How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Fast – The Natural Way

how to get rid of head lice fast

how to get rid of head lice fast

If you want to know how to get rid of head lice fast, keep reading.

What Is Head Lice?

The head louse is a tiny, wingless parasitic insect that lives among human hairs and feeds on tiny amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.

Lice (the plural of louse) are a very common problem, especially for kids. They’re contagious, annoying, and sometimes tough to get rid of.

Head lice are not dangerous and cannot spread diseases, they are merely irritating as they make the scalp really itchy.

Although a louse is really small, it can be seen by the human eye.

Unless there is a really bad infestation, it is more common to see the nits (lice eggs) in the hair rather than the louse. The nits look like tiny yellow, tan, or brown dots before they hatch.

Lice lay nits on hair shafts close to the scalp, where the temperature is perfect for keeping warm until they hatch.

Lice eggs usually take between 1 and 2 weeks to hatch after they’re laid. After hatching, the remaining shell looks white or clear and stays firmly attached to the hair shaft. This is when it’s easiest to spot them, as the hair is growing longer and the eggshell moves away from the scalp.

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Fast!

Here is a great method on how to get rid of head lice fast, and naturally.

If your child comes home with lice, there is no need to book him or her off of school for weeks. Here is a simple solution on how to get rid of head lice fast.

You will only need to do one wash, using common kitchen cupboard ingredients. This is quick and simple.

Unlike chemical treatments from your doctor or pharmacy, washing your child’s hair in mayonnaise and vinegar can kill head lice in just one wash. There’s no need to repeat this treatment for seven days as you need to do with shop-bought products and solutions.

Here’s what you need to do:

• Smother your child’s hair with mayonnaise.
• Work the mayonnaise into the hair roots until they are extremely greasy.
• Then wrap your child’s hair as tightly as possible inside a shower cap.
• Leave for two hours to guarantee 100% effectiveness.
• Now wash the hair with your regular shampoo.
• And, finally, rinse with white vinegar to remove the lice.

There you have it – how to get rid of lice fast!

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