How To Achieve Your Goals In Ninety Days

In the next few blog posts, I am going to be concentrating on mindset and how to achieve your goals in life. I am going to work on ninety days here, as that is about three months, and most short-term goals should be achievable in this time frame.

Let’s get started……..

Money has always been a hot topic.

Have you ever looked at money closely? Paper money and coins have a bit of history imprinted on the front and back. Take the $100 U.S. bill for example. It has a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it. Franklin was known as a universal man as he studied many different subjects and worked in different fields such as writing, invention, and politics.how to achieve your goals in

What many people may not know, is that Benjamin Franklin was a very early pioneer of self-improvement. He set very elaborate goals and carried a small chart with him so that he could track his progress. With so many interests, Franklin knew that he had to keep track, analyze his progress, and shift course when necessary.

How Did Benjamin Franklin Make All His Decisions

When Benjamin Franklin had difficulty in making a decision, he put the matter to rest by employing the method of two lists.

He would take a piece of paper and draw a line making two large columns. On the left side, he would put the reasons why he should do something and on the right side the reasons why he shouldn’t do something.

You can use this method for simple decision making, however, if it is a tough decision, you may need to strike out answers that are similar on both sides and end up with the best answer on both sides. From there it is hard crunching time to get the best possible answer.

Give it a try for whether or not you should even make goals. On a piece of paper, on one side, write down 10 reasons why you should make goals. On the other side, write down 10 reasons why you shouldn’t make goals. It is highly unlikely that you will come up with 10 solid reasons why you should not make goals.

Now it is very probable that making and setting goals is something you have decided to do. Why not put 100% into it and start creating your 90-day plan to crush your goals. The 90-day plan is perfect for anyone in business, whether you work outside the house or you run a freelance business from your laptop. The 90-day program is great for personal use too.

How To Achieve Your Goals In Ninety Days

Clarity – What do you want to achieve?

Many people are unclear about what they actually want to achieve. In order to work out how to achieve your goals in anything, you need to have goals to work towards first.

Many people’s goals look something like this:

“I want things to get better.” “I wish I had more money.” “I want a better boyfriend.”

“I want a job that doesn’t suck.”how to achieve your goals in

The statements or so-called goals above are hopes thrown into the wind and scattered right away because they have zero weight.

Take the first example, that the person states they want things to get better. This statement is heard all the time and if you think back, you may have said it one time or you may have heard someone else say it. The issue with the statement is that it is not clear and concise. There is no way to tell exactly what the person wants to get better. Is it a relationship, a job, or their health that they are talking about?

In order for clarity to happen, a person needs to define exactly what they want. It is not good to say what they don’t want because of the way the brain operates. The brain will only give more of what you ask for and if it hears the word “don’t,” it believes you don’t want to fix the issue. Instead, say the words, “I want and demand that my health is excellent.” This is clarity on what you really want, and your brain will search out ways to make it happen.

You can strength your clarity muscle by listening to motivational tapes, reading positive self-help books, and surrounding yourself with people who know and understand exactly what they want in life. Knowing exactly what you want is a sure fire way how to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

When you are not achieving everything that you want in life, you may feel discouraged. Don’t be.

Clarity comes and goes. The good thing is that you can make it stay in your life on a much higher abundance. The way to do this is to take stock of when you have lost clarity in your life previously. Make a list of the things that made your thinking muddled. What is on your list? Did you drink too much, eat the wrong foods, allow negative people to be the circle of friends you associated with most?Once you have your list, look for ways to eliminate those clarity-reducing factors in your life.

Loss of clarity might be what you are putting in your mouth. At first, that sounds funny but think about it. Are you smoking, drinking, taking drugs, eating junk food, or downing soft drinks all day long? Truly what you put in your mouth can save you or perhaps even kill you. Imagine what it does to clarity.

The Power Of How To Achieve Your Goals In 90 Days Rather Than In A Year

Have you ever tried to work 8 hours straight, with no breaks and no lunchtime? Can you even imagine it? Stop and think for a moment, how successful would your day be, if you tried that? In all probability by the 6th hour, you would throw your hands in the air and give up. It would be too much. You would be overwhelmed and tired.

While writing out a year-long plan for your goals and actions may sound great, in reality, the clear majority of people would lose focus or become discouraged before making it halfway. We all know someone who at the end of the year, made a list of New Year resolutions, only to fall short of their goals and sometimes rather quickly.how to achieve your goals in

Our brains have this bizarre habit of sabotaging us right in the middle of our greatest plans. The reason our brain does that is because as we start to implement our resolution or goal…we automatically hesitate. We begin to think that it will be a lot of work mentally or if we are doing weight loss, that it will be painful to exercise. When our brain senses hesitation, it believes there is a big problem and it needs to protect us. The brain then starts to look for ways to shut down whatever we start.

When we set out a year-long plan and then sit back and review it, the first thing that comes to mind is hesitation or even procrastination. We start to question whether or not we can reach these goals and we look at a year as being a very long time, when in fact it is not. We start to hesitate, and hesitation is a warning bell to our brain.

By breaking the year up into 90-day chunks, we automatically start to feel like our goals are achievable. We view 90-days as a short period of time, that we can move forward with power and conviction. Our brain does not sense hesitation and stays out of our way. When we set 90-day action plans, we also need to put in triggers, that will propel us forward and not allow our brains to feel that sabotage is something it needs to do in order to protect us.

Chunking your action plan into 90 days will give you a clear and concise path to your goals. At the end of the 90-days, you can do a total review, make adjustments, and write out a newly revised plan.

Why How To Achieve Your Goals In A Shorter Time Frame Is Pivotal To Your Success

In order to be successful when it comes to how to achieve your goals in a shorter time frame, it is helpful if you can develop the habit of thinking strategically.

Having a strategy helps you complete tasks with less effort. Think back to a time where perhaps you loved to complete puzzles. Your parents bought a super hard one and you dumped all the pieces out onto the tabletop and began fumbling around, trying to fit it together.

Strategic thinkers instinctively know the best way to do a puzzle, is to find all the outer parts first. The outer parts are easy to identify because one side is totally straight. By building the outer wall first, it is much easier to complete the puzzle by working in towards the center.

When you plan your goals out for 90 days, as opposed to one year, five years or ten years, it is much easier to be totally clear on where you want to go and how to get there.

Remember being in job interviews and being asked, “where do you see yourself in five years or ten years?” If you are like most people, you were only able to give a vague answer because the timeline was too far out. You might have answered that you hoped to be a supervisor. What if the question had been, “where do you see yourself in 90 days?” You probably would have said that you could see yourself passing probation, being well on your way to having a grasp of what your daily tasks were and how to complete them… and so much more.

When you follow a 90-day system, it is not hard to envision what you can accomplish in a day, in one week or in one month. Your excitement level will be much higher as you can see the beginning, middle, and end quite clearly. This is much more difficult in a year-long process.

Your brain will feel the excitement and get on board, helping you to plan out the 90 days and then going to work each night while you sleep, to work on solving any little issues that crop up.

Having 90 Day Goals Can Change Your Life

As you have read this far, you are really beginning to understand just how important 90-day goals are and how your brain plays a huge part in your success. This is the sure way forward in how to achieve your goals in record time. To further this point, ask yourself a question. Have you ever procrastinated? The answer, of course, is yes. Everyone at some point in time puts off a task that they know they should do.

The big problem is, procrastination can be crippling when it comes to how to achieve your goals in time. It can actually stall your life so that you cannot move forward with anything. You live life like a hamster on a wheel. You may have even heard a friend or a loved one say, “I’m the King or Queen of procrastination.” These are folks who have a serious problem but are trying to make light of it.

The reason some people write out their goals for a whole year is that internally they are telling themselves, that they will have no problem reaching their goals because “I have a whole year to get it done.” They have already set themselves up for failure because of their mind working in the background, telling them not to work on a goal today because they always have tomorrow. For those who actually do go back and read the goals they wrote often, it’s been found they typically start working on the goals about 90-days or so before the year ends. Procrastination wins again.

Writing out your 90-day goals should feel fun and rewarding. After you complete them, set them aside just for one day. Coming back and looking at something you have written one day later with fresh eyes, is a term used by writers.

Now if you are not a writer, then think of it like this. Have you ever read a book or watched a movie twice? Gasp! Did you know that many people re-read a book or watch a movie multiple times? It’s called using fresh eyes because we miss so much the first time around. When you re-read a book the second time, you will always pause and say to yourself, that you didn’t remember that particular action sequence.

Well, the same thing applies when you are working on how to achieve your goals in the quickest time frame possible. When you come back with fresh eyes, you will find important goals that you missed or that you really need to elaborate on. Reading your goals over again, it’s time to really think about what they mean to you. Do your goals align your values and will you feel proud to have accomplished them?

When you read a goal that you have written the day before and it doesn’t spark any emotion, you need to really think about whether that goal should be there. Every goal you have should speak to you and have you ready to spring into massive action.

When your goals have a life and a voice of their own, then it will be life-changing for you.

Real examples should motivate and inspire you, so let’s look at some. Network marketers are almost always people who want freedom. Freedom from jobs that do not inspire them. One group of network marketers do this.

When a team member has finally reached the ability to quit their job and become a full-time network marketer, they all gather at that person’s workplace and wait outside with a hired limo. When the person walks out of the door for the last time, they are driven away in a victory celebration. This would be a great incentive when you are working on how to achieve your goals in ninety days.how to achieve your goals in

In these hectic days, many people are turning to freelancing and some are even on a 90-day plan. When you have a skill that everyone wants, you can set up a 90-day escape plan.

You set 90-day goals for identifying, contacting, and finally booking the number of anchor clients that you need to work from home.

An example is, you need 3 clients willing to pay you $2,000 per month to do the things that they either cannot do or do not have the time to do.

Now that we are fully aware of how life changing 90-day goals are, whether they are personal, financial or health-related, it is time to get started on this journey. Now is the time to train yourself how to achieve your goals in the shortest time frame possible.



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