Get More Traffic With Social Media – It’s Mostly Free!

Want to get more traffic with social media? Believe it or not, this is one of the quickest (mostly) free methods to get visitors to your site, and it is so easy to do.

The world of social media is vast and as long as you are not spamming the community, you should manage to get many visitors to your website using your social media accounts.

The world of social media is actually a great traffic hack!

That’s right. It is the number one free traffic hack to reach out to prospects across the globe! Fact is, everyone with a smartphone will have at least 2 social media applications installed. All you need to do is to start utilizing them.

Most of us use Social media to connect with the people around you. Most people have Facebook, so why not use it to get more traffic to your site.

It’s free, it’s convenient and it’s engaging. Just one push of a button allows followers to connect with your page and this opens a whole new opportunity for you to get more traffic with social media.

So to kick things off, let’s start with the most popular social media site  – FaceBook.

Get More Traffic With Social Media


get more traffic with social mediaWith the right strategies in place, affiliate marketing on Facebook is highly effective and can be really profitable.

Affiliate marketers are always on a constant search for the best ways to market their best products. And most importantly, reaching out to a larger audience!

As we all know, Facebook has many distinguishing features to attract traffic to your page and one of them is Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are a great way to direct a lot of Facebook’s population to your Facebook page, affiliate site, squeeze page, bonuses or other killer offers.

One good thing about Facebook is that it contains information about users’ locations, ages, and most importantly their general interest. This is great to target specific segments of the market who will be interested in your offer.

There are several ways to set up Facebook Ads. From your Facebook account, you will find an option to create an advert. Simply follow the steps laid out to find what category and market you want to direct your ad at, depending on your niche.

In this way, you can direct a new audience to your website content, or your affiliate offers. Putting a link to your FaceBook page can also help you to get more likes and follows.

Just make sure to hit the best audiences for your product, based on their genders, locations, interests, and ages. If you target these areas you will have the most success with your adverts.

Your Facebook venture doesn’t have to stop here. You could also try using Facebook Live Videos to get more traffic with social media. If you haven’t tried them, you are missing out! This amazing feature is a breakthrough not only for Facebook users but also to most affiliate marketers.

All you need to do is go to your Facebook Page and choose ‘Live Video’ as your post option. Let us take Snapchat as an example. The application makes it available for everyone to post videos, anytime and anywhere they want. But the videos are not permanent like Facebook, because once the video’s are opened and viewed they vanish after 24 hours.

FaceBook is different because once the video is viewed, it will stay on the page as a permanent video, and users can view it as many times as they want to.

Think about it! You, as an affiliate marketer, can broadcast live to your friends, followers and potential buyers. To top it off, the video is automatically saved on the user’s timeline.

This is a chance for you to use this platform to reach out to your followers and tell them about your current promotions and your killer bonuses!

Plan your video content and teach your audience about the product, your bonuses and help them learn something that will help them with their business that’s related to the product you are promoting.

When you started getting creative with your promotions by using live video, believe me, this will separate you from all the other affiliates. Once you get the ball rolling, use Facebook ads to boost your video views, as the campaign costs are usually very inexpensive.

Make sure that you also insert a social pluggin on your website so that your viewers can easily share your content on their social media accounts. This is another great source of free traffic for you.

More Great Social Media Sites To Use


get more traffic with social mediaInstagram, which is now owned by Facebook, provides the most powerful visual content and this is definitely, a competitive advantage to get more traffic with social media.

Instagram is the best platform to share content and establish a strong brand for your business. Instagram is obviously a visual integrated platform. All you need is a good amount of creativity to stand out amongst other competitors out there.

Don’t fret though, because everything you do, or interact with is an “Instagram worthy” moment. All you need to do to reach a wider range of audiences is to use hashtags.

Hashtags help you to find images on topics that you are interested in. Hashtags also help your prospects to find you. So don’t ignore hashtags, as they definitely contribute to the overall search result.


It’s possible to post images, videos, links, and text to twitter as long as it does not exceed 280 characters for every post.

Twitter is so quick. Tweet a link to a new post and Google will pick it up immediately.

Remember that Facebook Live Video you posted? Tweet about it to your Twitter account! What about the Instagram and Reddit posts you made earlier? Link them to your Twitter as well.


Reddit is a great way to get more traffic with social media, as it is a combination of a social media site, a social news website, discussion website and a website and web contant writing site.

Just like other sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Reddit serves as a message board that enables users to submit links.

Unlike other sites, the stream of content in Reddit is rated as ‘upvoted’ or ‘downvoted’ based on the level of value by the registered members of the community.

This is important in determining the position of a post on the site; items on the front page means that they received a higher number of views.

Content entries are organized based on the areas of interest called ‘subreddits’ which include topics such as news, gaming, science, music, fitness, movies, books, food, image-sharing and many more.

You have to be an analytical observer in the Reddit community. This means checking out what people are talking about in the comment threads, and see how content moves around at least once a day.

Reddit is naturally a discussion website with areas for discussion allowing users to discuss links that are posted and voting for or against others’ comments.

Your comments are undeniably the most interesting and important part of the site. Comments and submissions are sometimes abbreviated and some terms are used within the Reddit community such as ‘Op’ for original poster or ‘NSFW’ or not safe for work.

If you have posted a humorous and high-quality content post, then you will be lucky to receive ‘Reddit gold’.

Reddit Tips

  1. Make sure you always choose the right subreddit for the post and make sure that you read the rules to avoid getting blocked
  2. Don’t market when using Reddit, be a Redditor (users of Reddit).
  3. Only publish Ads in Reddit once you’ve created enough credibility.

Remember; Redditors can see all the previous posts you did from the very beginning just by looking at your profile. So, make every post count.


YouTube gives you the freedom to create videos that educate, inform, entertain or inspire people without the aid of a professional media company.

When selling products or services, your focus should be to both of your buyers and prospects. Provide them something that is entertaining, free, interesting and of great value so that they will remember you when they decided to use their hard-earned money to purchase something they need.

Always include links to your important websites in the descriptions box; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. That way, your prospects can get in touch with you through multiple social media platforms.

See how easy it is to link your content to various internet platforms. All it takes is a single push of a button and the rest is history. Your links will spread from one place to another on autopilot.

Some marketers have a lot of success with YouTube, and if you manage to create interesting or funny video’s you will get many views, shares, and likes.

get more traffic with social mediaSo in order to get more traffic with social media, all you need to do is open accounts on the various social media platforms above and start using them.

Each time you write a post on your website make sure to share them with social media to get more eyeballs to your site. Take time to work on your social media accounts each week to get more followers and try to post interesting content on the sites other than your own websites. Just be careful, as social media sites can swallow up your valuable time. Limit yourself to say an hour a week to working on these sites, or they will suck you in.

Please feel free to comment below if you would like to add something else with regard to how to get more traffic with social media.

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