and it takes time to build a following. WA does give you a lot (if not all) of the tools needed. It’s just very time consuming to learn to use them all. I have to be careful because sometimes I get easily distracted. I really liked that you included 3 other sites as examples of what you could create! it shows there are many styles and options to building your business! Again, WA has some great tools to offer! Good luck with your business and trust the process!

    • You are right Kelly Ann that it can be quite overwhelming to try learn everything, but I tend to focus on creating content and to me this is the most important part of growing your website. 

  2. It’s a dream come true: building a website, writing about your passion, then having an income! Magical. But as you mentioned, it’s no piece of cake, and like every other job, it needs a lot of hard work. In this journey of writing and writing, affiliate marketing is helpful. The advice, promotion, and traffic!

  3. Many thanks for this valuable comprehensive post regarding the website. Actually, a few years ago, I didn’t know anything about how to make a website. But it was through Wealthy Affiliate that I came to know all these things. Today I have my own 3 websites. I highly recommend WA to everyone. Keep posting like this. I will definitely share this.

    • Thanks for stopping by Pasindu and great to see another member of the platform that I use that is also so happy with the results it is giving you.

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