How To Overcome The Fear Of Making Mistakes

the fear of making mistakes

To overcome the fear of making mistakes, you need to stop bullying yourself when you do make mistakes.

Sometimes we can be too critical of ourselves after making blunders forgetting mistakes are a defining factor of the overall human experience. Some of the most valuable lessons in life are learned from making mistakes. Personal errors in the short term cause pain but in the long run, the pain gives you a recollection of what not to do. It is beneficial to focus on the latter rather than fixating on the negative.

Beating yourself up every other time you blunder forms a retrogressive habit that really dents your self-esteem. Most people are not conscious when doing this to themselves as they have grown accustomed to these self-defeating patterns.

According to psychologists, labeling yourself based on a single action is catastrophizing and it is as bad as or even worse than any other manner of self-sabotage.

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Valuable Techniques To Overcome The Fear Of Making Mistakes

the fear of making mistakes

Other than throwing your confidence out the window and lacking contention in your current state, bullying yourself for whatever reason turns you into a grinch which in the long run leaves you socially alienated. Nobody wants to be around someone who sucks away their will to live.

Below is a list of techniques and tips to turn mistakes into value-oriented self-reflection experiences.

First Of All, Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Fear 

Because our culture glorifies fearlessness, the traditional image of a leader is one who is smart, tough, and unafraid. But fear, like any emotion, has an evolutionary purpose and upside. Your concern about making mistakes is there to remind you that we’re in a challenging situation. A cautious leader has value. So don’t get caught up thinking that you shouldn’t be so fearful.

Don’t be ashamed or afraid of your fear of making mistakes and don’t interpret it as evidence that you’re an indecisive leader or not bold or visionary. If you have a natural tendency to be prevention-focused, channel it to be bold and visionary! (If you struggle to believe this, identify leaders who have done just that by figuring out how to prevent disasters.)

Teach Yourself Self-Acceptance

If you truly feel that you had the potential to handle a certain situation better or even differently, it is an indication of acknowledging your faults. This is more than we can say for most arrogant people who often are self-righteous in their actions. Acknowledging your mistakes means you can learn from them.

Choosing not to fall victim to the same errors is a sign of self-development which makes you a better person than you previously were. This makes you feel good about yourself, accepting the situation and letting bygones be bygones which leaves you feeling liberated. Bullying yourself is no different from self-condemnation which is a caged spot that restricts your self-development.

Learning To Live In The Moment

the fear of making mistakes

The past is already written in ink, you can only make your mark in the present time. Life has proven to be malleable for many people who have turned their situation around by having some perspective for their future. Most of the fulfilled people in life often arise from their own ashes defying all the odds.

Living in the moment means you are working on your current situation where else crucifying yourself over a mistake in the past shows you choose to define your entire existence on one occurrence in your life which is plainly being illogical.

Focusing On Personal Achievements

If the thought of failure invades you try to reflect on an accomplishment you have had in life no matter its scale. This evens things out leaving you in a better mood. Holding yourself in high regard sets you on a path for greater things and failures experienced on the way are nothing more than tiny bumps on the way to success.

The Gratitude Routine

Rising up every morning is the most challenging phase for people brooding over the tragedy of their existence. Starting your day in a groggy mood sets your day badly which makes you less efficient in your daily routines.

To prevent this, exercise being gracious first thing when you wake up by listing down a minimum of 5 things you are grateful for in your life. The more you write the more you feel better about yourself.

Keep the Company Of Positive People

People with a positive disposition in life motivate others to do better by moving on from their current situation and in the end moving up in life. Positive people also tend to share more about their own experiences in life and end up being a reliable support system for you.

There is barely anything you can do to change the past but you can always move on with your head held up high knowing you have learned from your past mistakes.

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