How Do After School Sports Help Kids?

after school sports help kids

Does playing after school sports help kids? Supposedly most children play sport for health reasons, recreation or enjoyment. Sport can also develop a child’s courage, self-control and determination.

Sports also build life skills and teach your children to work with a team.

It is proven that children who do after school sports achieve better academic results overall. So yes, after school sports help kids tremendously.

We just need to remember something as parents, and this is important……

after school sports help kids

As parents we like our children to do well and feel extremely proud when our children do well at sport or excel. Sometimes we tend to push our kids too hard, but this can make them feel inadequate. Remember these important words that you can use to encourage your child.

Before the completion: “have fun, play hard, I love you”
After the completion: “did you have fun?, I’m proud of you, I love you”

Even better – tell your child, “I enjoy watching you play.”

Here are some more tips for over zealous parents:

  • Enjoy a great season watching your child give of his or her best.
  • Supporting your child in order for him/her to get maximum pleasure out of playing the game.
  • Remember that every parent wants what is best for their child, but then so does every coach.
  • Let the referee handle the game and let your child make his/her own mistakes. This enables your child to learn more about the game.
  • Treat your child the same, irrespective of whether his or her team wins or loses.
  • Show your child that your love is not associated with his/her sporting performances.

And last but not least –
Look relaxed, calm and positive at the sideline.

Follow the above guidelines and your child will enjoy and benefit from his or her after school sports.


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