How To Prevent Computer Eye Strain

computer eye strain

Did you know that you can prevent computer eye strain, or at least alleviate it with these tips?

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Computer eye strain, visual fatigue, headaches, and soreness can all result from a computer screen set at an uncomfortable height or angle.  And nowadays with everybody working on computers, whether in the office or at home, eye strain has become quite an epidemic.

Computer eye strain problems can range from physical fatigue, decreased productivity, and increased numbers of work errors, to minor annoyances like red eyes and twitching eyes.

Did you know that one of the ways in which you can avoid these 21st-century computer eye strain and work-related hazards is simply by adjusting the position of your screen?

Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent computer eye strain:prevent computer eye strain

      1. Sit comfortably and look at the screen.  Your eyes should ‘land’ at the top of it.  If they don’t, you’re likely to experience eye-related difficulties later on. Try to reposition your chair, rather than the computer.  Arrange the screen at 90 degrees to your desk, to minimize reflections from the ceiling lights and high windows.
      2. Avoid too much glare. Things like bright white walls and outside light can impact here.  Consider fitting an anti-glare screen to your computer and investing in an anti-reflective coating for your spectacles.
      3. Take regular breaks as fatigue and stress aren’t helped by the bright light given off by computer screens.  Try to spend at least five minutes every hour doing non-computer work.  In this way, you can rest your eyes.
      4. Having a routine and comprehensive eye test is the most important thing you can do to prevent or treat computer vision problems long term.  Make sure you do this at least once every two years.  If you are on a computer all day then go once a year.
      5. Watch that the lighting in your office doesn’t create long term discomfort.  Often fluorescent lighting is way too bright.  Removing one or two bulbs may help this problem. Natural lighting is best.  Computers should not be positioned with a window in front or behind it as this can also affect clarity.  The window to the side of the computer is normally best.
      6. Adjusting things like computer screen contrast, font size, and color temperature also helps.
      7. Blink more often, as we often forget to blink when we work on the computer.  This helps with dryness and irritation.  Every twenty minutes, try blinking slowly 10 times to help re-wet your eyes.
      8. Exercise your eyes by gazing away at a distant object every 20 minutes or so. You could also try gazing away for a few seconds then looking at something close by then away again ten times to give your eyes some focusing exercise.
      9. Try investing in some computer eyewear to further protect your eyes.  Here below is some computer eyewear you can purchase online. Simply click on the pictures or the links to find out more about the eyewear.

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Please comment below if you have any further tips on how to prevent computer eye strain.

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Michel Maling


  1. Hi Michel,
    Thank you so much for this article! I notice my eyes start to strain after hours working at a computer, but this page is extremely informative and offers many different things I should do when sitting in front of a computer for a long amount of time. Thanks again!


  2. Hi there Mergie,

    This is a helpful post to know that I am not the only one suffering from computer eye strain. I have recently changed my computer monitor as the old one produced a glare and I was seeing grey instead of black. It made me so dizzy.

    I didn’t know about computer glasses. This is something I should check out. As it is, I am also wearing glasses. Does this computer glass goes on top of it or are they worn separately?

    Thank you.

    • They are worn separately, or it could be a bit uncomfortable, unless you have contact lenses. You can always talk to your optometrist to treat your glasses if you need to wear them too.

  3. I spend about 10-12 hours in front of a computer screen each day and I worry about eye strain and long-term wear and tear on my eyes as a result. Now that I’ve read your article, I’m going to adjust the height of my screen at work and turn off the fluorescent desk light that shines directly over my screen. Great advice!

  4. I sure could do with some tips on eye strain at the computer, and especially my laptop because it’s the worst screen to look at, mainly in the evenings.

    Thanks ever so much for your tips. I do get up too take regular breaks, even if it’s to make a quick coffee here and there.

    However, lighting seems to be the issue because the room’s either too bright or too dull. Maybe I should try the garden during the day time. 🙂


    • Well Neil, I am sure in the long run, gardening is far better for you.

  5. I needed to come across this article because I was staring at my computer screen from morning until night yesterday with several breaks in between (but what I realized is I did not rest my eyes like I definitely needed to)!  I was telling my boyfriend last night how I felt ‘buggy eyed’ from staring at my screen for too long.  I am going to take action on the tips you provided starting today!  The tips that caught my eye was adjusting my computer screen and taking a break on the hour … I will be doing this.  THANK YOU for the insightful information!

    • Thanks for stopping by Lindsey and yes we all need to be reminded of these things from time to time, especially for those of us glued to our computer screens.

  6. Oh! This is rather important information shared in this post that has a lot of benefits and values to us as individuals. Screentime has been the major problem that we all face and especially how to both limit and deal with it. Thank you for helping us to see this and I will definitely pay a lot more attention to my eye health after reading this.

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