Adchiever – My Journey With An Old Friend

I have been using Adchiever regularly as part of my marketing arsenal since I started online way back in 2010.

Adchiever was one of the first advertising sites that I joined, and it has brought me mixed results over the years, so I thought it would be fitting to write a post about Adchiever and what it is all about.

My Adchiever Review

Name Of Company: Adchiever
Website: Adchiever.com
Owners: Darren Olander
Price: Free with different membership levels ranging from $ 9 to $ 30 per month
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100


If you join Adchiever right now and claim reward code: NEWMEMBER you will earn a bonus 300 mailing credits.

So What Is Adchiever

Adchiever has been going since 2010 and is one of the top viral mailers in the industry, mainly due to the fact that the members who you send your mailings to are active and members who haven’t used the system for a long time will become dormant, unlike other mailers. So your ads are only sent to active members on the system.

It is a viral list builder that works mainly off giving its member’s loyalty rewards and credits in order to enable them to be able to advertise on the site. This is what makes it more effective than most of its competition.

A viral list mailer is a site that allows you to send e-mail advertisements through the system in exchange for receiving some e-mail ads from other members as well. If you upgrade you have the option to choose to not receive emails and only send email ads. If you want to earn credits to send your mailings, you either need to read other peoples ads or upgrade.

Everyone who joins Adchiever is agreeing to receive regular mail from S

Achiever and its members. Nobody actually has access to your e-mail address and you won’t know anyone else’s e-mail address either, when a user sends a message they simply fill out a form in the member’s area and the system handles the rest. This way you are only receiving mail from other users who have earned it.


As you can see from the logo above this site rewards you for actions taken.

Other viral mailers and safelists only reward you with a static amount of mailing credits.

At adchiever you get bonus mailing credits, bonus login page ads, bonus banner ads, and even free upgrades with no extra effort, just as a thank-you for being an active member!


The site is pretty responsive compared to most of its competitors out there.

As soon as you join Adchiever you are able to email random members using credits you earn by reading emails from other members.

As a free member you can reach unlimited members daily using credits, or upgrade and reach thousands of members every 3 days like clockwork – reading ads is optional for upgraded members to increase your reach even more!

It is easy to send a mail, simply log in, fill out the mail field and hit send.

One can earn Free bonuses for reading other people’s ads, and the more you read, the more bonuses you can get. You can see more details on how this system works by watching the video above.

viral mailer rewards

There is a built-in click-through tracking system where you can see a full history of all the emails you have sent and just how many clicks each one has received.

If you choose to promote Adchiever you can earn up to 50% recurring commissions when they upgrade. These are all monthly and yearly memberships so you can build a steady and consistent income over time.

As you refer others to the system you will also be building a list that you can mail about other programs or offers you may have and thus earn additional streams of income.

In addition to the e-mail advertising, you can reach our membership via two other highly effective approaches… login ads and banner ads. You can either purchase these or earn them as bonuses as mentioned above through achievements.

The login ads appear each time a user logs into their account and it is a full-page view of your website!

The banner ads are 125×125 image ads that appear directly in the member’s area in highly visible locations.

Personally, I find the banner ads are the least responsive form of advertising on the site, but that is just my opinion, others may have better banners displayed and higher success rates.

How Much Does It Cost?

Adchiever is free to join. Obviously, as a free member there are fewer benefits, and sometimes the time spent reading emails can be better used on your own online business.

Wealthy Affiliate

Upgrading means that you don’t need to waste time reading tons of emails, and to me time is money at the end of the day.

The Platinum membership costs $ 9.97 per month or $ 94.97 per year.

The Diamond membership costs $ 18.73 per month or $ 185.00 per year.

The Elite membership costs $ 29.97 per month or $ 347.00 per year.

Here is a comparison chart of all the levels available.

Adchiever Upgrade

What Type Of Advertising Works Best On This Site

From past experience, I find that selling advertising or building your list with a good offer work the best, and although I don’t get signups every time I send a mail, if I use it regularly, I get at least three to five a week.

I have had a little success in the past with other make money from home programs, but not as much as success as building you list or promoting other forms of adverts.

You need to think to yourself what type of people use this type of site, and then base your advertising around those needs.

You also need to experiment with different headings. Some definitely convert better than others. An exciting headline will get more people to click on your ad, rather than somebody else’s.

Who Is Darren Olander?

Darren Olander is a real person as you can see from his website here. He has been a full-time internet marketer since 2007 when he quit his job at Star Bucks.

darren OlanderHe is a well-known internet marketer and has quite a few sites that he runs. I belong to a few of them already, and I find they are really good in comparison to other sites out there that claim to have the same results.

This is a list of the companies that he owns:

Social/Media Sites

Shrawk.com – Positive and Viral Content

Write for Shrawk and share in the advertising revenue, or just simply enjoy the awesome content! This is a news type site.

Marketing Checkpoint – Social Networking That Rewards You With Advertising!

Marketing Checkpoint is a forum and for making posts. You will earn points and then you can spend those points to send out email ads.

Now with Marketing Checkpoint, social is even more rewarding!

Advertising Sites

Build My Downlines – Downline Building & Advertising System
It includes an effective advertising system as well as an advanced referral marketplace. Y

ou can get paid to join websites, or pay others for joining you in any website in either real cash or credits!

List Surfing – Traffic Exchange and List Mailer in one!

This is a very unique concept that combines the best features of a traffic exchange and list builder into one highly effective advertising site!

You only need to surf 50 sites a month and you get your advert shown unlimited times within the site.

Viral Nugget – Start A Flood Of Viral Traffic!

It’s a free viral marketing site. If you have a site you can place the widget on it and earn advertising credits. Get your ads seen on THOUSANDS of other members websites.


This is a downline building site where you can buy/sell downline programs!

Sell off programs that don’t interest you to get more for programs that do and exposure to other users’ downlines! This also includes a highly responsive mailer.

List Jumper

Super responsive mailing list site with a unique One-A-Day bonus system that rewards users for reading at least one email ad per day.

This one delivers tons of unique traffic!

Explode My List!

Viral Traffic Coop – Quality Push-Button Traffic on Demand

Viral Traffic Coop is a cooperative advertising site where all funds are pooled together to buy advertising at huge discounts… and this is passed on to you so you get more quality traffic for less!

It’s also Viral – you have to see it for yourself ????

Downline Building Sites

Prosperity Marketing System – Build YOUR System!

The Prosperity Marketing System is this high-powered well-oiled marketing and sales funnel. It helps you build your list, your current primary business, and customize the system with 15 other programs you wish to build! This is a must-have no matter what business you are trying to build!

Traffic Codex

Huge repository of promo codes to get free traffic at traffic exchanges, list builders, and more! Download the browser plugin to see when promo codes for a site are available automatically!

Instant Traffic Secret – Learn how to generate massive traffic!

This includes a completely FREE step-by-step guidebook and video series teaching you how to effective generate traffic and leads for any website you want to promote. Valuable for any level of marketer!

Profitable Email Marketing


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