Why Do I Feel So Different To Everyone Else?

why do I feel so different to everyone else

why do I feel so different to everyone elseEveryone is unique and in this article, we are going to look at the question that many people ask themselves – Why do I feel so different to everyone else?

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Well, actually everyone is different, and there are no two people in the world who are exactly the same, but the problem actually comes when you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere.

We all like to feel like we belong somewhere and everyone needs to feel like they have a group of people that they can relate to. Nobody enjoys feeling isolated and alone.

The feeling of being different from everyone else can normally be traced back to your childhood in most cases. You could have been the victim of bullies, or your upbringing felt different from those around you.

In most cases, we feel different because of our experiences, not because we actually are different.

Do any of the following apply to you?

    • Social gatherings fill you with fear so you either try and avoid them or spend the duration feeling uncomfortable and hiding in a corner.
    • You feel like you are standing out in some way during social situations.
    • You feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness, and don’t quite know how to connect with others.
    • Everyone else seems normal, and I seem to be thinking in the opposite direction.
    • You need a drink before you feel comfortable socially.

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Why Do I Feel So Different To Everyone Else?

Have you ever thought about being different in this way?

You are unique, and just maybe you have what it takes to be that different one that makes it to the top of their chosen field. It takes someone totally different to succeed in life, so maybe you need to embrace that inner you and stop focusing on why you feel different, but use that difference to strive to take yourself to the next level.

So why be the same as everybody else? Even though it is hard at times to do the opposite.

How To Overcome That Feeling

The biggest part of overcoming the feeling that you are very different to those around you is understanding that you’re not as different as what you think you are.

Some of the things you consider to be weird about yourself might even be very run-of-the-mill and in some cases, it might be good to get the help of a therapist.

A therapist will help you trace back this feeling and understand where it stems from. Identifying the reason for feeling this way will help you understand that it is simply a product of your experiences, and not necessarily how things actually are.

If you’re feeling very isolated or lonely, your therapist will support you in conquering your fears.

Joining a social group with similar, like-minded people may end up helping you no end in the long run. The sense of belonging that comes from being part of a group can help challenge your own deep-seated beliefs around being different.

Am I Different?

Everyone has this dilemma at one time or another in their lives. You feel like you don’t fit in, or can’t seem to get on with anybody.

Remember that everyone is different, and no two people are the same, otherwise, life would be really boring.

You may be socializing with people that have different interests to yourself and that may also be causing you to feel different from everyone else. Once you find a set of friends with the same interests or mindset as your own, you will instantly feel more comfortable.Why Do I Feel So Different to Everyone Else

In our quest for success, we often imitate others who are already successful, hoping to duplicate what they’ve already done. And while modeling others is indeed an excellent success tactic, it results in numerous people in the same niche all doing the same things with very little differentiation.

Obviously, it’s difficult to attract attention or customers when you’re looking like and acting like everyone else – so why not try doing the opposite?

Here is an excellent article that I found entitled – A Journey of Thousands of Decisions which you will love. This is a classic example of doing things that most won’t do in order to succeed.

In the News: UGLY Models??

Did you know that there is a modeling agency in the U.K. that has been doing exactly the opposite of all the other modeling agencies for the past 40 years? While every other agency is looking for super young, super thin, and super beautiful models, The Ugly Modeling Agency specializes in, umm, shall we say, “not so pretty” models? This is a classic example of being different and achieving success.

Which leads to the obvious question – what can you do in your life or business that is the OPPOSITE of what everyone else has been doing?

Dare To Be Different

Take a good look at each facet of your business or life, at your relationship to your customers and at your products and services. Now ask yourself – what can you do 180 degrees differently? How can you stand so far away from the pack, that you no longer have any competition?

If you are asking yourself why do I feel so different to everyone else, this is actually a good thing, and you need to use it to your advantage.

why do I feel so different to everyone else

Don’t be too quick to discount the answers you receive for yourself. No doubt the founder the modeling agency thought his idea was crazy – yet it’s been working for 4 decades.

Connection and the feeling that we “fit in” are basic human needs. It’s not just you who craves this – everyone does. The more we understand this, the more we can be there for each other, celebrating and embracing both our commonalities and our differences.

So next time you find yourself asking ‘Why do I feel so different to everyone else,’ remember to try embracing it and not shying away from it.

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  1. I think everyone has a part of them that they feel is weird and different. I know I do! I also hate social situations but that’s because I’m an introvert and feel much more comfortable in my own company! That being said, I never fully feel like I fit in. I always think people think I’m different. Deep down I know I’m not but getting myself to believe that isn’t proving as easy! Thanks for your reading recommendations!

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