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manifestation magic

I have heard great things about Manifestation Magic, so I decided that since I am into changing my mindset into one of positivity and happiness, which is a constant work in itself, I would purchase and see for myself what all the hype is about. This is my Manifestation Magic Review.

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My Manifestation Magic Review

This is the video you will watch when you get into the site. You can watch it above or click here to go straight to the site.

So, What Is Manifestation Magic

manifestation magic review

Manifestation Magic is basically a course of audio’s that will help you to improve your mindset. The idea is to listen to them each day.

Manifestation Magic is an online Law of Attraction program that uses sound wave technology (or brainwave entailment) to help rewire your mind to manifest your desires.

I loved the fact that I could download the app onto my IPad and listen at night before I go to bed, so even though the audio is about twenty minutes long, it does’nt take a lot of time out of your busy day. Even if you fall asleep, the audio is still benefiting you as your sub conscious is still hearing it.

Many people have left positive reviews on the site and here is one of them:

“I am amazed at the result so far! Apart from a shift in consciousness, after I filled in part one of the form and visualized a business class seat for my upcoming UK trip (which I had already booked economy), today in my email box I received a flier from the very carrier I was flying with telling me about their business class deals!”

I’ve recently started using your program and must admit to having a hefty dose of skepticism before beginning, having tried lots of similar programs in the past. However, after listening as suggested to several of the audios over a few days and beginning to complete the order form, I am amazed at the result so far! Apart from a shift in consciousness, after I filled in part one of the form and visualized a business class seat for my upcoming UK trip (which I had already booked economy), today in my email box I received a flier from the very carrier I was flying with telling me about their business class deals! If that’s not a sign that the universe is listening and putting wheels in motion, I don’t know what is! Very impressed and looking forward to moving in a new direction.”

I don’t always believe reviews, as the creator who in this case is Alexander Wilson could have paid people to give them or gotten his friends to write some for him, but since this product was flying off the shelves, I thought why not give it a try as there is money back guarantee.

Manifestation Magic uses Energy Orbiting™ technology that infuses

  • Vibration Healing Coded Frequencies
  • Hypnotic Suggestions
  • NLP

to focus the attention in a way that places the brainwaves in the optimum accelerated state for neuroplasticity to occur.

This program works by reprogramming the negative, beliefs, and traumas that hold us back whilst the sound waves match the high vibration frequencies that allow positive life-changing results.

The reason Manifestation Magic is so effective is it clears patterns on the deepest levels of the subconscious levels no other program reaches. (well so they claim)

The beauty of these audios is that you can simply listen to them whilst you fall asleep. (this is what I liked)

Who Is Alexander Wilson?

This is Alexander Wilson, the creator of Manifestation Magic, and you can think of him as your “journey guide.”

Alexander Wilson is a spiritual guide with a master’s degree in psychology and has been teaching the Law of Attraction for over 7 years now.

manifestation magic reviewHis highest intention is to help you awaken a long forgotten part of yourself. A God-given power to…

Turn Your Greatest Desires Into An IMMEDIATE Command To The Universe!

Alexander Wilson has various other mindset products on the market, including:

  • The Chakra Power System
  • The Transformation System
  • The Manifestion Magic App

Download the Manifestation Magic App and try the free tracks to get a taste of what it is all about.

  1. Deep Sleep Soundscape
  2. Abundance Miracle Tone
  3. Twilight Sleep Manifestation 2
  4. Relationship Magic

This is what I got for my $47.

  • Manifestation Magic Quick Start Guide EBook
  • Cosmic Order Form Ebook
  • 7 Sacred Signs from the Universe Ebook
  • 17 Sacred Signs Ebook
  • 22 Tracks to listen to including: Daytime Wealth Energy Orbiting, 10 Minute Meditators, Divine Tranquility, A couple of Chakra Sessions, Wealth Awakening, Instant Sleep Magic and more.

These audio tracks use a range of different types of brainwave frequencies including:

Delta Waves:

The brain goes into delta frequencies at the deepest states of meditation and dreamless sleep.

It’s considered the most mysterious natural wavelength there is, It’s often referred to as “a connection to infinite power”.

These wavelengths are low, relaxing sound vibrations that send the mind into the Delta state and stimulate the emotional intelligence sectors of the brain.

While in Delta State this brainwave also helps your body heal and replenish itself.

Delta is known to be a place of the deepest emotional feelings, relaxation and spiritual connection to the universe and your subconscious mind.

Here are the most known benefits of Delta Waves;

  • Heals your body from pain.
  • Releases anti-aging hormones.
  • Helps with bone density and cartilage.
  • Spiritual connections with the universe.
  • Easy meditational states.

Theta Waves:

The brain begins operating in the theta frequencies right before we fall asleep and just before we wake up.

It is during this time when we dream and also where unconscious pathway connections are formed to process and retain information.

Theta wavelengths are acknowledged as being an exceptional state for learning, intuition and clear visualization.

This is where fear and worry lies and accessing this state helps relieve any issues you may have.

There are more benefits while being in Theta state including;

  • Helping with anxiety or stress.
  • Rewriting subconscious thought patterns.
  • Mind restoration.
  • Enhanced visualization abilities.
  • Improved creativeness.

Beta Waves:

This brainwave frequency is where we operate from when accessing states of focused attention.

The beta brainwave is high, eminent and is often activated when a person is problem-solving or making an important decision.

Here are some benefits from listening to these sound waves.

  • Increased focus.
  • Enhanced motivation.
  • Increase in reading skills.
  • Boosted energy.
  • Better memory.

I seriously enjoyed the deep sleep soundscape last night when I woke at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I didn’t fall asleep quickly though, so I played it again and fell asleep on second try.


Here are some things that I really liked about this course for my Manifestation Magic review:

  • It came with a complete guide to go alongside the soundtracks.
  • It is easy to follow.
  • The app makes it easy to access.
  • Practical exercises for manifesting money.
  • Guided meditations/hypnosis are great, especially for people like me with a low attention span when it comes to meditating.
  • Instant access to the program following purchase.


  • The effect of the program varies depending on the person, so it can’t be guaranteed to work for everyone.
  • Can’t use while driving or operating machinery.
  • Takes a level of commitment, which many people don’t have.
  • Sound waves may irritate you.

All in all, I am happy that I bought this course, as I think that it is going to benefit me, although it is still to soon to tell.

There are a lot of up sells that you will get offered, but I didn’t purchase those as I wanted to try the course first.

Please feel free to comment below if you have anything else to add to my Manifestation Magic Review.

manifestation magic

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  1. Hello, this is a good review although I would’ve loved to see some more feedbacks on the programme. I’m happy you are sharing your own personal experience of using it and if I’m going to buy the manifestation magic, I’ll also make use of it in the night as well like you do because that’s probably the only time I’ll be relaxed. Also I think the customer feedback you have given here is scripted. I mean, look at it, how many people have the time to sit down and write so much of a feedback for one product. Lol

    • I was wondering about that myself Henderson, but anyway so far I am quite enjoying the product.

  2. This is a very thorough review of this system.  I get the feeling, though, that most of it could be found on the sales page of Manifestation Magic.  I would truly like to hear more of how you feel about it.  How were the meditations?  Did you feel that they were better than others you have tried?  Other than helping you fall asleep, have any of the other promises (more money) come true for you?  Do you feel more motivated?  I would love to hear your real take on this system!

    • I have only had the system a week so I am still testing the waters. It definitely makes you feel more relaxed in the evenings, but I wouldn’t vouch on the money coming as soon as they say. I think that overtime practicing these techniques you will find big changes will happen in your life.

      The meditations are great but his voice is so relaxing you tend to dose off. But they say that your sub conscious is still taking it all in.

  3. To achieve anything in this life, there is a need to have a very balanced mental and spiritual balance. To be honest, this is massive to see here considering what the manifestation magic entails and thank you so much for the review. Personally, I have been convinced that this may be worth the investment and nothing is too much to be invested on self. Thanks

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