New Year Resolutions Ideas

new year resolutions ideas

How Will You Take Care Of Yourself In The New Year?

As the year draws to a close a lot of people are thinking of new year resolutions ideas. What do you have planned for the next year and do your plans involve taking care of yourself over the next year?

Many of us spend so much time taking care of others that you barely have time to feed your own spirit, mind, and body. Ask yourself how much time you honestly devote to yourself and your well-being?

This is something that we are all guilty of – putting everything into everything and everyone else and not realize the toll it is taking on ourselves until we are running on empty.

New Year – New You!

When looking for new year resolutions ideas, you need to new year resolutions ideaslook at this new year as a fresh opportunity to do a bit of soul-searching.

It’s time to look within yourself, and be honest about what you see, whether it’s in your personal life or on the career front.

This isn’t about setting goals or making resolutions. This is about committing to taking care of yourself.

New Year Resolutions Ideas

Why not get started with an online self-care test at https://socialwork.buffalo.edu/content/dam/socialwork/home/self-care-kit/self-care-assessment.pdf. You will need to answer these questions totally and completely honestly for your own benefit.

It’s between you and yourself and with this self-care test, so you won’t get far if you can’t be honest. As you take the assessment, you will probably be amazed to see where you are letting yourself down.

It’s also important to note that self-care doesn’t look the same for everyone. For you, it could be spending time with friends, it might be exercising more or making healthier dietary choices. It could also be a massage and for your partner, or sitting down to deal with the finances. We are all different and only you can really know what self-care avenue will serve you best.

What do you do too much of? Likewise, it’s what don’t you do enough of? Answering these two questions is an excellent place to start your journey.

Ultimately, self-care should be practicing things that make you feel better. So, if something that you do a lot of doesn’t do that for you, think about how you can limit that behavior or activity in your life.

If you prefer to make traditional new years resolutions, you can still do that, but this will likely put a bit more pressure on you. If you know that you struggle with your resolutions, perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is skip it. For example, if you always set yourself up with an attainable resolution, don’t do that resolution at all.

If you aren’t sure where to get started with your self-care habits, here is some help. These ideas might help you, no matter what area of your life you want to focus on.

Ways To Take Care of Yourself

  • Instead of focusing on your past failures, shift your focus to new opportunities in the future.
  • Spend time meditating and less time in the noise.
  • Spend more time in nature and less time inside.
  • Make time to sit down with a good book.
  • Plan a challenging step, whether career or otherwise, and don’t worry about the time or cost.
  • Schedule time for your partner, family, and friends.
  • Practice more hobbies and activities that you enjoy.
  • Spend less time on activities that you’re expected to do by others.
  • Devote extra time to talking to your children about who you really are.

No one can know what next year will hold, but what you can know is how to truly look after yourself.

Truly, learning how to protect yourself is what will help you navigate any challenge that the new year throws at you. So, what are your new year resolutions ideas?

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  1. I’m happy to see that as I go through your list of techniques that I’m checking most off on the list. Meditation, nature walks, opportunity, books especially, a challenging step which for me is to become my own boss and doing anything I need to achieve that goal, and extra time on hobbies. 

    When I’m at work or out and about I see a lot, and I mean a lot of negativity. Even on days like today (Friday), I just see so much unhappiness. We’re conditioned to think and feel in a negative way, but once we free ourselves from such negativity we’ll be okay and looking forward to the future. 

  2. This is another great article and its full of informations. I always enjoy reading all your articles and this one is no exception because they are very helpful. 

    This is the most extensive and comprehensive blog post I have ever read on new year resolutions ideas. 

    Everybody has their resolution for the new year but it’s a pity we don’t normally implement these resolutions. These are great tips and our year will be fruitful if we can work towards achieving it

  3. Hello, Michel, I am glad you brought this post across. I actually downloaded the online self-help and was amazed at the areas of my life I have completely neglected all my life.  

    It is in the workplace self-care. It is going to improve my productivity and that of my staff I will print and ask them to fill it in.  Thank you

    • Thanks for stopping by and best of luck improving those areas of your life you need to and hope your staff also see the importance of doing this.

  4. My New Years Resolution this year was to track my finances more closely. I can tell you that this shift has made a huge difference in the first couple of months of the year. As you mention, it has shifted my focus on things that occurred in the past (accumulation of student loan debt) to new opportunities in the future (creating new digital products, etc.). Thanks for this informative article and especially the link to the free self-care test! 

    • Only a pleasure Tucker and glad that your shift and monitoring your finances is helping.

  5. There is a slogan we do use in my country every New Year. Especially in January. We always tell our business client, friends and family that this is a New Year new system which means all the last year disappointment, bad behavior and so on has passed away. and we are new people with new behavior that is better than last year.

    I will like to visit the online self-care test in the article to see how it can help  for a New Year revolutionary ideas

  6. Hi Michel,

    Thank you for these New Year Resolutions ideas. I admit that every year setting goals is our priority but we never think about self-care. I am going to do the online self-care test after this. Also, thank you very for the tips to take care of yourself. I will set self-care as my main resolution for this year.

    Best wishes.

    • Good idea Shui, there is nothing more important than you and looking after yourself.

  7. Your self-care list is eerie in how close to home the points feel to me.

    It serves as a reminder of things I need to do to shift my focus and commit to practices and habits that will help with daily pressures and life in general.  Just consciously deciding to incorporate more outdoor time in my week is a huge step that’s really not hard to do but I do not know why I allow unimportant excuses to stop me.

    This is a great list that I should print out and put on my fridge for daily reminder!

    Thank you for the promptings 🙂

  8. Profiting online from home is a good source of passive income if you do affiliate marketing. A good idea, good job and good business opportunity, no boss, no pressure, work flexible hours and spend time with family are plus points to this. 

    This is definitely a good idea for a resolution for my new year. Now I just need to follow it through and take action.

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