Tips For Happiness And Overall Well Being

tips for happiness

We all need to learn how to have fun and be happy. Here are some tips for happiness and overall well being so that you can be just that in your life.

Tips For Happiness

Set Daily Goals

Work towards setting your own goals each day, as self-improvement comes from within.

Your goals could be work-related, diet-related or just about anything else related. Start off small and always reward yourself for meeting the challenges of your daily goals. If you don’t make them, don’t stress, because you can move on tomorrow.

I use Simpleology to keep my life organized and to track my goals.

Face Your Fears

One of the most liberating things that you can do for yourself is to look your fears in the eye and then go for it, even if you think you might die.

For instance, are you scared of heights? Try going on a roller coaster ride or skydiving.

Are you scared of speaking in front of a crowd? Join a public speaking group and face those demons.

tips for happiness

Laugh Out Loud

Laugh until your cheeks hurt or until your stomach aches or even until the tears are running down your face. You have heard I am sure that laughter is the best medicine.

Make Time For Hobbies

It is so important for people to have hobbies. As we get older it is so easy to stop all those extracurricular activities that you loved as a child like sport or art.

Look out for adult activities such as book clubs, crafts, soccer teams, bird watching groups or a rowing club. Keep your passions alive by reconnecting with hobbies that you once loved. You can even build a website around your hobbies and you can see how by clicking on the picture below.

tips for happiness

Buy Sexy Undies

For all you ladies out there, you need to feel proud of your body, and nothing makes you feel special like sexy underwear and lingerie does.

Matching lingerie can also work wonders because you can strut through your day knowing that you look awesome underneath those clothes.

Travel To A Foreign Place

To be able to see different parts of the world and see how different cultures live is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Not only will it open your mind to new things, but it will also enhance your love for your home country and increase your sense of what’s important in your own life.

Travelling is one of the best ways to find yourself, especially if you choose to travel alone.

Break Your Routine

If every day seems the same – get up, work, home, gym, dinner, tv, and sleep, then you need to try and make it different sometimes.

Go to the gym in the morning instead. Do a hobby instead of watching TV. Eat dinner outside for a change. Otherwise, your life will seem like you are stuck in Groundhog Day.

Have Some Fun

Life is not all about work, and you need to find that balance. Schedule something that you love to do at least once a month. This could be camping with the family, drinks with your friends or even taking out a day to spoil yourself.

Dress Up Once In A While

Doll yourself up once in a while and go somewhere special. Putting on a beautiful dress or tuxedo and spending money on some new shoes and a new hairdo can make you feel extra special. Everyone deserves to feel special once in a while.

Look Down On The World

Take a hike to the top of a mountain or cliff and look down over your city at the view. If you don’t like hiking take a cable car up a mountain or a lift up to the top floor of a high building.tips for happiness

Looking down from above can really put things in a new perspective for you.

Find Balance

It’s all about finding harmony, and finding that perfect balance comes down to your body, mind, and spirit. Work on perfecting all three to gain equilibrium.

Express Your Love

Tell those closest to you that you love them. Try calling up a friend and telling her that she’s the best for no reason at all.

Showing others how much they mean to you will help you to realize just how important they are and how lucky you are to have them in your life.

Knowing that they feel the same way about you can really boost your confidence and feeling of importance in the world.

Live For The Now

Even though you have to obviously plan for the future, try living for the moment.

The key is to find the balance between saving to tomorrow and living for today, which can be a bit tricky.

So best get a savings account for the future and one for the now. This is for just in case you see a gorgeous dress for sale or you want to rush off for a weekend of fun with your friends.

Learn Something New

Knowledge is power and this is whether you are learning how to cook or even learning a new language. Remember that you are never too old to learn, and learning keeps your mind active and helps to improve your sense of self-worth.

Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

This is one of the most important tips for happiness that I can give you, odd as it may seem.

This is because, in order to really find your self worth and truly love your life, you need to feel it from the inside.

You need to let go of all the stresses and insecurities of your surroundings including your finances, your family, your relationships and your career.

Try this – put on your favorite song and destress by dancing around your living room.

Dance away those work dramas.

Dance away those relationship issues.

Dance away those money woes.

Dance your way to self-improvement.

Self-improvement is a long journey that sometimes may feel like an uphill battle both ways. Why walk through the bumps and jolts when you can dance?

So, our last self-improvement tip comes from the advice of David Bowie: Just Dance.

The rest will fall into place.

If you have any more tips for happiness you would like to add, please comment below.



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