How To Raise A Confident Child

raise a confident child

If you are wanting to know how to raise a confident child, here are some thoughts for you.

If you are aiming to raise a confident child, then there are certain things you will need to do to build your child’s confidence.

How to raise confident children is an art form that needs to be worked on and perfected over time.

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How To Raise A Confident Child

how to raise a confident child

As a parent, it is natural to want to protect and cushion your child, and sometimes be just plain overprotective.

Did you know that the more practice children have in managing themselves and their lives, and overcoming obstacles to meet their goals, the more confidence, and competence they will develop?

So your job as a parent is to find the right amount of protection and support on the one hand, and then be able to allow your child enough independence on the other.

By all means, stand within reach, ready to lend a helping hand, but keep your mouth shut and your hands to yourself, unless you really need to dive in and help.

The only time you need to open your mouth is to give your child the appropriate encouragement.

If for example, your child is climbing up the tallest slide on the playground, expressing how worried you are may help you, but it definitely won’t help your child. In fact, you will just limit him. Rather just send your child encouraging words like ”wow, I knew you could do it.’ But if he falls, at least you are there to catch him.

On the other hand, try not to set your child up for failure. Research shows that children who see their parents stand by and let them fail, feel unloved.

For example, the parent needs to push the child to study for his oral or test, or the child will fail and feel like the parent didn’t care. He will get feelings of incompetence and failure, which isn’t at all good if you are trying to raise a confident child.

Try and focus on how hard your child is working towards a goal, and not only praise the outcome if it is good.

Never underestimate the power of words. Here are the sorts of things you need to say to your child in order to raise a confident child and boost his or her self-esteem.

Raise A Confident Child By Saying Things Like:

  • I believe in you.
  • It’s a blessing to be your Mom/Dad.
  • I love you. Then be specific – I love your energy/smile/caring heart.
  • I have noticed…..you got your homework done/you have been trying hard at school. That’s what I call responsibility/kindness or mention another character-building quality.
  • Keep up the good work – you are making progress.
  • If more children were like you, this world would be a better place.
  • There is a bright future ahead for you.
  • Thanks for what you did (helping with chores etc.)
  • If all the _ _-year-old children in the world were lined up and I could pick one – I would pick you.
  • I admire or am proud of you for…………

A few choice sentences in your child’s life can go a long way to making him or her a caring and responsible adult with confidence that can only be built up during childhood.

 Building Confidence in Your Child
raise a confident child

Dr. James Dobson is a well-known expert on matters of the family. I have read a couple of his books and he has helped me enormously with his advice on how to raise little girls.

A solid sense of self-worth helps children to make good choices, develop healthy relationships, and work to achieve their dreams. Based on a biblical understanding of human value,

Based on a biblical understanding of human value, Building Confidence in Your Child teaches both Moms and Dads how to parent positively to help their children grow into secure adults who are poised for success in life.

Trusted author and parenting expert Dr. James Dobson offers practical pointers that break through the theories and get right down to the decisions parents have to make every day.

This book is available both in Kindle and Paperback and is well worth the read for any parent who only wants the best for their offspring.

Click on the book to find out how you can get a copy.

If you have any other valuable nuggets to share on raising confident children, please comment below.



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