How To Help Your Child To Excel

how to help your child to

how to help your child toHow To Help Your Child to Excel at School and in Life

Here are some tips on how to help your child to do well at school and also ultimately do well in the future.

In order for your child to do well at school, he or she will have to put in some effort at home.

When exam time comes around, they will need to remember what they have learned and get it all down on paper before the deadline.

That is all there is to it – jotting down facts and figures and then getting it into their heads.

Initially, you will need to help them to make notes and key points from their work, because by just reading over the work, it won’t be retained.

Teach him to read each sentence and pick out important words from each one to jot down to help them to remember. Drawing pictures and using lines and arrows also helps the brain to memorise the work. Make use of highlighters, different colour pens and rulers to underline important dates, people’s names and places.

Tips for Success

  1.  Don’t rush to help them all the time. Let them try on their own a bit first. This does take patience from your side.
  2. Most parents are only too happy to help their kids with their homework, as it lets them show off their knowledge. Resist the temptation to answer the questions for them. Your child needs to exercise his or her mind and work things out on their own. A huge mistake is stepping in and doing the work for them.
  3. Check through their finished work and offer some suggestions for improvement, or even better ask a question to get them thinking. Keep your finger on what they are studying and show an interest.
  4. Some children study better in the early mornings, and others at night. Let them decide and adjust your routines accordingly.
  5. When you ask your child how his or her day went, get them to tell you what they learned about. By repeating it, it helps to fix the days work into their memories.
  6. To improve your childs memory, try this game. Place a bunch of small objects onto a tray and let everyone study it for a minute. Now cover it and let everyone write down all the objects that they can remember seeing. Studies show that memory games help people think faster than those who don’t play memory games.
  7. Practise writing quickly and neatly. Because in an exam situation you only have a certain time to finish the paper, it is a good idea to let your child practise this. Here is an exercise on how to help your child to write faster. Give them something to copy and let them write it as quickly as they can for two minutes. Count how many words they managed to write. Try and improve the score the next day. If the writing starts becoming very untidy, then alternate between fast and neat.

Please feel free to add your comments below if you feel you would like to add something else to the list.

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  1. Thank you for your tips for success! These are things that concerned parents will want to try out!

    I would also add ‘giving lots of praise and commendation’ Kids always respond well to encouragement and praise. This works well when helping your child to excel.

    I’m certainly going to use your tips when helping the kids in my family!

    • Thanks for stopping by Marcia. For sure, praise one of the things I left out when learning how to help your child to excel.

  2. Thanks Mergie for the tips. I read excited to know your dedication to your children’s school work. May I know if you have suggestions how to get them interested in doing their homework. Rather than it being our (parent’s) goal, it should be inbuilt into them to want to do their homework. Do you have an good strategy to help our kids in that?

    • That is a difficult one as none of them like doing homework unless it is a subject they like.

      The trick is to get it done early. As soon after they get home from school as they can. The longer they leave it the harder it gets as they get tired. Try offering an incentive. Do all your homework before five this week and you can go ice skating this weekend for example.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on how to help your child to excel.

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