How To Stay Motivated In Your Job

how to stay motivated in

In life, we all have ups and downs, and one of the hardest things in life is how to stay motivated in whatever you start. When you start a job, everything is exciting and new, but then in time boredom sets in and this I find is a very common problem for all of us.

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated in life and in your job.

How To Stay Motivated In Your Job And For Life

how to stay motivated in

There are some days at work, no matter what type of job you do, that can be such a drag. At the end of the day, you may feel like you’ve already spent every ounce of your energy.

Don’t worry, because this happens to everyone especially when there’s a lot of deadlines to meet, or your boss is breathing down your neck, and there’s a ton of paperwork to do.

The trick is not to get discouraged with these sorts of everyday mundane things. Work is basically work, so this type of routine is normally what happens every day and this you need to accept.

The difference, however, comes on how you look at things and what your perspective of your job is.

If you work for somebody, take a look around you. Notice that the majority of employees who just see work as work are sitting at the bottom of the company.

The CEO’s and directors of the company, on the other hand, are normally visionaries that look at the entire process differently. This is what puts them at the top of the company ladder.

In other words, if you want to just be there to get paid at the end of the month, carry on as you are. But on the other hand, to work your way up the food chain you need to look at ways of motivating yourself to do better at work.

If you are an entrepreneur working for yourself, you have to be even more diligent, because if you are not productive, you won’t get paid at the end of the month.

Here are some ways in which you can motivate yourself so that you can learn how to stay motivated in whatever you have chosen to do in life.

Imagine Your Accomplishments

Probably the best way of how to stay motivated in your job is to think about that sweet moment when you’ve finished each and even better all the tasks assigned to you.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you have accomplished everything you need to and you will literally feel all the burden and stress on your mind just disappearing into thin air.

Thinking of that feeling of finishing your tasks will definitely lift your mood. No matter how boring or tough the task may be, knowing that there’s some fulfillment waiting for you at the finish line makes you feel energized, determined, and motivated.

If you work for yourself, you need to set yourself goals. I use Simpleology to do this.

Set daily, weekly and monthly targets for yourself, and make sure you do everything you can to fulfill these obligations. The feeling of satisfaction of getting closer to your goals is an out of this world feeling.

Simpleology will also help you to stay more organized and be more productive at the same time.

Scare Yourself A Bit

how to motivate yourself in your job

Yes, you read that right!

Scaring yourself a bit need not be looking at a scary movie type of scare but rather more realistic approaches like monetary concerns. Imagine yourself in a tight situation where bills pile up and your salary isn’t due within the next fortnight.

A little scare can be a good source of motivation. Thinking of the consequences of not being successful can push people beyond their limits.

You could harness this feeling even if there’s no real monetary concern of any sort. It’s like creating a hypothetical problem that can scare you to work better in the real world. It’s purely psychological but the results are amazingly quite real and to your benefit.

You could also try this one:

Have you ever imagined yourself glued to your chair? Try this one out and imagine yourself being held down, your back glued to your chair, your feet nailed to the floor, and your only option to escape is to finish your tasks and finish them well.

This tactic may be a little too much for some but there are some people who need a little extra motivation than others.

Do Something You Enjoy

In some cases, you will find that you are stuck in a job you hate, and no matter how much you try, you simply cannot motivate yourself to be happy in your work.

This definitely calls for a change of scenery.

Rethink your career and picture what you would like to be doing for a living. What do you enjoy doing, and could you turn that into employment for yourself?

What if I were to tell you that you can even take something like your hobby and turn it into a lucrative business for yourself?

Well, it’s true you can!

I can tell you this because this is what I do.

I have turned two of my hobbies into online businesses that bring in income as I sleep. This is how to stay motivated in what you do and you can see one of my websites on dancing by clicking here.

You can do this too if you are willing to be patient and put in some hard work after hours. If you enjoy writing and designing then this may be the perfect way for you to work yourself out of your present situation.

If you click on the banner below I will tell you just a little more about how you can go about starting up your own online business.

how to motivate yourself in

It may take from six months to a year to get your online business established, but then just think you can fire your boss and do something you actually enjoy, work your own hours and have a new lease on life.

In a nutshell, this is how to stay motivated in whatever you choose to do in life:

  • Find something enjoyable to do.
  • Set goals for yourself and then work until you have achieved them.
  • Picture where you want to be in five years time, and then work backward to see just how you are going to get there.
  • Do the worst tasks in the morning when you are fresh and leave the easier ones to later in the day.
  • Make lists to work through to make sure you don’t fall behind in your work.
  • Find happiness in what you do, and if you can’t then find something else to do.

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  1. You are so right that at times it can be hard to stay motivated and on task, no matter how much you like what you are doing? The tips on how to stay motivated in your job will work no matter the field or market segment. but as an online marketer, they are particularly helpful.

    Quite honestly, sometimes I think it is a lack of interaction with other people in my case, as you know that a lot of the work is just you and your laptop. It can be easy to start procrastinating, getting less and less done in the same amount of time. That is when the tips you mention are most effective.

    Part of it is also knowing your highs and low points in the day/night too. I am an early morning person and evening night person. These are my peak production periods when I find I have lots of energy. So I try to schedule the work during those times.

    The low times is when I reward myself for getting stuff done. That might be a swim in the pool, watching a movie, or taking a walk along the beach. Whatever it happens to be, if it includes some exercise that speeds up my metabolism and that helps when I get back to work.

    A lot of the suggestions I do follow that you have mentioned. I make to-do lists each day, load the day as I mentioned, and I really do enjoy what I am doing, so I am well on my way, I guess. Do you use these methods as well? I have heard many ways that people motivate themselves, and it is good to get these out to others, you never know what might help…It is all about how to stay motivated and productive (while not going overboard and burning out!).

    • Thank you for adding some of your helpful tips on how to stay motivated in your job Dave. 

      I also tend to work better in the morning and then later in the evening. Rather sleepy in the middle of the day, and I think I need to take your advice and take some time out here instead of trying to push on through the tiredness.

  2. Hi, I have read your article very carefully. I learn many important tips about how to stay motivated In your job. You explained that we can learn how to stay motivated in whatever we have chosen to do in life. I like this article very much.

    About your article, the best way of staying motivated in your job is to think about that sweet moment when we have finished each and even better all the tasks assigned to us and have the feeling of satisfaction of getting closer to our goals. 

    We should not feel scared and can do something to enjoy like start an online business from home. I think to get profit on line from home is the best way to Stay Motivated ourself. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Thanks for stopping by Jannatul. Working for oneself is a great way to stay motivated, especially if you enjoy what you do.

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