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clickbank affiliate marketing software

In this article, I am going to be reviewing CB Affiliate Magic which is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Software you can purchase to help you make sales on Clickbank.

Does This ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Software Actually Work?

cb affiliate magic

CB Affiliate Magic is the ultimate Clickbank affiliate marketing software to generate tons of money from the ClickBank Marketplace or is it?

CB Affiliate Magic claims that it is the only software available in the market that enables CB Affiliate Marketers to create stunning product catalogs within 60 seconds.

So are these claims true?

Well, yes and no.

The software is really easy to use, as all you do is decide what type of niche you would like to promote, and the system will spit out a code for you to place on your website.

So in seconds, you will have an entire catalog of items you can sell on your website all relating to your niche. This is awesome, except for one thing. How many of your visitors will page through your catalog when they see it on your site, or simply leave because they feel overwhelmed.

On purchasing the software I had to download it and there were two videos explaining what to do.

It all seemed pretty straightforward until I tried to download Adobe Air Runtime onto my computer. My Mac simply refused to cooperate, and without this software, the CB Affiliate Magic can’t install.

I wrote to support and a couple of hours later they sent me a link to the online version that I can use and not have to install anything on my computer, so I was pretty impressed with their service.

How Does CB Affiliate Magic Work?

When you open the software, it looks like this.

clickbank affiliate marketing software

All you now do is fill in the blanks. Seemed simple enough, so let me try and see if I can get some decent products listed in my catalog under the make money from home online niche.

Luckily when you click on Add Items by-products, all the niches and sub-niches come up within the ClickBank marketplace.

clickbank affiliate marketing software

You can also choose to insert a banner, video, or even a buy now button, as long as you have an image or URL.

I chose to rather make a simple catalog so as not to overwhelm my visitors.

Once you have filled out all the fields you click on create my CB Catalog and this is what comes up.

cb magic

Now all you need to do is copy the code that they give to you and paste it on your blog. This is what I got.


Affiliate Marketing Products

CB Engine


CB Affiliate Magic Clickbank Software


Super Affiliate Tracking


Legal Notice: Product prices and availability are subject to change. Visit the corresponding website for more details. Trademarks & images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Well, that was impressively simple.

CB Affiliate Magic Pros:

  • Very easy to use.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The price is good.
  • You can quickly find ClickBank products to promote without having to go to Clickbank and search the marketplace.
  • You can color-code your catalog to match up with your website.

CB Affiliate Magic Cons:

  • The software is a little old school and could do with an update.
  • I would have liked to be able to pick products with a decent gravity or even pick my own products, rather than what the software recommends.
  • I think putting a catalog of products on your site is not going to help you get sales. You may even chase your visitors away as they won’t know what to pick. I know I would feel overwhelmed.

clickbank affiliate marketing software


In any case, I have decided that I quite like this piece of software, and it was very well priced.

I like the ideas that it gives me for products to explore, which I probably wouldn’t have found by going to the Clickbank marketplace unless I knew the name of the product.

So if you are an affiliate of Clickbank, you may find that this piece of software will come in useful, even if you just use it for research.

If you want to know how to build a blog for all your affiliate marketing needs, you can get the best training with this platform.



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