How To Start A YouTube Channel And Make Money

how to start a youtube channel and make money

In this article let’s look at how to start a Youtube channel and make money.

I have been slack in the ‘making movies area’ of my online business, probably because I don’t feel that comfortable behind a camera and because I am a perfectionist, and battle to put videos out there unless they look perfect, which of course will never happen. The few that I have published, I am not that happy with so far, so I have decided to bite the bullet and grab some more training off of my Wealthy Affiliate Account.

They have an abundance of video marketing training which I haven’t gone through yet. Here is just one example.

How To Start A YouTube Channel And Make Money

Why You Should Have A YouTube Chanel

how to start a youtube channelTo Give Your Audience More Content

Having a YouTube channel helps you to explain in more detail what you can’t put into words on your website.

Many people are visual and prefer to watch a video rather than read.

When you give people information that helps them to solve a problem, they will come back to your channel to view other helpful content.

You Can Gain More Traffic

Having a website and a YouTube Channel will get you a lot more views than just having one or the other.

People often click on a video rather than a link when searching for information.

You can also brand yourself better with video, so more people will recognize you.

To Get With It

Video is so popular right now, it makes no sense not to explore this avenue. Look at how platforms like Tik Tok are exploding at the moment.

Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

This is a biggie for me. It forces one to get out of your comfort zone. My comfort zone is in writing, so now I will need to think outside the box a little more than normal.

How To Start A YouTube Channel

Firstly you will need to do some planning.

Find A Niche

If you don’t have one already, find yourself a profitable niche. Now niche that niche down so that you can make some video’s about a particular topic within that niche. If you need help getting ideas on what people are searching for, try visiting https://trends.google.com.

Make sure that you are interested in the subject choice for your niche, otherwise, this video thing is just not going to be fun for you.

To get some ideas, take a look at other videos in your niche. This will help you to get an idea of what type of topics are popular.

Never copy other people. It is always best to get your own spin on an idea.

Look at the comments under the video’s as often people type in questions that you may be able to answer in your own videos.

Determine Who You Are Talking To

Next, make a list of traits for your ideal viewer.

Remember this – Don’t try to talk to everybody, or you will end up talking to nobody.

Know your audience. Who are you talking to, what do they want to learn about, what do they like or dislike.

Write a viewer avatar to help you get a picture of the type of person you want to target in your video.

It also helps to know where in the world your audience is and what stage of life they are in.

Plan Your Attack

If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

Determine your own story. How did you get to where you are today. This is good to let your viewers get insight into who you are. Always share something about yourself.

Plan your videos. What are they going to cover and have a few videos planned out before you start?


How to start a YouTube Channel and make money

Your brand is the sprinkling on top.

Get yourself a simple logo that is easily recognizable to put on your video’s.

This is so people start to remember you when they click on your video’s. Don’t overthink this part, as it is more important to get that content out there.

When designing your branding, think about how you want people to feel when they see it. Choose a motto with a purpose, but remember to keep it simple. Remember that all the biggest brands have the simplest logos.  Look at McDonald’s or Amazon for example.

The colors also make people feel a certain way, so get ideas from popular sites in your niche and see what colors are working for them. Use Hex Codes (these are color numbers eg. HE8E8E8F8) so that you can be uniform in your colors across all your platforms.

I use Canva to design mine, or you could get somebody on Fiver to do it for you.

Get A Bumper Going

Normally at the beginning of a YouTube video, you will see a bumper ad which is about six seconds long.

Get your own bumper going with a catchy introduction that will keep your viewer’s eyeballs on you.

Try identifying yourself, welcoming your subscribers back, and tell them what the channel is about. Get creative with this part. Tell them to subscribe and welcome them to your family. This creates familiarity for your viewers.

Decide What Types Of Video You Want On Your Channel

There are three types of video you need to look at creating:

  • Evergreen
  • Niche
  • Trendy

Evergreen videos are the best types because although the traffic will be slow, it will be consistent and last for a long time. Topics here should be things that people are always looking for, like help in general parts of your chosen niche.

Niche videos are highly targeted video’s within your niche. Not all your viewers will be interested in certain aspects of your niche, but you will get those who are.

Trendy video’s are hot right now, and will get you a lot of views quickly, but your traffic will die out after a while. These types of video’s could include latest news or product releases that relate to your niche.

It’s a good idea to try and get all three types on your channel, but your emphasis should be more on evergreen videos for the longevity of your video channel.

How Many Video’s Should I Create?

The more content you get out there the better. Remember to do your keyword research before you create your video’s so that you can see what people are searching for. Try using Jaaxy for this purpose.

It is recommended for a new channel to publish three videos’s a week until the channel hits 1000 subscribers, then you can go down to once a week.

Remember that you are going to need to be consistent when it comes to how to start a YouTube channel and make money. It is going to be slow going in the beginning, and you will only build momentum by keeping your video’s coming.



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