Should I Get A Degree?

should I get a degree

Times are changing as many young people are asking questions like ‘should I get a degree?’ Do I need to go to college?’ ‘Should I get a college degree and is it actually worth it?’

Whether you want to study in Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, or Europe, it is always a good idea to invest in your education, but it can be time-consuming and costly. Many are studying for years, only to find that they end up getting a job in something that they didn’t even study for in the end. They either found it too difficult to get into the field of their choice or got a better offer elsewhere.

At this point in time, more and more people than ever before in history are turning to work for themselves (entrepreneurship) to profit and make a living for themselves.

It makes me wonder, how viable is it to go and spend a fortune on a good education from a university. It almost seems a waste to spend years and years studying for some random degree in university or college when so many people are becoming wealthy from home. Some people do very well with just a part-time business studies course.

should I get a degree

Did you know that nowadays even children and students are funding their business studies with part-time work on their computer? I somehow doubt that children who start earning money online while they are young will ask “should I get a degree?”

Although it is good to keep learning and growing, it sometimes makes me wonder if it is worth the financial and time commitment to put oneself through a long degree, if you aren’t guaranteed work afterward. Isn’t it may be better to pursue your interests and find shorter courses to do that will educate you further in the field that you are passionate about, and in this way, you can generate an income for yourself, as well as follow your passions in life?

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Should I Get A Degree?

I am not saying that you should or shouldn’t get a degree, just know exactly what you want and what you are going to do with your degree before you start. Is it something that you truly want to do for the rest of your life.

Here are some thoughts to ponder:

  • The average education has gone up almost 328% in the last 8 years, and it is still rising.
  • For many that degree becomes nothing more than a piece of paper hanging off of your office wall, assuming you get a job, but you will also in most cases have a debt to pay off many years to come.
  • A lot of the education for colleges and universities is moving online as a result of the pandemic, you are still spending the same high price for your education, but you are losing out on all the student experiences of attending live.
  • You go to school for 4 years, then spend the next year trying to get a job. And a job is not guaranteed, unfortunately.
  • And after all of this and 4 years of hard work, the average “student” does NOT have a JOB.  After 5 years you still have $0 in income.
  • If you are lucky and get a good entry-level job you will have to pay back a minimum of about $4000 a year to your student loan. At that rate, it could be 80 years before you are out of debt. Depressing thought!
  • According to inflationdata.com, since 1995 college tuition prices have gone up an astounding 498.49%, where normal consumer inflation (food/gas/clothing) during the same period was only 114%.

All you need to do is look around you to see the billions of people who are in debt to the government because of student loans. So think very carefully before you follow the conventional road.

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Most people I know work for somebody else, getting paid for the time that they put into making somebody else rich. This is the easy way out for most, but if you don’t enjoy your job, what are you doing wasting those precious hours, when you could be doing something that you really love.

I firmly believe that everyone on this earth has great potential and can become whatever he or she chooses to become. There are no limits, apart from those in your head. You just have to make a commitment, set your goals, improve your mindset, and put your plans into action.

Get a good education in the type of work that you will be doing, and not just because somebody told you to get some random degree. Anybody no matter how much formal education you have had can learn to generate an income for him or herself. The trick is to never stop learning, and also to never give up.

So if I hear somebody ask, ‘should I get a degree,’ or ‘what should I get a degree in?’ I simply answer do something you are absolutely passionate about and get a degree in life.

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