Why You Need To Get In On Black Friday Weekend!!!

Great news! This has been extended for a few more days!

This is a message from Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

It is officially here!  BLACK FRIDAY, “Wealthy Affiliate Style” has arrived!

Today we are doing something amazing for you.

For the next few days only, we have reduced our Yearly Premium & Premium Plus+ memberships with up to $200 in savings! 

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This year is unique in the sense that you have two options available to you. Both the Premium and Premium Plus+ bundle have significant savings available.  You can’t go wrong either way with these amazing offers, but I will give you a breakdown of each and what is included. 

The Premium $395 Yearly Offer (a $100 Discount)

The Premium Yearly membership includes access to absolutely everything within Premium at WA, for an entire year. I just wanted to run through 5 of the many key benefits to being a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate:

(1) Elite 2021 Training.  You have access to all of the core training, which is over 120 lessons of training that will take you by the hand and show you how to build a successful business in 2021.  This training is refreshed regularly to stay current and ahead of the industry.  You can leverage both the Certification and Bootcamp training to create a business in literally any niche, you decide.

On top of this, Premium will give you access to 100’s of new training resources that are community lead throughout the year.  Each and every day there is new training being added to the Premium training platform at WA. 

(2) 52 Expert Classes.  The Classes platform has been freshly updated as of November 2nd. We have progressed this platform in an innovative way to deliver you real time access to our expert trainers at Wealthy Affiliate.  Each and every week you will be able to advance your skillset, on brand new topics related to your business.  This is PURE value training, and each class is over 1 hour long and gives you access directly to the expert for a Q & A period.  You also have access to over 400 hours of past classes in our Class Database. 

(3) Jaaxy Lite, Premium Research Platform.   You have one of the world’s most sophisticated research platforms at your fingertips within the Premium membership. Jaaxy Lite gives you access to unlimited keyword research activities, alphabet soup, brainstorming, website analysis, and the ability to track your rankings in Google/Bing/Yahoo (which is critical to your ranking success in search engines).  You are equipped!

(4) An Industry Leading Website Service.  The Premium website experience is a brilliant one at WA.  You have the ability to host up to 10 website (including your own domains), access to over 4,000 different theme designs, and over 60,000 different plugins.   This is hosted on the industry leading Managed WordPress Platform at WA, and includes full 24/7/365 SiteSupport if you ever have issues.  Did I mention there are over 8 additional features available to you within Premium?  Everything from tracking your website health, to amplifying your website speed, to getting comments and engagement on your website.  

(5) Expert Help & Mentoring.  The difference between success and failure is often times based on the “access” that you have to the right people, at the right time.  At Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to over 2.5+ aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.  You need help with your Youtube videos, lots of Youtube experts around.  Do you need help with your content and ranking in search engines?  Lots of SEO experts around at any given moment.  That is the level of access you have at WA, you literally can rub shoulders with 6-7 figure marketers on a day in and day out basis.  This cannot be found anywhere else. 

So those are just a few of the many benefits and short of writing a novel, I won’t be able to outline everything that you get.  There are other brilliant platforms like Affiliate Programs…and SiteContent…and the Help environment….and I could go on and on.  But you get the point.

This year’s Premium Yearly offer, also includes some really awesome PERKS.   These include:

  • $50 in Community credits (100 credits). These can be used towards SiteComments and SiteFeedback, the engagement and website audit platforms within WA. 
  • 1 Free .com domain ($14 value).  As you build out your business, you will want your own domain. This is your own piece of virtual real estate that you can establish and will lead to a better brand, more brand value, and better rankings in the search engines. 

You are definitely covered on all basis, with the Premium membership.  Now I want to take a moment to explain the Premium Plus+ bundle and the discount you get there. 

The Premium Plus+ $795 Yearly Offer (a $200 Discount)

The Premium Plus+ bundle is a brand new membership that we introduced at Wealthy Affiliate in November.  It is a bundle that includes EVERYTHING within Premium, as well as some other elite services at a reduced price. 

The Premium Plus+ includes:

  • Jaaxy Enteprise
  • Managed WordPress Hosting 50.  
  • 200+ Expert Classes Annually. 

We are offering this at a HUGE discount as well, but just for this Black Friday weekend.   If you join during the Black Friday offer period, you are going to get $200 off the normal yearly price.  This works out to be just over $2 per day for this incredible service, something that is unparalleled in the industry and that you could expect to pay $1,000’s per month if similar services were to be purchased elsewhere.

We are also going to throw in some other amazing bonuses with the Premium Plus+ Offering.  These include:

  •  $100 in community credits (200 credits). Again, these credits can be used towards the SiteComments & SiteFeedback platforms that will help drive website engagement, quality and rankings.  
  • 2 Free .com domain ($28 value).  As you build out your business, you will want your own domain. You can utilize these two domains to essentially operate two authority website in any niche. 

===> Upgrade to Premium Plus+ Yearly for Only $795!

This is your once in your lifetime offer to get an entire year of our Premium or Premium Plus+ yearly at the biggest discount of the year! 

We are doing something else special for you too.  When you upgrade to the Black Friday discounted price whether Premium or Premium Plus+, you get to lock into this price and do so forever.  You will not be subject to any price increases in the future. 🙂

So no matter how much the price of Wealthy Affiliate Premium may go up to in the future, or how many new features we introduce, you will always have access to this discounted yearly price point…even if WA goes up to $1,000’s per year (which it may).

Our Best Foot Forward, Our Best Price Ever.

It is simple.  You head to the link above, you upgrade through the Black Friday offer, you get the Black Friday price and all of the Premium privileges within WA for the entire year ahead. 

BUT, I would be understating this special offer if I said that is all you are going to get. 

Yes, you are getting full access to Wealthy Affiliate Premium and all the awesome things that come within the Premium membership, but we have also invested a good deal of energy and time creating a SPECIAL subset of bonuses that are going to get you building for success in 2020. 

These are exclusive for those that take us up on the Black Friday offer.  Here is what you will be getting if you take advantage of the amazing Black Friday offer….

Bonus #1: Building a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021 – Ask Me Anything (with Kyle)

In this class, I am going to be fielding questions from the community and providing some comprehensive and insightful ideas as to how you can overcome certain hurdles in your business. 

I appreciate this year has been tough for many folks, and and this is the second significant downturn Carson and I have experienced in business, with the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, and the Pandemic of 2020/2021.  These tend to be moments when lots of business fail (and we are already seeing that in the news), but it is also a time when you can truly put the foot on the pedal and come out of the slow down in the best shape ever.

That is what we are doing, and that is what we want you to be doing.  There has actually never been a better time to be online, and 2021 is going to be a gangbuster year for those that are willing to dedicate themselves to their online business (assuming you are doing the right things).

I am going to be explaining what these “right things” are in detail, in this exclusive, hour+ class. If you are looking to create a thriving online business in 2021, you WILL NOT want to miss this class.

Bonus #2: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

We have significant plans for 2021, in fact, it is slated already as our most exciting release schedule out of any year since 2005.  We have new technology coming, we have new platforms coming, and we have developed new ways to further integrate the very processes that are required to build a thriving business online.

If you take advantage of the Black Friday 2020 offer, you are going to get exclusive “pre-release” access to several of these platforms.  You are going to be granted exclusive access to never seen before, and really exciting new technology!

If you take advantage of the Black Friday 2020 offer, you are going to get exclusive “pre-release” access to several of these platforms.  You are going to be granted exclusive access to never seen before, and really exciting new technology!


These bonuses in combination with the unbelievable amount of VALUE you are going to get within Wealthy Affiliate Premium in the year ahead, you are truly going to have a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry.  You have all the services, training, tools, and expert help you need to succeed at WA.  The only missing piece is YOU and taking action on a plan.

2021 is YOUR year. Period. 

Compare this to any other education or any other product online and I think you will come back with the same answer.  There is NOTHING that compares to WA.
This Premium price works out to only $1.08 per day (and Premium Plus+ is just over $2 per day)!

$1.08 for the most helpful and interactive community.
$1.08 for access to the most successful experts online.
$1.08 access for an industry leading managed WordPress hosting experience.
$1.08 for the most powerful website building platform (8 services) in the world.
$1.08 for instant access to 10,000’s of personal mentors & experts.
$1.08 to get access to the next 52 live classes (and over 400+ hours of replays)
$1.08 to get access to 1,000’s of beginner to advanced training modules.
$1.08 to become a successful online entrepreneur!
$1.08to be get access to BRAND NEW platforms launching in 2020. 

BUT, this offer is only going to run for the next few days and will likely NOT be offered again.  That is it.  No exceptions.

Hurry and Get It Now!

I’m looking forward to working with you in the year ahead!

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