Safelist Marketing Tactics

safelist marketing tactics

safelist marketing tacticsHere are some safelist marketing tactics that I use within my business. I hope that some of them can help you with your online business.

I know that there are a lot of people who have tried marketing with safelists and list builders and say that they do not work. I have found this to be both true and false, but I still use safelists and list builders to this day.

The only difference is that I let them work for me and not the other way around. If you are not sure how safe lists are used or what they are, you can read this post.

Safelist Marketing Tactics

The trick with this type of marketing is to make sure that you do it with the intent to get as much information out there as you can.

30 000 or more emails a day is ideal.  Even so, you may only end up with a 0,5 to 2 % click through rate, depending on your offer. The secret to getting results is like any other type of internet marketing – numbers.

Unfortunately, it is not worth the time and effort it will take you to rack up those credits each day, as you have to read literally hundreds of emails. Unless, of course, you have paid memberships with a couple of the good sites.

I spend the majority of my time building up my websites and working towards my own financial future, but safelists are a great tool to build your lists on autopilot if you know how. When you join a list builder or safelist for the first time, they normally offer a really good deal that is never offered again. If it is a once off payment, it may be a good idea to take it, as it will save you hours of work each month.

A word of warning, though, check that you only spend money on reputable sites, and not the fly by night ones. I only ever spend money at the sites that I know have been going for years with owners that take care of their websites and their customers.

If you can’t afford to take out some upgraded memberships, I strongly recommend you use this tool to rack up those credits quickly. It is relatively cheap and I know they have a free trail run. Credit Clicker will save you oodles of time, as it opens up over a hundred emails at a time for you and building up your credits has never been quicker.

Another time-saving tool that I use is Traffic Zipper. You can read my review here.  This allows you to send out mail automatically to all your sites each day on autopilot which is a great safelist marketing tactic. This is my favorite safelist marketing tactics tool as you can set and forget it, and the leads come in on autopilot.

Safelist Genie is another tool you can use, which isn’t automatic, but it allows you to log into all your safelists quickly and also lets you know if your credits are running low in certain safelists. You can also click for credits using this tool, but it doesn’t save as much time clicking for credits here as it does on credit clicker.

Referral Frenzy is another great time saver and this site allows you to mail to over 96 mailers with the click of a button. You can read my review here.

safelist marketing tacticsWhat Should I Advertise On Safelists?

The sad fact is that most people who advertise on safelists and list builders are just using them to promote their own products and not because they want to read what you send out to them.

So now you find that if you advertise your primary business, you get a really opt-in rate.

The best thing to advertise is either more ways for your readers to advertise or save time with their advertising. These sorts of products work well on safelists because everyone is looking for new ways to advertise.

Another thing that a lot of marketers use safelists and list builders for is to build their lists. Here you will need a good eye-catching squeeze page where you offer something of value to your readers in exchange for their email addresses. Once you have them on your list, then you can educate them on your other products or offers.

If you have an ebook, use one that is related to either advertising, getting more traffic or internet marketing. In this way, you will get more opt-ins. It is no use offering an ebook on knitting on these sorts of sites, as the advertisers here are only looking at things that will help them to make more money online.

Which Safelists Are Good?

Your safelist marketing tactics can only be good if the safelist and list builder sites you use are also good, and there are people on them that will read about what you have to offer.

Traffic Zipper has a list of the best, or you can read this post to find out what my favorites are.

Please feel free to comment below on your successes and failures with safelists and list builders.





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