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Today I am going to recommend one site to join in this article about the best traffic exchange site to join. There are a few good ones, but this one is my favorite of them all.

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Is List Surfing One Of the Best Traffic Exchange  Sites?

I believe that List Surfing is one of the best traffic exchange sites to join, as it is owned by a reputable marketer who makes sure his members stay active on the site.

Also it is not only a surfing site, but also an advertising site where you can have your ads circulating at random on their rotators, as well as a platform where you can email other members about your offers.

I joined List Surfing way back in 2009. It was quite the trendsetter at the time as it was a traffic exchange site with a difference.

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

How Does List Surfing Work?

The concept is very simple. If you are active on List Surfing, your sites will remain in rotation on the website.

In order to remain active you need to surf 50 sites per month. In exchange you get UNLIMITED rotation of your site in the surf area without using any of your credits. As a free member this equates to about 200 visitors a month. So instead, you can use your earned credits to receive additional exposure by sending an email ad.

Your surfing activity earns you credits which can be applied to mailing, banner or text credits. For each site you surf you get 6 credits, which means that you get six visits back to your site.

As a free or a pro member, you can mail every 24 hours, but free members can only post using the number of credits that they have earned by surfing the site.

You can earn even more credits if you read emails from the site.

The site has changed owners since its inception and is now run by Darren Olander who runs quite a few reputable mailers including Adchiever, List Jumper and Viral Nugget

Darren Orlander is very active when it comes to the care of his sites and ensures that mailing credits are only spent on active members.

List Surfing Pros:

List Surfing has remained one of my favorite traffic exchanges for these reasons:

  1. It delivers a lot of traffic through its various advertising mediums.
  2. In my experience, its response rate is way higher than the industry norm for either traffic exchanges or list mailers.
  3. It takes under twenty minutes to surf your sites each month. So that’s like a flood of traffic to your site for 20 minutes work a month.
  4. You get 6x the visitors back, unlike other traffic exchanges in which you surf 1 site for 1 credit.
  5. It is both a surfing site as well as a mailer site. It’s competitors tend to be either one or the other.
  6. Upgrading is from as little as $9 a month, depending on the level of advertising you need, but you can remain a free member for as long as you like.
  7. There is an affiliate program where you can earn recurring commissions on your referrals, as well as a percentage of the credits that they rack up, but most people that join will stay free members.
  8. It has been around a long time, so it is not one of those fly by night sites.

Membership levels have remained static over the past five years and I am pretty sure that is because Darren only advertises active members as members. This means that the visitors you get are real people and are actively involved in the industry.

This site will not make you rich in a hurry, but is aimed at people looking for ways to advertise.

If you are interested in building your own online business, read how you can do it here.

List Surfing Cons:

  1. I wish that List Surfing would send out a reminder to surf your 50 sites each month, as I often forget, and then my sites don’t get rotated. Also a lot of my referrals are inactive, simply because they forget to surf each month.
  2. The site hasn’t changed in years, and could do with a bit of an update.
  3. The click through rate is only about 3% in most cases, but I have had many referrals to my various advertising platforms with this site.

I would recommend List Surfing to marketers in the make money online niche only, who want to get more traffic to their offers without the extra work that it takes.

This is a serious advertising site dedicated to supporting people who want to build a business. If that sounds like you, then it may well suit your needs.

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network



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