The Benefits Of Creating A Blog

benefits of creating a blog

In this article, I will look at the benefits of creating a blog, how easy it can actually be and different types of blogs.

The Benefits Of Creating A Blog

benefits of creating a blog

In blogging the world is your oyster, as you are not limited to one type of blog or website. This is one of the main benefits of creating a blog.

In fact, there are several types of blogs. No matter what type bloggers use, they aim to publish content around topics and issues that they feel passionate about.

For instance, several bloggers write about politics, others about pet care and some, like myself store my favorite recipes on a blog.

However, blogs that are business oriented are often focused on a single topic because they need to emphasize their services or their products.

Because blogs can cover a wide range of topics, more and more people are seeing the benefits of creating a blog.

Not only can they express what they feel or advertise their products or services, but they can also earn cash which is wonderful. Nowadays with the high rate of unemployment, people need to have this safety net for themselves.

Blogs are relatively new methods of earning an income in the comfort of your own home. However, that is just the icing on the cake since blogging can bring lots of joy to many people as they can share their opinions and thoughts with others and get feedback from a whole world of people out there.

Blogging For Business

Several businesses are exploring the world of blogging. This is an excellent opportunity for them since blogging is a great medium of communication.

Additionally, business oriented blogs can benefit from the search engine optimization advantage, which is the biggest leverage of blogging.

If the business has a Website that promotes a product or service, any type of content that the business use as the vehicle to drive the business or commerce to another level require a blog.

Blogs are very useful because they are text-based and lightweight, with regards to the code used, compared to a traditional Website. This only means that blogs minimize the crawl time of the search engine spiders and allow them to send more information about the page to the search directories a lot faster.

More so, blogs are dynamic because they can be updated frequently. By frequently publishing new content on the blog, the search engine spiders will visit more often.

The result is that the blog can have more pages being sent over the search engines compared to their business opponents.

This is very good indeed if the competitor is the one who has a static Website. This also provides the blogging business an opportunity to reach out to more potential customers, thus possibly increasing their revenue.

Blogging For Personal Use

the benefits of creating a blog

Normally, personal blogs have the characteristics of being exciting, interesting and enjoyable.

Bloggers blogging for personal reasons have a great excuse to keep their friends and family updated about their lives and activities.

Many bloggers will also find comfort in blogging about their own lives.

Additionally, if you create a personal blog, you are open to the idea of sharing your interests with other people who might visit your blog and share your views.

Like any other blogs, personal blogs can be incorporated with photos, videos, and other multimedia elements. You can create a personal blog about anything that you feel passionate about.

There are even personal blogs with content regarding products that the blogger is really interested in. Hell, you can even refer great products you have found and used to your friends and earn a commission from it.

Blogs are very easy to use in content management systems, which allow you to publish articles right away and in real-time. These platforms for communication unravel new opportunities to connect with others in both a personal and professional capacity.

How Easy Is It To Start A Blog?

Nowadays it is easier than ever before to create a blog. No longer do you need an IT degree or coding experience? If you click on the banner below you can have your blog set up and ready to go in the next five minutes.

There are many platforms that you can visit to create a blog, but my personal favorite is the one below.

You can have up to two blogs on Wealthy Affiliate free for as long as you like, and you even get some training thrown in on how to get started with your blog. The best part is that the blogs are built using WordPress which is the most used platform for blogging worldwide.

Other free platforms will have restrictions, like ban ads you place. They can also close down your blog account anytime they please, which has happened to me, and it’s not fun especially if you have spent a lot of time adding and creating content.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here, and why I have been a member for 4 years already.

So now that I have outlined the benefits of creating a blog, what are you waiting for? Start your blog right now and who knows, you may even find yourself addicted, just like me.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for sharing your article about blogging,

    I actually didn’t know about blogging until I joined wealthy affiliate this month, immediately I learned about the benefits in it for me to join WA, and I made a decision to upgrade to premium membership and I have created my own blog web through their online training, am using my blog website for business and not personal use, maybe after learning more about blogging, I will create one for personal use too, 

  2. Yes! I agree with you a blog is important and can be quite addictive, I can testify not from first hand experience but mainly because I have so many friends who are bloggers and I know what it means for them and to them. I personally have wanted a blog for some time now, but I was mistaken to think I needed to go learn some HTML coding. This post has corrected that notion. Best regards.  

  3. Hello Michel, Thanks for the insight on blogging. 

    Blogging has made it easier for people to share a wealth of information from anywhere in the world therefore also making it available for anyone who needs it. 

    You can find out about any topic because someone has written on it and so you never have an excuse to be uninformed. Wealthy affiliate has also provided a platform that makes it easy for any beginner to build a full website and write about a specific niche. WA is the best

  4. There are so much advantage in having a blog as highlighted in this post. This is really wonderful and amazing. Creating a blog has huge advantage because it gives you voice, help you develop intellectually and above all gives you ways to use to talent and hobby to make money. I so much like this post

  5. I have always loved writing and I have always been fairly good at it. I found W.A. and everything just clicked. I can actually make a living on something that I live to do by writing about something that I know and that interests me. I am only in the early stages still but I love every minute of it. Blogging in such a big thing today and the market is huge. You just need to find your niche and get going.

    • You are right on the button there Alexandra. It’s hard work, but if you enjoy writing, then it could be just the job for you.

  6. Having a blog has lots of advantages as has been stated. They can be used for personal or commercial purposes. You can use a blog to express yourself and people who are interested in what you have to say can become your readers and they can even end up paying you for your service.

    I think it is a way of bringing your thoughts out to the world and a lot of people underestimate it because writing out your thoughts is the easy part but having to get people that can actually read it is the hard part.

    I love the internet and the opportunities it has given to a lot of people and owning a blog for whatever reasons is one of those advantages.

  7. Dear Michel,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring and motivating article!

    Blogging is awesome and to share my own experience…

    Working from my home and being my own boss is my dream since 2008. I tried different businesses and tried many online programs. To name a few MLM, tubelight choke manufacturing, data entry, captcha typing, email reading, paid to click, surveys, ad posting, selling perfumes etc.,

    Things not working on my way but my urge to become my own boss never stopped so I did my research. Finally found that one of the very best ways to earn money online is to become a blogger. And to be honest I knew nothing about blogging so I wanted to learn it from scratch.

    After months of research, I found Wealthy Affiliate as the best platform to learn blogging and affiliate marketing. I joined WA in November 2016.

    To cut the long story short…

    I am still with WA and I am a full-time blogger working from home since December 2017. My dream came true because of choosing to blog and learning it from WA. So the benefit of creating a blog for me ended up in making me, my own boss.

    Much Success!


    • What a wonderful success story Paul. And to go full time after only a year of blogging is awesome. You must have worked very hard that first year, but I know that the training at Wealthy Affiliate works, and its just a matter of going through the training and applying what you learn.

  8. I think Blogging has really been made easy as compared to when internet just came into existence. I could remember paying a lot of hundreds of dollars just learning web design those days. 

    Thanks to platforms like Wealthy Affiliate which has made blogging as simple as ABC and as also helped many individuals drive traffic to their site and also monetize it.

    Thanks for your informative post. I hope this page gets too many people across the globe so they could maximize the opportunity Wealthy Affiliates has put on the ground.

  9. This is a very interesting post. Blogging is a profitable business if done in the right way. I have a friend who recently fired his boss after becoming a blogger. 

    In the face of increased unemployment and poverty, unemployed youths can engage in blogging to earn a living. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a month ago and I was able to build my own blog through the platform. The Wealthy Affiliate University has helped learn a lot of things, I am so glad to be a part of the platform. 

    • You are right, now even the youth can make themselves useful and become self-employed with blogging. At least when you are young you have more time to put into your own business.

  10. Hello Michel,

    Creating a personal blog is similar to writing our own journal. And if we could earn some income from doing so, why not? We may not necessarily open the door fully on our personal lives. But limit the sharing in helping people on topics we are passionate to write about. Therefore, I fully agree with you that we can benefit from creating a blog. 

    Nowadays, it is easy enough to build our own website but to maintain is another story. Dedication is a must. In order to earn, we have to give our time, effort, persevere and persist.

    I did enjoy reading your article and folks who want to create a blog to earn will find the information here useful. 

    Good day!


    • Thanks for stopping by Sharon. You are so right. So many start blogs, but then don’t keep up with the publishing. All it takes is a little dedication on the part of the blogger, even if it is just once a week.

  11. Your article is appreciated. Got to know more about blogging and building of websites on Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Though I had a little knowledgeof the benefits of creating a blog some years ago I stopped as I don’t really know how to drive traffic to it. 

    But few days ago joining Wealthy Affiliate and with training conducted I have got interested the more as I can make a lot of money through it. I would just like to know if a person can run a single blog for both business and personal?

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