Tips on Improving Your Eyesight and How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

improving your eyesight

Here are some tips on improving your eyesight. These are some simple exercises you can do that can improve your eyesight naturally. Don’t expect these eye exercises to improve vision fast, but with diligence, they can gradually help with focusing issues and eyestrain.

Why Do We Have Eye Problems?

tips on improving your eyesight

Most of the eye-related problems that come up are caused by eyestrain.

When you strain to see something, the surrounding muscles are forced into becoming tense and rigid. Computer strain is also another problem you can read more about here.

This, in turn, puts pressure on the eyeball and distorts its shape. Did you know that there are some simple exercises that you can do to combat this problem?

These are ways to improve your eyesight naturally with exercises that are designed to help the eye muscle relax. Remove your specs before doing these.

Exercises and Tips On Improving Your Eyesight

Exercise No 1:

Keeping your head relaxed and still, allow your eyes to move up and down six times without straining or putting any effort into it.

Repeat this three times, with a few seconds of rest in between. Then repeat – this time moving the eyes from left to right and back again. This exercise helps relax the stiff, strained muscles around the eyes.

Exercise No 2:

Sit in a comfortable chair and gently rest the palms of both hands over your closed eyes. Remain like this for about ten minutes. Remove your hands and open your eyes. Now try to pick out objects of one particular color, choosing a different color for every day of the week.

Exercise No 3:

Blink quickly for a few seconds, then gently squeeze your eyelids shut for a moment. Repeat the exercise for up to a minute. This exercise shifts the point of focus of the eye and also helps to lubricate the outer surface by stimulating the tear ducts.

Exercise No 4:

Imagine there’s a pencil extending from the tip of your nose. Use this to trace the outline of various objects around you, some near and others further away. This exercise helps to strengthen the ability of the eye to focus on objects at different distances. Vary the exercise by tracing figures of eight in the air.tips to improve your eyesight

Exercise No 5:

Pencil push-ups are commonly used to train the eyes to move in toward one another or converge when looking at a near object.

To do a pencil push-up, hold a pencil at arm’s length while wearing your best near-vision correction. Focus on the tip of the eraser.

If there is a letter on the eraser, focus on it so it’s legible. Now, slowly move the pencil towards your nose, keeping the eraser or letter single and focused. Once it goes double, draw it away from the eyes again. Repeat several times.

A portion of this article was taken from the publication Personal & Finance. Trust that these tips on improving your eyesight have helped you as much as they have helped me.



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