Why A Support System Is Important For Personal Success

support system to help you succeed online

Because we are human, we were not made to be alone, and we thrive when we are in a good team. So why a support system is important for personal success is not some guru invention, but simply a fact. 

Let’s look at why a support system is important for personal success and why we should all have a good support system to fall back on.

Most people find themselves encountering various different types of support systems during different phases of their life.

It could be a support system to help you get over an illness, or a support system to motivate each individual in the group to reach an exercise or work goal.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Effective Support System?

The importance of an effective support system cannot be emphasized more especially for those who have needed an effective support system at some stage and felt its effect firsthand. 

An effective support system should:

  • be give and take from both sides.
  • based on enduring bonds rather than only when misfortune strikes.
  • give encouragement and help to all sides.
  • keep you accountable for your actions and behavior.
  • give honest feedback to help one another.
  • help each other to overcome major obstacles.
  • motive and support.

The purpose of having a support system in place is like having an anchor that keeps you on track whenever you are tempted to go off course with a definitive purpose so that complications and shortcomings become a thing of the past.

Steps To Building An Effective Support System

  1. Know the best possible outcome you would want for yourself when it is all said and done. This enables you to be objective in seeking a support system. From this, you can tell if it is a mentor you need or just companionship as you process the situation.
  2. Map out the resources currently at your disposal. Based on the goals seek a network of people who are capable of helping to steer you in your desired direction. After listing them down it gets easier to approach them for guidance. Remember that not everybody has the ability or the willingness to help you.  
  3. Map out resources you need but are currently not at your disposal. Your support group can come in handy in helping you gain access to such resources. This can be a rehabilitation facility, a special seminar, or even a gym.  

An effective support system can only work if you are willing to open up and put some effort in. It’s all about giving and taking in the end.

Why A Support System Is Important For Personal Success

why a support system is important for personal success

Experiencing highs and lows in life is a normal part of living, but finding companionship or help when times get rough gives us the motivation to power on.

This is why you need to find a set of like-minded individuals who have the same dreams and goals that you do, as they will understand the predicament you are facing, and you will understand theirs.

This enables you all to give an honest viewpoint or opinion when giving feedback and you can get into terms with the reality of the matter.

An effective support system is crucial for the mental and emotional well-being of any given person despite their background. Nobody is impervious to feelings and people who tend to feign strength in their moment of weakness end up repressing emotions which inflict greater damage to their well-being in the long run.

Social support is proven to help sharpen individuals coping mechanisms by minimizing their levels of anxiety every other time something unfortunate strikes.

Different people respond differently to their specific support structures some opting for a small circle of loved ones while others respond better in a large group. No matter where you fit in, yearning for a support system is a basic human requirement and everyone should have access to something.

You will need to try and avoid negative people and try to get in with a positive group, as negativity tends to feed off of negativity and you don’t want to be dragged down with them.

Having negative people in your life means that they will feed on the energy you have, whereas positive people will build you up.

People who to try and avoid in a support group are drug addicts, people with a tendency to blame, impulsive liars, and pessimists. Rather invest your remain energy on people whose presence makes you feel better.

The Consequences Of Not Having A Support System

As the saying goes – ‘no man can stand alone like an island.’

As human beings, we need each other whether it be in bad times or in good. 

A good social support system has been linked to better health, psychological wellness, and better achievements in different phases of life.

People without good support systems could end up suffering from:

  • depression
  • loneliness
  • caving into unhealthy habits
  • illnesses like heart disease and cerebral vascular diseases can result.
  • Sleep deprivation from an overwhelmed mind, or one filled with doubt and uncertainty.
  • mental illness if dealing with too much on your own
  • low life expectancy, especially for patients with severe conditions.

A Support System To Help You Succeed Online

If you are an entrepreneur working from home, you are definitely going to need a support system, as working alone and staying motivated is not for the faint-hearted.

There are many people to follow online and even use as mentors, but what about everyday people like you and me? 

I am lucky enough to belong to an awesome platform called Wealthy Affiliate, and they have a support system that is second to none. There are so many people in there and they all have the same objectives that I do when it comes to building an online business, so it makes sense to use some of these individuals, or even all of them at times as a support system.  

If I have any questions, I ask. If I see any questions that need answers from others I answer as best I can. It is great to mix with like-minded people who are also building their businesses from home and to see the struggles they are going through. We all learn from each other on a daily basis.

When working on your own, it is very important to have a support system to help you succeed online and stay motivated on those lazy days.

To read more about how you can start your own online business and get all the support you need while building it, click here.

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