Six Great Reasons To Start Your Own Online Business

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There are many great reasons to start your own online business, the main one being that it is a great way to earn an extra income, whether it be part time or full time.

Most of your reasons to start your own online business starts with the intention of firing your boss and giving up a full-time job that you hate.

The best reason I can think of off the top of my head is that the startup costs are low and you can build yourself right up to a full-time income over time doing what you love.reasons to start your own online business

There are many advantages to having your own online business, and I think the most important underlying reason that people start online businesses, is so that they can have the freedom to spend more time with their families and improve their lifestyles.

Here are some more advantages to having an online business, apart from the fact that you can go to work in your pajamas.

Six Great Reasons To Start Your Own Online Business

1. Low start-up costs

The start-up costs involved in starting an online business are pretty low in comparison to a brick and mortar business.

All you basically need to start your own online business is a computer and a good internet connection.

Initially, you will have very few overheads to pay such as staff, rentals, and equipment, so an online business is within most peoples reach, providing that they are willing to work hard and put in the hours that it takes to succeed.

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2. Less Stress

If you run your online business from home, you will have no need to wake up early in the morning so that you can beat the traffic.

You won’t have a boss breathing down your neck because you haven’t met your targets or deadlines.

The only boss you will need to account to is yourself.

You get to set your own working hours and take responsibility for your own income.

3. Prosperity

With the internet, you can market to the entire world, as opposed to just the people in your area as with a normal brick and mortar business.

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

The sky is the limit as far as your earning potential goes with your own online business.

4. Faster Results

An online business will show profit’s a lot sooner than a regular brick and mortar business, mainly due to the low overheads and start-up costs.

The increased exposure that the internet gives you if you know how to market well is invaluable.

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5. No Stock To Carry

Most online businesses sell either other peoples products (Affiliate Marketing) or their own products in the form of digital downloads.

The best thing about this sort of marketing is that you don’t have to worry about shipping charges or holding a lot of stock, as this aspect is taken care of for you by the suppliers.

All you will need to worry about in your online business is the promotion and marketing of these items. The best way to do this is by building a quality website.

6. You can be earning while you sleep

Once you have put in the initial hard work, your efforts will be automated, which means that even while you are not working, your products will be selling, while the systems that you put in place will be working for you.

If the above six reasons to start your own online business are not enough motivation to get you off your butt and into gear, then maybe you are doomed to work for a boss for the rest of your life.

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Michel Maling


  1. The post is really easy to read and organised! And I like the related links you’ve put between the post. They’re useful. They let the readers want to know more about your website.

    Appreciate that you’ve made your post simple. It reminds us that sometimes less is more. Great Job! Keep it up!

    Wish you all the best:)


    • Thanks Mark. 

      Sometimes it’s nice to do short and sweet, as I know how many people are in a rush nowadays.

  2. You have some real good reasons to start an online business. Firing the boss sound pretty awesome to me. Plus I’m a night person so working my own hours would be perfect. Or, for some one with kids and a lot of activities to run to, being able to just get up and go without having to explain to the boss would be great. The best reason is being able to work in your pjs. Mine are very comfy.

    What kind of time would a person need to put into starting a business like this? I know most people don’t get rich overnight doing online work but it could help with the bills, right?

    Thanks you for this info.

    • The more time you can put in at the beginning, the better and the faster you will start earning. I would say at least three to four hours a day if you can, and even longer if you don’t have a full time job to go to.

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