How To Put Pictures On A Website That Are Free

how to put pictures on a website

If you want to know how to put pictures on a website, I will explain how to do this here. I will be dealing with a WordPress website or blog, because that is what I am accustomed to working on.

Did you know that even If you don’t have your own pictures, you can get many quality images for free on the internet and I will explain just how to do this?

Why Put Images On A Website

Placing relevant images on your blog or website is very important, as people love pictures or images, and if you have a lot of content that is not broken up with interesting and relevant images, you could lose your audience.

Remember when you are blogging, your main aim should be to attract people to actually read your content. The more interesting and appealing your content is and looks, the better you will rank on the search engines, and thus more people will visit your site.

Think of your site as a shop. You need to attract customers by making your shop look attractive, and without images, this just won’t happen, as your shop will look boring and your visitors will just move onto the next website or shop.

store front

How To Get Pictures For Your Website

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Purchase stock photos
  • Get images from Google
  • Get free images off Pixabay
  • Get free images in Site Content
  • Take your own photos

How To Purchase Stock Photo’s

There are a number of sites online that sell great quality photo’s that can be used for your website.

Here are just a few:





You can purchase photographs on any of the sites above and the pricing is not too bad. I only use this option on occasion when I need a really stunning picture that I can’t find anything close to for free.

How To Get Images Off Google

First, go to google.com

In the search box type in the word that describes the photo’s you want.

When Google displays a list of sites, at the top of the page click on Images.

You will see a whole lot of images pop up, but do not use these as most of them will be copyright.

Click on Tools and then underneath on Usage Rights.

Under Usage Rights click on Labelled for Reuse.

The pictures that come up now should be fine to use on your website.

picture of a catThis is a picture I got in this method with the search keyword being ‘cats.’

You can either drag the images to your desktop or save them as…..

How To Get Free Images Off Pixabay

Go to Pixabay.

In the search box type what you want a picture of for instance grumpy cats or cute dogs.

Pixabay will then give you a selection of both free and paid images and you can take your pick.

I usually drag the picture of choice to my desktop and then back into my WordPress image library, but you can also save the picture in a conventional way to a file of your choice.

How To Get Free Images In Site Content

This is my favorite way of getting pictures, and also the fastest.

In case you are not sure what Site Content is, it is the platform that Wealthy Affiliate members use to write their blog posts before publishing them to their blogs.

You simply click on the picture/image button and put in your keyword. You will see a selection of free images pop up and you can choose one. Now, Site Content will give you the option of cropping and editing the picture to your heart’s content, which makes the image more personal for your type of article.

Take Your Pictures

If you do your own photography, you will never run the risk of getting sued for using other people’s images. This is definitely a good route to go if you can. The new smartphones take excellent photos, so you don’t even need a separate camera nowadays.

It is so simple in this day and age to simply load your images onto your computer and then drag them into your website. Technology is truly a wonderful thing.

How To Put Pictures On A Website

If you are using WordPress, it is so simple to put your pictures on your website once they are on the computer you are working from.

You can simply click on add media and then either download them or drag them into the library. Nothing could be simpler.

As a final tip, make sure that you use a plugin like Smush so that you can compress your images, because as important as images are on your website, if they are too large they can slow your website down drastically.

Luckily if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, all the images you add through site content will automatically be loaded in their smallest form, so there won’t be any issues with the images slowing down your site.

Here are some screenshots to help you place images into your posts.

Step One:

how to put pictures on a website

First, you will need to click on add image.

how to put pictures on a website

Click on upload if you want to get an image that has been saved to your computer.

If you want to add an image that is already on your website somewhere in the image library then click on Media Library.

If you press insert from URL, make sure that you have permission to use the picture.

put a image on your website

Once you have chosen the image to be downloaded, it will appear on your page like this and you have the option to edit it according to your needs.

image on website

Now you can continue typing your content. I chose to make the picture smaller and indent it to the right so that I could continue typing down the left side of the image.

So as you can see, how to put pictures on a website is not rocket science, and you need absolutely zero IT skills to make this work for you.

Go ahead and practice and soon it will be like second nature. You will notice that your website will not only look better but also attract a lot more readers.


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